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  • Hello, My name is ayyoub ( itameio on the internet ), I am 18 years old and i've been wanting to create my own games for a long time now, i use different programs to learn game creation, and i have stumbled upon this one from the internet when searching for the best programs to create 2d games, i have an idea for an rpg game but i still lack the skill to create it, ( mostly because of art ).

    i hope i would have a good experience with construct 2 and it's users.


  • Hi I'm Kirikuu I have been planning on making games for a while now adn been planning to do it with a colleague who shares the same interest so that's why I'm here

  • I'm Jonathan Watson and I have decided to make a construct 2 profile as I have been using construct 2 for a while and I would like to use the forums to help make games. I would also like to use the arcade as a place where I could upload all my games.

    I was introduced to construct 2 when I found it on steam. It was free and looked very useful. I loved how easy the game creating was with it, but it wasn't so easy that you were limited in what you could do. It was fast and there were many helpful tutorials to help me get started.

    I only have the free version of construct 2 at the moment. Currently I am working on making multiplayer games, starting with a simple chat room app. I could run into trouble with this so this website will be very helpful.

  • Hello my friends, i come to introduction myself. I like this software.

  • Hello,

    My name is Robert and have been interested in game development a while. I'm more of a hobbyist leaning towards indie. I have been searching around and came across this platform on steam. Look's like an easy way to get started so and the paid version has a plethora of export options that might come handy for me in the near future.

    I have used Clickteam Fusion and Construct 2 seems like it might be similar enough for me to get into. Definitely a better value and more options than what I currently have.

    I see plenty of tutorials and the forum looks active. I hope to have a good experience with Construct 2 and the community.


  • Howdy, I will ask questions on threads forums and stuff.

  • Hi, my name is Ruslan, I'm from Russia. Very fond of many applications and games, and in this moment I wondered how they do it. With your application, I discovered many new things in the creation of various applications and games. Thanks you!

  • Hi, I'm trsa73 from Serbia ,I'm thrilled with this engine that each day gets better and provides new opportunities for game development.

  • Hello i am here to start making games and gain enough experience to make a game similar to "vector city racers" that closed down. I am going to make it for the fans of vector city racers that were devastated when it closed in 2011.

  • Hi, I'm fairly new to game design and would love to continue to be able to create games. I love the ease of use that is provided through construct 2 and think that it's an amazing tool. Thanks.


  • Hi, I am Wen, I am a student from China. I heard Construct 2 from a website "zhihu" which is very similar with quora. I hope I can create cool game through Construct 2, Thank you for your work!

  • hi all, new user here! hope to have the best experience with construct2

  • Hi i am an aspiring game developer and will create great games in time to come

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  • Uhh...I'm a 14 year old trying to make a really good rouge-like. That's it I guess

  • Hello, I'm a 20 year old amateur game dev from England and I am interested in creating a special indie game with an immersive story.

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