The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello! My name is Shane, nobody killed my father, so I come in peace.

    I was born in the year 19XX, and have been creating assets for what I hope will be an incredibly rad action, adventure game, with a '92 feel.

    I finally have, mostly, what I think I need, and can make anything else I'll need when I get to those bridges, but had to start assembling my game. Originally, I had planned to make this in gamesalad, or game maker, but neither of these seemed ideal to me, a code-illiterate artist, just looking to make things happen without hours of trying to discover what I need to do, to get basic reactions to inputs.

    Don't get me wrong, both of the others are great, but from what I have seen from demos on Youtube, I think that I have found what I need.

    And so, thanks to the devs who made this!

  • hi, my name is chris, i am from a small town in kentucky, i dream to make a game that has lots of customization and a huge open world.

  • Hi am Jamie from Australia and I have done a weeny little bit of Windows Store game programming using Visual Studio. Glad to join Scirra. I wanna learn lots more about game programming.

  • Hello, my name is Enkhbat. I'm game lover and now I'm trying to make my own little game using construct application.

  • Hello i am newbie in Construct 2. Want to build some game in my web game .

  • Howdy, I'm Rachel! I'm from England and I've been into games for, well, as long as I can remember; think Commodore 64 days. I've always been an artist who dreamed of working in the videogame industry. Unsurprisingly, it never came to pass, but somewhere over the last two or three years I discovered Construct 2 and have been using it to make mini fangames for my favourite webcomic. I like to think that in the not too distant future I'll be making original games too, but right now I'm allll about the fangames!

    Nice ta meetcha all!

  • Hello everyone I am new here

  • Hello not so new to Construct, but i don't use it in a very long time. I'm an amateur developer.

  • Hello everyone, I am passionate indie game developer with the ambition to create awesome cool games. I been playing video games since I was child. I was always surround by lego's, comic books, art, action figurines and my personal favorite R.C.'s. I never knew that growing up with all these cool things it will lead me to one of the greatest entertainment field. I didn't know anything about game software development so, I started to do research about it. I read so many articles, shows and books.

    In the year of 2005 I pick a school and it was there I found the mentor/professor Mr. Dean Dong Bui . He open my eyes and mind to a world, a complete different world. Yes it was hard and frustrating, long night of coding, hours of designing levels, characters, animations and weapons. After all that I made a total 6 games. For my senior project I wanted to be different from my classmates so I secretly develop a 3D Survival-Horror game. I was the only one who had a 3D game with working UI, Title screen, loading screens, pick-up items and two playable levels. I shock everyone.

    So now armed with my imagination and great software tools I continue my journey down the path of game development. I also started to develop digital comics and other interactive digital media.


  • Getting ready to install the new software I'm geeking out

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  • Crear juegos

    Mazatlan,sin,México. HektorGamer

    My name is Hector.

    My life is Creator video games.

  • Hello

  • Greetings from the arctic. Interesting platform, so I signed up to check this out.

  • Hello guys,

    Well, i'm Brazilian, student of Computer Science, interested in games(obviously i think) .

    That's all for today.

    Thank you!

  • Hi, everybody!!

    I don't know anything about coding, but I want to create my own, hmm - I think I am on the right way.

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