The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello I am just getting into game creation and after looking and trying out a few other game maker programs this one seems like it will work the best for me. Fingers crossed!

  • Hey There !

    this looks awesomee! im so exicted about this.. I hope I do well on this.. hehe.

  • Hi! Im gonna make a game and try to publish it. Im gonna start simple with a side scroller. Help and Ideas?

  • I am from Dharwad, Karnataka. I learned about this from a friend

  • Hello everyone. I'm gonna try to do games of pure epicness

  • Passionate Web Developer

  • Hi everyone! My name is Dennis, formerly a web developer within the banking industry. I gave that up, moved into a cabin and is currently working on creating a pretty ambitious adventure platformer, I am really impressed with construct 2 and hopefully I will be able to achieve my goals due to the active community.

  • Hello everyone!

    My name is Sarah and I have been playing games since the NES. These days I don't play too many games but rather love creating artwork. My husband and I are working with construct 2 to start making games together. Hoping to meet many new people and have lots of fun.


  • Hi everyone. My name is Reza and I've been inspired to create a game after playing bunch of great indie games, mostly created by gamejolts community. I found out about construct 2 just now from the #30daydev twitter acc, stating that I should try this for beginner. I already had learned basics of a few programming language (Java, C++,C#) and I hope I can learn something new here.

  • I actually got bored playing enough mmos so I'm here haha. ... My passion for games went elsewhere huh.

  • Hello!) I`m Julia, I`m 21. It`s nice to meet people who are interested in the same thing as you - game development)

    By the way, I am an artist and you can contact me on skype - centelis.

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  • Hello! I'm Chloe

    I've been surfing for a way to make apps and this website popped up so.... here I am! ^.^

  • Hello everyone!

    Im new to coding and saw this in the description of a Nerdcubed video and thought id try it out!

  • I'm going to introduce myself too <_<

    My name is Patrick. I am a middle aged web developer in the US. I like javascript, drupal, and long walks on the beach. I have had many failed game and business attempts in the past and I'm hoping C2 helps me break through that. I think I'd be happy if I sold 10 copies of a piece of software that wasn't written during work hours.

    I have posted all over the forum. I'm not a lunatic, I just post too much. Hobby/home projects can be difficult when you work all day, so I come here to keep my eyes on the prize of finishing it. If I start to lose interest, with no current profit motive, it will die like my projects past.

    My site is down currently, but eventually it will be redone:

    My twitter handle is

    My soon to be DBA name will be

    My soon to be game will be

    My old facebook page (dead, i hate facebook) is

  • Hello, I've never done anything like this but i really want to get into this, so has anyone got any tips for someone just starting?

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