The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Oi meu nome é Guilherme tenho 9 anos fiquei sabendo do app através da net.

  • Hello, I'm blohod. I found about construct 2 from nerd cubed's video and am going to try out the free version.

  • hello i'm from acapulco city mexico !!!

  • Hi! I'm Bonns, from Canada, trying out the free version

  • Hi I'm Leandro and I'm here because 25 reputation points XD. I want to learn how to make games.

  • Iwant to creat a game for pc a war game

    Like call of duyt

  • I'd just like to briefly introduce myself to everyone. Construct 2 seems like a very nice piece of software for rapidly making 2D games. I look forward to learning it's capabilities, & getting to know everyone in the Construct 2 community. Regards.

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  • Hello,

    I'm Lemonhuggz and like most I'm a complete nub at this type of creativity, but worth a shot. I look forward to chatting and problem solving with everyone.

  • Hiiii

  • hello! is that counting as introducing?

  • Hi, I´m Ismael and I´m Spanish. I like to create things, above all games, stories, characters... I started making games with 12,13 years with a game maker for DS, i tried other softwares but when i knew about Construct 2, i loved it, easy to learn and with the biggest community of developers I saw in all Google, and i knew, this software its perfect to start again.

  • Hello folk,

    let me introduce myself. My name is Ruben (BrainBit for all of you) and I'm from Spain.

    Actually I'm CRM consultant but I was working as game developer contractor in my spare time some years ago but now I decided to make a step forward and create my own games, trying to make some profit and who nows, maybe I can change my primary job in the medium term and work for myself.

    I was playing around with Construct 2 from some time ago. I have experience working with Unity, UE, GameMaker and even making engines from scratch, but that way takes many development time. I discovered this software on internet when I was learning about HTML 5 game engines and after trying it out, I found out that this software allows me to make focus in mechanics, allowing me to get rid off of scripting which it's cool for my purposes. And a very importan fact, it can export in many many different platforms which is great.

    See you there!!!

  • hello ı see this program at msdn

  • estaba navegando el la web y me dieron ganas de hacer un videojuego y aparesio el anucio

  • Hello! My name is Shane, nobody killed my father, so I come in peace.

    I was born in the year 19XX, and have been creating assets for what I hope will be an incredibly rad action, adventure game, with a '92 feel.

    I finally have, mostly, what I think I need, and can make anything else I'll need when I get to those bridges, but had to start assembling my game. Originally, I had planned to make this in gamesalad, or game maker, but neither of these seemed ideal to me, a code-illiterate artist, just looking to make things happen without hours of trying to discover what I need to do, to get basic reactions to inputs.

    Don't get me wrong, both of the others are great, but from what I have seen from demos on Youtube, I think that I have found what I need.

    And so, thanks to the devs who made this!

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