Spritefont Deluxe

An even more advanced version of Spritefont that allows you to make all sorts of new things.

An even more advanced version of Spritefont that allows you to make all sorts of new things.

Spritefont Deluxe

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    Royalty Free use in unlimited commercial greater creative works.

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  • 1.8

    Released: 26 Feb, 2021

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Free sample provided for non commercial works

This product contains the plugin SpritefontDX and the behavior SpritefontDX+.

The plugin

The new features of the plugin (compared to Spritefont+) are:

1 - Parameters

  • "None" wrapping mode
  • Alignements now with a value from 0 to 100.
  • "Clamp Alignement" that clamps alignement between 0 and 100.

2 - Actions

  • Redraw
  • Set [Horizontal/Vertical] Alignement
  • Set Character position array: allows you to pass a C2Array in JSON format to control individual character position and angle
  • Set clamp alignement
  • Set wrapping

3 - Expressions

  • CharPos: Returns the character position array
  • HAlign: Returns the horizontal alignement
  • VAlign: Returns the vertical alignement
  • FullTextWidth: Returns the width of the text if it was drawn on a single line.

4 - Other

  • Long words on word wrapping mode (aka words so long that they, alone, are wider than the object) now wrap by character. This only affects the concerned word.

The behavior

The behavior SpritefontDX+ ONLY works with SpritefontDX. Any use of it on any other Spritefont plugin may cause some bugs.

Its new features are:

1 - Parameters

  • Refresh Mode: If set on Auto, the behavior will take care of redrawing the text. If on Manual, you will need to use the plugin's Redraw Action.
  • Refresh Rate: The number of frames the plugin should skip before redrawing. Aka, the text wil redraw every X frames.

2 - Actions

  • Set Text: Allows you to set the text with tags that will be used to generate a character position array that will then be passed to the plugin for single character animation.
  • Set Refresh Mode
  • Set Refresh Rate

3 - Expressions

  • TextToArray: Returns the generated array from the passed text containing tags
  • TextToParsed: Returns the cleaned text from a text containing tags.

4 - Other

  • A huge part of this plugin lies in the fact that it supports per character positionning. All of this is explained in the 3rd demo. I recommend you try all 3 as they are a lot better than words at explaining stuff.
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    Construct 2
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    26 Feb, 2021

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