The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi Guys I'm Xy! I'm new here and if you would please wish me luck on trying to make games for fun. Thanks!

  • My name is Tomtom

    16 yrs old

    I want to make application for everyone

    I'll sucessful

  • Hi guys! I'm from Brazil and my name is Heloisa

    I love games, all kinds of games. Oh out of horror

    Bye, see you later!

  • Hi my names Bradley

    Im from England

    Im training to be a games designer

  • Hey,

    I am Lior and i am from Israel.

    New to Game making.

  • Hello, I am Patrick from PMNA Productions. We are new to the indie game development and wanted to try Construct 2 out.

  • hi am mina am a graphic desginer

    I design characters and environment

    I work as a freelancer

  • my name is roan i have always enjoyed making games but i don't enjoy the codeig part of it. i tried unity but that was to glitchy for me at least

    i also use hammer (level editor for valves source engine)

    and i heard about construct form nerd 3

  • hi

  • I am Jan, I like gaming and I want to learn making games. I heard of Construct 2 from Nerd³ and I want to do things like that myself.

  • Hi This is Nimit from India.

    I am an User Interface Designer for mobile applications and a passionate about game designing.

    Joined here to learn more about game designing.

  • Hello Guys, I am new to Construct and I would really appreciate ur help when I am stuck. Thanks Guys

  • Hey guys! Nice community here.. : -)



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  • hello

    my name is franklin chambers im from ecuador , and I came here through arcademi

    hope i can achieve a game like 1990 nes game ( i dont remember the name ) but is a guy who travel through parallel worlds to a primitive world rule by beast..then bla bla.. so is that all i can remember.. was in 3d but with side view like blackthorn the snes game and also in pc... something like that and i like to mix all that rpg with side view like 2d the 3d images.. etc...

    i try the best to make a game.. thats my ultimate goal.. talk to you soon

  • Hi, this is Jasmin from Berlin, Germany

    I'm a game design student (3rd semester) and just experimenting a bit with Construct 2, which was shown to me by a friend... we'll see if I can create a nice little game - I'm still a beginner

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