The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi I'm Steve and I'm an Aussie.

    I'm not actually a game developer but am passionate about the indie scene (for many years now) in general and like to get involved in various forums to (try and) keep abreast of it all.

    I used to own a website called Planet Freeplay (I use past tense because it's no longer active and the current version is crap) and now I just do various little projects (see my sig) to let others know about so many of the excellent little free indie games that so often get missed by the hordes.

  • yes i remember qbasic ("nostalgic mode on" good old days...)

    my first program was made in qbasic... (medical soft)

    PS: congrats to scirra team for his new Construct 2!!!

  • The name's Brian and I'm a would-be Indie dev still trying to find a good groove from GA, USA.

    Been gaming for a long time now, Roguelikes being the best thing stumbled upon in recent times.

    C2 seems to have potential on a variety of fronts, so it just may be that becomes a tool of choice going forward---time'll tell as this Alpha shakes out.

  • Hey there!

    My name is Pedro, I'm brazilian and I've been using construct for almost 2 years now.

    I discovered it when I was in a game development group, at my college. I had to find some way to teach 4 people with zero programming skills how to organize their thoughts so the programmers could understand and then code easier.

    Construct was the best find ever and I use it ever since. Was love at first sight . Construct is the easier engine in the market, it is quite complete and C2 is even more promising. It was easy to teach them to make games by themselves.

    One of my interesses is the academic carreer, teaching game design. If I succeed, Construct (probably C2) will go on with me. Please, keep up the good work, so I can keep up this dream!

  • Hi !

    My name is Roland and I'm 12. I'm French, so I can't speak english very well I want to be Game Designer in the futur, so I like make games ! I found Scirra Construct on an another forum.

    I think that's all there is to say about me

  • Y halo thar!1 xd

    I just graduated from university with a major in IT. Game development has been an on-and-off hobby of mine since I was about 13 years old, but it's not something that I ever pursued too seriously, so unfortunately I'm not an expert in this field. :c I started with TGF and moved on to MMF 1.5, but eventually I got annoyed with the bugs and gave up on it.. especially when ClickTeam published a bugfix for MMF 1.5, calling it MMF 2. :| A few years later, I found out about Construct, and while I've barely tried this software yet, it seems to me like a better version of MMF. :P Not having an extension similar to MooClick/Game, however, makes me quite sad. I liked coding multiplayer stuff in MMF. Oh well!

    Construct 2's release got me excited, even though I'm no fan of HTML5 and I'm quite a bit disappointed because of that. The devs seem to be quite energetic about this project, however, so you can't help but feel that something awesome is going to come out of it, regardless. :P

  • Uh,Uh,UH,uuuUUUUHHHH.....

    Right,that's my post cherry popped; my forum virginity vanquished; my... Nah, that's it.

    Howdy cats, I've been lurking for a while, casually perusing the forums soaking up as much info as possible before *gulp* taking the plunge and posting.

    I'm more of an artist than a programmer but I get such a buzz when something works (and looks good!).

    And so... On to the magic! Or not, as the case most definately is.

    I've been working on a homage to Portal, one of my favourite games, in anticipation of Portal 2.

    Before you say it: yes, it's been done. I've played the Flash version too, but I thought it was a rather joyless affair which had none of Portal's personality and didn't hold my attention past the third level. That said - respect to who ever made it! I guess that it was some "proper" coding.

    Here's my first efforts...

    Looks pretty (compared to my previous Game Maker efforts) but that's about it!

    Space is jump, N key and M key fire portals (that don't work as yet).

    I sure could use some help with implementing the portal maths; I could post the cap but I wanted to register some interest first. I've read the "Protal maths" (sic) thread and played with Davo's cap (which is cool) but twisting my melon trying to use it with my layout as is.

    I realise this may be in the wrong place as it's basically an introduction

    I have other problems

    But that's enough for now, phew... I'm spent.

    Oh, hang on. Discussion thread: Anyone else made a portal puzzler? hehe

  • I realise this may be in the wrong place as it's basically an introduction

    You are correct!

    If you'd like to make a separate topic discussing your Portal engine efforts then feel free to do so in the Your Creations forum.

  • you have good luck that you found scirra construct, for your start in game making.

    you could have loosed months and hurt your future if you tried something else.

  • Hello! As for introductions, my avatar is the HatMan. I just turned twenty, and am one year away from graduating community college. I love fangames; especially the old AM2R and Portal Prelude. I found out about Scirra Construct after attempting to use Game Maker and failed miserably. My interests are reading, sleeping; emulations, cooking, and Wii. Eventually; I am going for a career in computer forensics and white-hat work; but my friends in the real world are interested in video game production; so I'm designing basic ones to challenge them.

  • Hey all,

    I'm QC and I've just begun using Construct this week, in training for a 24 hour codebash. Probably gonna hang around after, though, since it's a very nice program, with plugin expansion as well; what more's to want?

    I've worked in C++/# and Java previously, so it's a big change to how I usually code, but welcomed for short time frame projects such as the one above.

    As for myself, I'm 18 years old, studying Computing at uni (in my first year) alongside friends who are studying Game Dev. at the same university. I've made a couple of games before, some for fun, some for competitive reasons, but either way, I've greatly enjoyed it and hope to fit right in here.

    tl;dr hey.

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  • Hi all,

    I'm Steely, I wanna make my own game for over 20 years but the programming part was always my bigest problem, now that I have discovert Construct a few months ago a whole new world opens to me.

    I hope to release my first game in a couple of months

  • So many new faces.. err I mean users! Welcome and so on don't be shy to ask anything except from me as I might hit with a fish and I'm an idiot and jerk anyways

  • Hi !

    I'm Geoffrey, a french psychology student !

    I'm trying to make game since a few months ago, when I discovered Construct, trying to learn things in different domains (design, ergonomy, music, art ...) while improving my english and, maybe, contribute to the indie video game community with my works

  • interesting, why you learning everything like blade of all trades (:? do you have a goal?

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