Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r162

Minification support for scripting; bug fixes

22 August, 2019 ()

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We're aiming to get a stable release out by the end of August so we're stepping up the release cycle towards that goal.

This release adds support for minfying scripts on export when using the scripting feature. Previously this was disabled since it wasn't supported yet. You can now also choose between three minify modes: none (no minification, equivalent to unchecked previously), simple (whitespace and local variables), and advanced (renames object properties, equivalent to checked previously). 'Simple' mode should always be safe to use as it shouldn't ever break code. 'Advanced' mode should always be safe to use in projects that only use events. However if you use the scripting feature, you may need to adjust how you write code to make sure it still works in this mode. For more information see the new manual entry on exporting with advanced minification for scripting.

Other than that there some other various updates, and several bug fixes, some of which resolve long-standing issues. Please let us know if you run in to any issues as we hope to move to a stable release soon!

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New Additions

11 favourites
Export: 'Minify script' option can now be set to 'None', 'Simple' or 'Advanced' for different levels of protection vs. compatibility
6 favourites
Timeline support for Orbit and Sine behavior properties


4 favourites
Instant Games: update plugin to use SDK 6.3
2 favourites
Firefox: re-enable ImageBitmap support since a bug preventing its use was fixed

Bug Fixes

2 favourites
Form controls unresponsive (regression in r161)
8 favourites
Possible display glitches using multiple layer/layout effects
4 favourites
Platform: could incorrectly handle collisions against wall on slope
8 favourites
Multiplayer: could get stuck repeatedly destroying objects after disconnecting and reconnecting
4 favourites
Audio: 'Fade volume' action did not take in to account master volume
6 favourites
Desktop: possible crash using "match" autosave mode and local saves

SDK updates

6 favourites
Add DrawingCanvas GetImagePixelData() method

Scripting updates

3 favourites
Exporting projects using JavaScript code with 'Minify script' is now supported
4 favourites
Add DrawingCanvas getImagePixelData() method
4 favourites
Add IWorldInstance methods getBoundingBox(), getBoundingQuad()
4 favourites
Add IWorldInstance properties zElevation, totalZElevation

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  • Bug fixes are nice <3

  • I have a big bug. Construct 3 is crashing systematically when I try to open a certain scene. I don't know why, because, yesterday when I leave, everything works fine and this morning it's crashing. I really need help. I also have the bad idea to activate the beta version of construct 3, and now I can't open my projects on an older stable version.


    • Ok, it seems, Construct is crashing when I tried to open the scenes with effects like "darken" and "color". If I delete all the effects, it works. I think the new version as an issue with these functionalities. Please look a them

  • if it does run Im getting

    Cannot read property 'EndTimeElapsed' of null

    at C3.Gfx.WebGLTimeElapsedQuery._EndReal (query.js:1)

    at C3.Gfx.WebGLTimeElapsedQuery.BeginTimeElapsed (query.js:1)

    at C3.Gfx.WebGLBatchJob.DoStartQuery (batchJob.js:1)

    at C3.Gfx.WebGLBatchJob.Run (batchJob.js:1)

    at C3.Gfx.WebGLRenderer._ExecuteBatch (webglRenderer.js:1)

    at C3.Gfx.WebGLRenderer.EndBatch (webglRenderer.js:1)

    at C3.Gfx.WebGLRenderer.Finish (webglRenderer.js:1)

  • Console sais allEffectTypes is not defined

  • FYI. With this update im getting either black screen or 5x normal loading time on start up. Very bad perforamnce compared to previous versions and freeze after 30s.

  • Now, I am yet to submit a bug report about this as I have a hard time replicating it. But when I export a debug .apk, I often just get a black screen of nothing when running/installing it. But, you guys are rocking it with the updates.

  • Please take a good look at your export feature in the next update. I'm making a board game for pc and while it runs fine at the preview mode, exporting it seems to be quite unreliable at time.

    Never works with minify script checked, and sometimes doesn't even works with unchecked (randomly, I'm afraid).

    Already reported it the github's page but still got no answer.

    This is really frustrating, because it's my first game ever, and I'm planning to release it soon... Just bought construct 3 like 2 weeks ago and already found a critical bug like this. Was expeting it to be quite more polished, given the expensive price tag.

    And no, it's not my code's fault. The game's working 100% as intended at the preview mode.

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      • Ashley
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      Already reported it the github's page but still got no answer.

      I can't see any open issues filed about 'Minify script', and we are not aware of any other issues with it so far. Usually the problem is broken third-party addons, not Construct. If you can reproduce the issue without third-party addons please file an issue as Kyatric suggested.

    • If you run in to a bug or issue in Construct 3, please post it to the GitHub issue tracker here:

    • you allways have a choice between stable and beta. stable is "polished" and stable, but if you are running beta you have to roll with the punches, yes you get the latest features and performance but you will also get the latest game breaking bugs. I would say if you are against deadlines or near release and cant afford delays then you should probably stick with stable. as if you are running beta you are sometimes at the mercy of the next update to fix something that was broken by the last.

      • You are right. Though, minify is still bugged on stable (tested it a thousand of times before switching to the beta version).

        Again, was expecting more polishment from such an expensive product.

        Also, run into a extremely weird bug just now. Exported my project with minify script checked on (on the latest STABLE version)... It worked, but all assets were swapped, as well as the default animations (units were playing attack animations instead of "Idle" and so on). And to finish it off, the mouse "hover" sprite turned into a particle... for reasons. And yes, it's working perfectly fine at the preview mode.

        EDIT: Even exporting it without "Minify script" checked on (currently uploading it to kongregate, as the desktop version stopped working completely, for whatever reason) causes the game to load forever sometimes (then I refresh the page and it loads... sometimes).

        Again, all of this on the latest "stable" version.

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  • Is that multiplayer bug fix C3 only or does it have to be fixed in C2 as well?

  • Thank you!