The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello guys! I am Iberian, game sound designer and composer. I uploaded my first music here. I am glad I find Scirra, it is very interesting for me. Wish you good luck in sales

  • My 7 year old son is making games with this, so I figured I should learn too!!!

  • Hey, I'm EthanD57, and I love to make games

  • Hello all, my name is Rob and I am a Game Design and Development student. I was doing some research on different development platforms and IDEs when I found someone link to this in a comment. I just downloaded the free version at the moment, but I look forward to seeing what this has to offer.

    Good luck to everyone in development!

  • Hi! I am Marissa. I am an application developer looking to delve into creating games eventually in my spare time. I attended the webinar Microsoft had which spotlighted game design with Construct 2, so I came to try it out myself! I hope everyone is having a good time designing!

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  • Greetings! I'm Leigh, though I make games and blog as "Doctor Roboturtle." I was actually an early adopter, but wasn't able to find time to really dive in until recently, and made a new account. Anyway, I'm doing 1GAM to learn a little bit about game dev and game art.

  • Привет, я Лёня, я хотел бы создать для себя игру

  • Hello, my name is Overman. Is there a snitch emote on this forum? Oh well, this will have to do

    I thank you all for accepting me into your kingdom! As you are well aware, I am the great Overman from the GMC, famous for slaying the terrible game makers Ultimortal and 2dcube. Two years ago, I fled my dying homeland as it was ravaged by the YYG staff, aided by moderators gone rogue. I did not leave without a fight, but even my valiant attempts to stave off xot were futile against the powers of chaos.

    Many were lost, including the elder Alpha Man and my many comrades, Pounce and Commodore Swift among them... may their souls rest in peace. For years, I roamed the countryside, a derelict warrior with no home to fight for, and no forum that would accept me. Every night as I lay to sleep, the spirits of my fallen companions would haunt me, and anger coursed through my blood. I swore my revenge, though in those times, I was far too weak to do anything...

    Recently, I decided to return to the GMC, disguised as Underman. What I saw shocked me to the core - a dying land, completely deprived of the bustling activity it had once known. Memories came back to me of the 2006 era, when new games were being posted daily, and threads would reach hundreds of pages... now, there was nothing remaining apart from the little kids in the Off Topic forum. My homeland was dead - what had I left to live for?

    I sat alone for some time, brooding. I contemplated what was next. That was when a vision came over me - a strange, magnificent bird, playing a clarinet. It was the Faltzer bird.

    "Why do you weep so?" the Faltzer bird said unto me. "The GMC died a long time ago - in June of 2009, when the great Overman was banned for the first time."

    "Yes, but what am I to do now?"

    "Heh," smirked the Faltzer bird, "you must look to the future of game making. You, who were once the most innovative of all designers, you, who single-handedly slayed the faux-retro and unoriginal creations of Cactus - you alone can redefine the world of game making."

    The Faltzer bird flew away, and I was left pondering. Slowly, a realization dawned upon me. Indeed, the future of game making lay not in Game Maker, but in Construct 2! I made my way over here, not sleeping for many days, my mind brimming with visions of the games to come. Yes, my ideas are numerous... a storm is coming, my friends. The Perfect Storm of games.

    Hello, Construct 2 forums.

  • how are you i m new in this forum

    i m jbran

  • Hello my name is Jonathan, from Florida. Nice to meet everyone!

  • Hello everybody!

    I'm just creating some free Pc and Android games.

  • Hi guys! My name is Matheus, I'm from Brazil, I'm 21 years old and started to work with Contruct 2 a few months ago, very satisfied...

  • Hello I am just getting into game creation and after looking and trying out a few other game maker programs this one seems like it will work the best for me. Fingers crossed!

  • Hey There !

    this looks awesomee! im so exicted about this.. I hope I do well on this.. hehe.

  • Hi! Im gonna make a game and try to publish it. Im gonna start simple with a side scroller. Help and Ideas?

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