View a comprehensive history of all the new features in Construct 3 since the first release.

33 favourites
New built-in functions feature
30 favourites
Line of sight: full support for raycasting, including with new 'Cast ray' action, and returning hit position, normal, reflection etc.
16 favourites
Timeline feature now enabled by default (previously required enabling experimental features)
22 favourites
Timeline: support visually editing position timelines as paths directly in Layout View
40 favourites
Experimental support for Timelines
21 favourites
New Binary Data plugin
32 favourites
Project Bar search field
39 favourites
New "Orbit" movement behavior - rotate object around point or other object
9 favourites
New 'Facebook Playable Ads' export option (C3 runtime projects only)
36 favourites
Z elevation - move objects and layers in 3D on the Z axis!
66 favourites
New Tween behavior
55 favourites
New 'Drawing canvas' plugin
39 favourites
New 'Advanced random' plugin for generating several styles of coherent noise
26 favourites
The C3 runtime is now the default!
20 favourites
New Tile Movement behavior (C3 runtime only)
25 favourites
New iframe plugin (C3 runtime only): display another web page in an iframe, display embeds e.g. YouTube videos, or safely show custom HTML content
26 favourites
New JSON plugin (C3 runtime only): create, import, modify and export JSON content
12 favourites
New Share plugin: share text and urls via other apps
27 favourites
Particles: new mode to spawn an object instead of drawing own particles, allowing advanced control of individual particles (C3 runtime only)
22 favourites
New memory management feature for C3 runtime: control which objects/layouts are loaded and unloaded from memory
14 favourites
Brand new debugger for the C3 runtime: new GPU profiler, break in triggers/loops, take screenshots, and more
17 favourites
Gamepad plugin: use rumble effects with a new action to vibrate a gamepad (supported in Chrome 68+)
12 favourites
New Kongregate export option, which provides a link to upload the game to Kongregate after export.
11 favourites
Construct 3 now experimentally available in the Windows Store
23 favourites
Build signed release APKs for Android
19 favourites
Tool for creating an Android keystore for signing Android APKs
18 favourites
Experimental support for new C3 runtime
9 favourites
New RPG Demo Game "Demonoire" by Tokinsom, 7Soul and Betatronic
17 favourites
Instant Games plugin: integrate your games with Facebook Instant Games!