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  • By popular request, here's the official introduction thread.

    So, who are you? How did you find out about Construct? What brought you into the seedy underworld of making games? What interests you? Where have you been, and where are you headed?

    Just one guideline for this thread: no fakeposting. Let's keep if for real, yo

    Oh, and welcome to Scirra Forums

  • I'll start:

    Hi, I'm Jason. As you may have noticed, I'm a mod here at Scirra Forums.

    I've been interested in making games since I was a kid. This was during the Golden Age of console games when the NES was king. I wanted to be a game designer when I got older, but the studios moved on and stopped making the kinds of games I wanted to create. That, and lack of access to good tools and resources pretty much left my dream of making games unrealized.

    That is, until a few years ago, when I found that user-friendly technology had finally caught up with my late-1980's passion. I tried out various things... Game Maker, MMF, but they weren't quite right. I was about to give up again when I happened across a post at TDC griping about something called "Construct," and that was that.

    I've finished one game (sort of), called This Cursed Rock, which was for an H.P. Lovecraft contest over at TIGSource. I got fourth place, rather undeservedly I think.

    Click for original thread:

    My current "serious" project is Vert. You can check out the progress here (click image for TIGS thread):

    I have a million other small projects that have never gotten off the ground, maybe some day I'll be able to stick with one long enough to finish it

    I've also been working on and off (mostly off) on a series of Construct tutorials called Platform School. You can check them out here.

    My favorite kinds of games are (obviously) platformers, but I definitely prefer the "metroidvania" sub-genre. I also really dig action-adventure games like The Legend of Zelda and it's successors. As for newer games, the GTA series is probably my fav, and I really enjoy the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series.

    And, well, that's about it. Yay. Your turn...

  • Hi My name is Tyler.

    I grew up when the sega genesis and the super Nintendo were the big name in gaming. Some of my best memories are playing sonic in my basement as a kid. I have flopped between many diffrent things I wanted to be but Ive finally settled on a game designer.

    I do both graphics and programming and I enjoy both of them. i have made a few plugins for construct as well as some games that really show off what you can do with construct (see subject 66 and Dernier Caduea) I hope to eventully finish these projects as well as my recently announced tool cap.

    welcome to the forums

  • Hi. I loved DOS as a kid. Unfortunately my older brothers kept me away from the NES and SNES games i've wanted to play. This swayed me into a huge pro-PC gaming platform bias.

    In 1995 I wanted Nickelodeon Director's Lab and got Klik & Play instead. I was disappointed...until I started using that and

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    I have released nothing complete.

    It is 2009, who knows what i'll want to do next.


  • I'm Julian, I'm 25 and my first computer was one of those old Apple IIc's, I made like one game on that then I upgraded to IBM. Grew up with games like Star Control II, UFO Enemy Unknown, Master of Orion, Serfcity (Settlers 1), Dark Legions etc

    I used to LOVE my old sega master system 2, sega megadrive II (Genesis) and I'm a bit of a Sonic fanboy (although they've mutilated the whole Sonic scene these days)

    I made tons of stuff on TGF and a couple of things on MMF but I found all my projects just ended up too steppy due to software rendering

    I also heard about Construct in a TDC gripe thread, tried it out and achieved more in construct in a few minutes than i ever could with TGF + MMF!

    I'm primarily a musician but I used to do a bit of 3D design but I'm quite rusty at it these days but I'm really getting back into the whole game making thing

    (I recently bought quadraSID so i can't WAIT to start cranking out the oldschool sounding tunes!)

    Never actually made a complete game haha

    Well that's my story

  • My name is Alastair John Jack, I basically just make games. I've mainly just used TGF/MMF for the last 6 years, now I'm using construct.

    The last couple of things I've released were Ainevoltas 2 and Final Vision, which are really nothing great. At the moment I'm working on Ainevoltas 3 which will be much nicer than my previous works.

  • I'm Rich and a while ago me and Chris began Construct, and it's amazing that it's still here how it is. I study law and play generally strategy or simulation games, whilst playing a fair bit of sport.

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  • My name is Mikolaj ( pronounce 'mikowhy' i think xD ). I become an game addict at the age of 4, when dad bought me Atari 2600. I did all the classics: pitfall, frogger, superman, and loads of other crap. Nowdays I do loads kind of things: i write music, soundtracks and songs, i do web design and develpment, i drow a little bit, i did drama studies some time ago and now after break i came back to acting and making films, i would love to develop the game i'm working on for long time alredy as well as my metroid fan game. About year ago i moved here from rpg maker scene which i was active member for few years. Was trying to develop few games, but rm limitations and my lack of ability to learn programming ( even rmxps and vxs RUBY ) stoped me from finishing the projects. I'm always trying to keep things simple, to extract it's esance. My favorites games are Action Adventure games especialy if they have massive worlds to explore, interesting puzzles, adictive combat system and good story ( by that i mean not over-complicated ). But i like Quake style shooters and puzzle games. And i can not forgeth about one of the best games ever created - chees. Hopfuly i don't sound like a reatard.

    Oh well, whatever, nevermind. Hello, hello, hello, how low...

  • My name is Nick and my interest in video games started with the Atari 2600.

    My first computer was a Tandy 1000 (remember when Radio Shack made computers?) and I progressively moved up to a 386 DX-40, and then a 486 DX-66 until I was able to build my own computer; a "blazing fast" 200mhz Cyrix with a Diamond Stealth Pro 2000.

    I can't really target a single game as my absolute "favorite", or even what made me interested in wanting to create games myself.

    I've always been good at it discovering bugs and exploits in games. I'm sure someone other than me has figured this out, but I've always been proud of discovering the "undead party" trick in Eye of the Beholder for the PC. I'm sure someone here has played the game.

