Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r159

Lots of additions and bug fixes

22 July, 2019 ()

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This release includes a range of additions, many based on user suggestions, as well as various other changes and bug fixes. In particular there is a new expression for using function maps in expressions, and a new ability to detect the left and right shift, control, alt or meta keys separately, which could be useful for controls in some games (e.g. pinball flipper controls). Note currently most browsers have some kind of bug with handling simultaneous presses of the left and right keys, but we've filed browser bugs for these and hopefully they will be resolved soon.

Please note: due to staff holidays there will not be any releases for a few weeks. But don't worry, we should be back to our normal schedule by around mid-August.

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New Additions

11 favourites
Functions.CallMapped() expression, to call a mapped function and return a value
14 favourites
Keyboard: new conditions to detect left/right control/shift/alt/meta key presses separately
15 favourites
Find results: show disabled events with strikethrough in results list
17 favourites
ColorValue common expression (returns instance's current color)
7 favourites
Text input: 'Search' type
13 favourites
8 Direction, Car & Platform behaviors: 'Set default controls' action
20 favourites
Platform: 'Reset double jump' action
16 favourites
Text: actions to change alignment, wrapping and line height, and LineHeight expression
13 favourites
SpriteFont: 'Set wrapping' action
9 favourites
Event sheet view: Shift+J / Shift+Q always adds script/comment as an action instead of block


2 favourites
Alt+4/5 shortcuts no longer start previews when typing, since on some keyboards they type characters
1 favourites
Alt+Shift+Left/right no longer perform next/back navigation shortcuts when typing, since on some systems these navigate the caret
5 favourites
Update Multiplayer examples to use built-in functions instead of legacy Function plugin
16 favourites
Can now use mid(str, index, -1) to get text from 'index' to end of string
4 favourites
Text editor: disable autocomplete for languages other than JavaScript as it triggered at inappropriate times

Bug Fixes

3 favourites
Possible hang previewing project with functions in groups (regression in r158)
4 favourites
Loading savegames with instances that aren't placed anywhere in the project would fail
2 favourites
Event sheet view: arrow key navigation didn't work correctly with function parameters
2 favourites
Parameters dialog: up/down arrows would incorrectly remove call tip when autocomplete showing
1 favourites
Keyboard: in some cases an alphabetic key press could be lost after a shift+key press (regression in r152)
1 favourites
Possible crash in editor while hosting Remote Preview
7 favourites
Platform: possible regression jumping past ledges in r158 due to prior bug fix
2 favourites
Properties Bar: did not collapse "Orientations" property correctly
2 favourites
Text editor: caret could sometimes be invisible depending on pixel ratio

SDK updates

9 favourites
Addons using unsupported features (e.g. variadic parameters) now show a message on startup instead of crashing the editor

Scripting updates

6 favourites
Autocomplete could be triggered by the up and down arrow keys, interrupting document navigation

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  • Wishing some good holidays to the team. You deserve it, guys :)

  • Another great update.

  • bug when ( find all reference )

  • Keep up the good work friends!

  • Recently I found out that my applications use third-party programs such as "Lucky Patcher" - this is a program for hacking in-game purchases, disabling ads. I would like to ask developers if there are methods to protect your IAP and ADS plugins from these programs? How to deal with them, are there any forums on these issues. Or can you update these plugins somehow affecting their protection? I do not see any reason to use this service in the future if people can just turn it off and get it so easily.

  • Thank you so much!!! That load bug had me tearing my hair out!

  • Find all reference ->

    Error report information

    Type: unhandled rejection

    Reason: Error: Cannot read property 'add' of undefined TypeError: Cannot read property 'add' of undefined at Object.ǃdZs ( at Object.ǃRoT ( at Object.ǃRoO ( at Object.ǃRoX ( at Object.ǃif (

    Stack: TypeError: Cannot read property 'add' of undefined at Object.

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      Please report any issues to the bug tracker following all the guidelines or they will not be investigated.

  • Worried? GUYS (and gals)!!! We CARE about you! I know I certainly do. Please rest and relax and do you time and family time and dance the happy-happy-joy-joy dance ("Perfect Strangers"...American sit-com. 1990s. Very funny.) We'll be here ready when you are ready.

  • I wish construct team can develop plugin for Firebase like you have developed google play plugin. It's great. Thank You.

  • Wow, I've starred every single new feature in this one. Fantastic update! And thank you for adding more suggestions platform features! Enjoy your time off. :)

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