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  • Bond, James Bond. Not gonna plug my game because I haven't even started on it, but eventually when I get this spriting done, a few more ideas thrown around, a design document fully written out, and get around to building a website, that would probably be a good time to start.

    Looking forward to perusing the forums until then.

  • hi i'm gem, i really want to make games but i'm not sure where to start so i googled it and ended up here i think this will be a good place to learn how. hopefully if it all goes alright i plan on making something worth selling, i'm just not sure what it will be yet

  • hola, mi nombre es Andres y quiero hacer un juego y mire muchas review y todos dijeron que este es el mejor engine para empezar, asi que empecemos

  • Hello

  • Hola! Soy José, y siempre quise hacer un juego. Mirando por ahí vi que el Construct 2 era muy bueno para ir empezando.. asi que aqui estoy jajaja nos vemos por el foro

  • Hey guys I just began my account today, i love videogames and i would lkiek to advance in a vast of videogame creation let us begin!!

  • Hie everyone i've just opened up my account a Train 2 Game student...just getting back to being a student still getting used to it but am a keen gamer...waiting to get my hands on Mortal Kombat X on ps3 or Android...catch you later

  • Hi! My name is Brandon Conrady. I live in Minnesota and I like to play computer games. I had an interesting idea for a game and was pointed to the Construct 2 engine. I'm looking forward to where this will take me.

  • Hey Im skin lover b/c i love skin

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  • Hi, Scirra Community,

    I would prefer call you the Dreamers Community, as games are ultimately made of dreams that we fight very hard to bring to this world the best way we can, and many times the results will not meet our imagination, but this is a fight that only Game Developers can fight for the sake of fun on this world.

    I am LuciusCD, CD from Creative Director of a game with a team of one programmer, one graphic artist, one audio composer and, very recently, one singer for our theme song. As my programmer is set to Canada, I'll need to take care of the programming as well, and Construct 2 seems pretty able of doing the game we are willing.

    I have acquired the Personal License so far, waiting the first USD$5.000,00 earned to buy the Business License, and I'm pretty sure that this day will come. As Game Developers, we need a great deal of confidence, and even a greater deal of wondering if our game is going the most fun way it should go. We may doubt that our games are not perfect right now but we can't doubt what we do and why we do, and even less we can doubt the reason for being game developers. This is a way of life. If you are not truly committed to it, you will just give up later upon all hardships you will face, but if you learn to love being a game developer, someone that strives to bring a little more fun for our broken reality, than even your own "Pac-man" will be a dear symbol of resistance and commitment to the gamers of the world, and you will feel at peace with yourself, but only after you did your best to do your games, not a single second before.

    But enough lecture, I just wanted to show my beliefs on being a game developer and say that I'm still having lots of problems to learn to use all the complex parts of Construct 2 and I would appreciate any help I could get. I didn't make any topic requesting help and will not do until I have read all the manual and saw lots of tutorials, but surely I'll be posting after that, as well as trying to answer the questions I've found the answer already.

    So, this is me, Lucius, the Creative Director of a game, like many of you, that is trying to bring the newest and funniest experience to gamers around the world.

    Nice to meet you!

  • Hi, I'm Jamie, and i like to develop games. Construct 2 is a very cool program to design your own games.

    Kind regards, Jamie or SuperjamieQ

  • Hi my name is michael

  • Hi my name is michael

  • I Sulistiono, I am a student at SMA N 1 indramayu class X-MIA 1 I'm not a programmer but I want to make a game of my own and managed by myself,

  • My name is Callum Williamson, and I'm an alcoholic

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