    In short;

    Play the game until you have found the remains of a dead adventurer and either reached the Dwarf Camp in the Spider Labyrinth or one of your Clerics has gained the Raise Dead spell.

    Either ask the Dwarf Cleric to raise the fallen adventurer or use your own Cleric's raise dead spell to bring them back to life.

    Next, kill everyone in your party except for one player.

    Open the camp menu and remove the last living character from your party.

    Congratulations! You now have an unkillable party of undead adventurers.

    You can't use items or weapons (although the stone keys still work) so if you want to kill any enemies you have to take items out of your backpack (or from the ground) and toss them at enemies (1hp per item, regardless of size).

    Yes, it was next to useless. But I didn't care... I discovered a flaw in their game and I was proud of it.

    I started becoming interested in game making when I discovered RPG Maker 98, and then 2000, and then 2003. I never really got into XP or VX.

    Anyway... I found them interesting but their little quirks and the difficulties (and tediousness) of creating custom systems led me to search for other programs.

    I tried Gamemaker for a while and I saw a lot of potential in it... provided that I learned coding.

    So, I did a search for game making programs and after a while I discovered Construct. I forget what version it was but it was significantly less stable than it is today.

    Still, I really liked the layout and I quickly saw that I could make pretty much anything that I wanted by just using the event editor.

    I haven't posted many .caps but I've created dozens upon dozens (probably around 100 or so, but not hundreds) of little test files and tech demos just to learn new things. My main project is a somewhat ambitious fangame spinoff and despite the shortness of the demo I'm fairly proud of my efforts so far.

    Not sure why I haven't posted it yet... I guess I just want to make sure that it is something that I definitely won't be embarrassed by.

  • I'm Chris. I've been making games for around 11 years, starting with the Klik & Play demo on a Sim City disc. Over the years, I've moved up the ladder, from K&P to TGF, then finally MMF. I also dabbled in Game Maker for a little while before stumbling upon some argument about Construct. I've been using it ever since.

    The only game I've actually finished in all these years is an Asteroids clone I just completed a few months ago. I always have about a billion projects in the works, mostly comprising of tests to see what I can accomplish and games that are far to ambitious for my own good.

    On the side, I do some art stuff and I'm also interested in computer hardware.

    My favorite game series are Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and pretty much any puzzle games(Tetris Attack FTW).

  • Hi,

    I have been playing with making games since the trs80 color(coco) computer's era.

    Made many but never fully completed a thing.

    The best time was during AMIGA time with AMOS where I managed to knock 2 sort of completed games. A 2x2 fight game and a plataformer.

    I have always been looking for engines to code games into and last week I found this!

    Excellent stuff, it is my first time using a higher maker non-coding program.

    Documentation seems hard at the moment, so I will be needing a lot of help and should provide some too from my discoveries.

    Anyway, it feels good again to be part of a game creating community,

    This all looks very promising!

  • I have been playing with making games since the trs80 color(coco) computer's era.


    The TRS-80 Color Computer was the first computer I ever used. That's what I learned to program BASIC on. Good times.

    Welcome to the forum

  • I guess I should do this too :/

    Hi my name is Jeff, and I am an alcholi.... oh wait, wrong boards. xD

    Started using KnP back in the 486DX days, realised it sucked, tried to learn Visual Basic and some C++... VB was easy enough but C++ was just whoa.

    Moved on to TGF which I ended up making a LOT of mostly complete games, or at least one full level of a game. Learned a lot of tricks from such a limited system. Moved on to MMF and MMF2 which I tinkered with again for a number of years, still not happy with it's capabilities.

    Fiddled with GameMaker for a few months... didn't like that much at all coming from a ClickTeam (badly engraved) background. I probably would have liked it more if I hadn't used Knp, TGF, and MMF/2.

    Found Construct about a year ago or so, and been here since. I have made far more technical and complex things in a shorter time, but I attribute a lot of that to past experiences as Construct works in a similar event method and logic, while making things so much easier and "actually" logical. This software is definitely the the best of the bunch with far more powerful options, graphically, and code/event control. I'm having a lot of fun with it, and can't wait to see what the future releases will bring.

    Aside from that, I have been an art inclined individual for most of my life, so my art is my personal strong point in comparison to say, maths or complex code... hense the main reason you will find me here.

    Most of you already know, but here is my main project as of now:

    <img src="">

    Also working on a little something as a side project... will announce once I have a working tech demo at least.


  • hey im Kevin, but ppl know me as Quazi around here and a few other places.

    ive been playing games ever since i can remember, I started on the SNES, playing way too many Mario games, and lots of mortal kombat 3 (as a 4 year old lol).

    i think i first started making games around the age of 6-7, using power point. me and my bro had made a maze game, where you need to select the right door out of 3 to progress over and over again. then for a few years i perfected game making on powerpoint, and i was able to implement AI and action sequences using nothing but hyper links and automatic slide advancing.

    i later found KnP, made a few mario clones, and moved onto TGF.

    i completed 2 games on that over like 3 years, found a hacked version of mmf2, it was meh, and then found construct about 2 months later.

    ever since then ive been using it and never looked back.

    right now i'm a 14 year old HS student. I'm known around here for making some pretty complicated and mathy stuff, although ive been rather inactive lately as i focus on actually making a complete game.

    thats about it!

  • right now i'm a 14 year old HS student. I'm known around here for making some pretty complicated and mathy stuff, although ive been rather inactive lately as i focus on actually making a complete game.

    thats about it!

    You're 14?

    Pheh. I thought you were younger.



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