The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Not really, I'm interested in art in general (for exemple, I play harmonica and guitar), and to create video games is the best way to touch at everything, and to include my knowledges in psychology. I think I juste love to learn stuffs !

    Nevertheless, I may be interested in an ergonomy school, that may conduct to a game designer job, but it's a bit optimistic :p

  • [quote:1ziheey9]Not really, I'm interested in art in general (for exemple, I play harmonica and guitar), and to create video games is the best way to touch at everything, and to include my knowledges in psychology.

    psychology concepts in video games? i am waiting for your games then...

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  • there is so much more then psychology in games, a game is one of the finest forms of entertainment. everything you look, feel and hear changes your future as you are influenced by the game

  • I'm mainly talking about good controls, HUD, learning curve, etc, but yeah, a gameplay based on concepts should be promising to :p I'll think about it !

  • Hi everyone! I have been lurking about for a bit now, and thought I would introduce myself!! i am David from USA ,Ak,Anchorage,nice to meet you,hope to know more about you.......

  • hi I'm matt from the uk love retro gaming and regular gaming, guess I just want to say hi to you all great community

  • So many new users! Just blows my poor mind welcome!

  • Sagal, anything above 5% vol. would blow your poor mind ;p

  • Hello constructor,

    My name is Jordan (since Jordan is always used everywhere I came up with Djordhan which isn't used anywhere

    Since then, I've been looking around to make some games I started with Duke Nukem 3D mod then began to learn 3D modeling.

    I studied in 2D/3D Animation for videogames then found a job at Ubisoft as a game tester. I spent 5 years working at Ubisoft. During those years I learnt a lot about videogame development and I started to develop some myself. I used Blender for a while to make a Tank Simulator (you're alone in an empty water tank, its pitch black and there's nothing you can do about it). Pretty awesome I tell you.

    Now that I found Construct. Well I know Construct.

  • Welcome aboard, good sir! I hope Construct suits your needs.

    Always cool to have an industry insider try to start off on his own.

    If you're interested in 3D, I do know of some tutorials in Construct, so you'd have to check Jamesx's tutorial collection topic in the Tutorial section.

  • Hi all!

    I got interested in creating a game and looked around vaguely for easy, non programming oriented software. I played Iconoclasts and discovered Construct through Konjak's blog ( and here I am!

    I live in Malaysia (I'm French, though) and do product, exhibition and interior design for a living. I started playing games with Space Quest and Carrier Command, never really stopped since, and I felt like crossing the line since quite some time... but never really got the courage/time/motivation to step in.

    I am planning to create a story-driven 2d platformer, and see where it goes from there. I rather inform you first, as I have never done this before, and I am very likely to come back with plenty of very stupid questions, being totally programming impaired ^^

    So I'll go read around, try this platformer school thing and come back very fast. Nice meeting you!

  • Althought I've been on a few weeks now, I thought it would be good if I introduced by myself. My name is Adam Covington, I'm 14, soon to be 15 on May 26th. I run my own indie "studio" (my room and laptop) Almost Insane Software. I didn't call it Almost Insane Games because I also make applications. I've always had trouble getting people's attention but I hope some people will join my forums on my website which is in my sig. So far this has been a good community, better then

  • Hey I'm Shawn. I'm a music composer, I like to draw, write stories, and I was interested in Game Development after taking a class about it in my freshman year in high school. My first program was Game Maker, and that was certainly a fun experience. However, trying to make a game took too long for me to make. So I was real lazy about the whole development of my game "Pulse's Antivirus" (Look it up on YouTube) I first saw Construct on this site called Pixel Prospector, a game called "The Iconoclasts" was being developed with it. After researching further, I found it was my type of program. So I downloaded it, learned a lot of the basics, and decided to use it as my main development program! I'm really a fan of platformer game, primarily of the SNES and Genesis days, which didn't really get me into game development, but got me into music composing. I've done that for about 2 years now

    Example (

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    I also love to draw, and mixing all this together I feel game development is just creative happiness with every aspect, and Construct is really making me realize that dream. I started a new game, called "New Horizons" a short platformer with big areas to explore (Much like the level designs of my favorite platformer game series, Turrican) and development of that is really coming along nicely. So yeah, I'm sure I'll enjoy the community, and Construct for the time being, and hope to make many games in the long run!

  • Melodious, you've got some really great original music on your channel. I subbed 'yah!

  • Hey all,

    Been using construct for a little while now. Seems to be that Construct 2 is going to be even more epic, figured I'd join the forums.

    I think what I want to try and do with the program is make an RPG. I'm not entirely sure if it is possible, but anything close to it, I would be happy.

    Let me know if you wanna help! I need all of it!

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