The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi.

    A friend gave me this link after I was super excited learning that I could make games through another website.

    Reallllyyyyy stupid of me.


    I like games.


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  • Hello! I'd be nikhan.

    Ever since I've been six, I've wanted to make a game. But since I am overwhelmed easily, the idea of trying to code stuff without any reference discouraged me easily.

    Then I started studies at game design at Oriveden Opisto (Orivesi College of Arts), Finland and teacher introduced me to this wonderful thing by the name of Construct 2. It was great that I finally found a game making program that fits the way I'd like to things.

    Since my studies are coming to end in May 2015, I've decided to join community to improve my game making with Construct 2.

    I'm currently working on "maybe-too-ambitious-for-my-own-good" overhead shooter, on which I have made some good progress on core gameplay code.

    I've got little spotty grammar and have little difficulty on trying to get across what I'm trying to say. But we'll work it out.

    Nice to meet you all and glad to be part of the community!

  • Ahhh helloooo,

    I'm a student animator, and I just downloaded Construct2 for the first time.

    Hopefully this will come in handy later.

    Anywys its nice to meet you all! :3c

  • Hi, im satria.

    i am newbie in creating game. i want to learn.

    hope we can teach and learn each other.

    Thank you

  • I am Pam a tech teacher in Auckland New Zealand

    My subject is Multimedia Design Technology

    As a Specialist Teacher of 11-13 year old, I enjoy the challenge of keeping my students engaged during the time they are in my class.

  • Hi I'm Frook, (AKA Frookie/Frookenhauer)

    I Lurve games, especially turn based strategy, but love a good 1st person shooter too.

    I really, really want to make fun,engaging and memorable games and found out about construct 2 through Udemy (An awesome online learning portal - Not an affiliate )

    See you around

  • hi guys im new with construc 2

    im rodrigo

  • so good)))

  • Hey! My name is Martin and I am about to start a project. A 2d side scroller beat'em up with a little twist for boss fights. I am going for old school vibe for the difficulty like ninja gaiden and shinobi but with a modern look, mostly japanese anime/manga style.

    I'm exited to start this project thanks to your engine and I'm looking foward to sharing info with this community!

  • Bond, James Bond. Not gonna plug my game because I haven't even started on it, but eventually when I get this spriting done, a few more ideas thrown around, a design document fully written out, and get around to building a website, that would probably be a good time to start.

    Looking forward to perusing the forums until then.

  • hi i'm gem, i really want to make games but i'm not sure where to start so i googled it and ended up here i think this will be a good place to learn how. hopefully if it all goes alright i plan on making something worth selling, i'm just not sure what it will be yet

  • hola, mi nombre es Andres y quiero hacer un juego y mire muchas review y todos dijeron que este es el mejor engine para empezar, asi que empecemos

  • Hello

  • Hola! Soy José, y siempre quise hacer un juego. Mirando por ahí vi que el Construct 2 era muy bueno para ir empezando.. asi que aqui estoy jajaja nos vemos por el foro

  • Hey guys I just began my account today, i love videogames and i would lkiek to advance in a vast of videogame creation let us begin!!

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