The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Well hi, I'm Pseudo, I'm new, and I'm hoping that I can get used to Construct nice and quick. I actually came from another game designing site so I hope it won't be too hard to adapt. I've had a lot of experience with computers and this kind of thing, but I only joined today so it'll be some time before I actually come out with anything close to a real game.

  • Hi my name is winkdog. I am a graphic designer/web developer. As a hobby for the last few years I have been working with World of Warcraft emulation. Helping people develop there own private servers, and contributing to open source emulators such as ArcEMU, and MaNGOS. Also I have built and released many custom WoW repacks. I have always wanted to develop my own games, and after a few months of researching all the many alternatives for game development my search has ended. For me Construct seems to be the most user friendly. I am looking forward to meeting you all, and becoming a contributing member of your community.

  • Zeratchi here.

    Been a addict of games for a while actually, about ten years or so.

    Same as most here I guess, startet out with the NES (Still playing on my SNES, games like : Secret of evermore, Secret of mana)

    I've done a few games with Gm-PRO, Visual basic, I have even done some C# coding with Sharpdevelop, but desided to take a break.

    Now I'm back, and was on the look-out for something "new" or at least diffirent.

    Searched/googled for open source game creator, and Scirra came up.

    Of course, I had to check it out before adding myself as a member.

    So youtube scirra, and that lovely Scirra Showreel <

    > came forth. *Really impressive video*

    Watching the whole thing, some other demo's, I got entreeged of this program.

    Right now, I'm at work (of course) so haven't had the time to test Scirra out.

    But from what I've been reading from the different users on different forums, it beats 'game maker pro 8.0'.

    The dream is to create a lowbrand-rpg game that one can relate to something like:

    Secret of evermore

    Final fantasy

    (Flash game called 'Sonny' which you can find on

    Or more of a tower-defense kind of game style.

    Making something like "Heroes of might and magic 3" would also be epic ^^

    But here I am, dreaming away, when I should be working.

    Not much more to say really.


  • jumping on the introduction train

    Hi i'm Steffen,

    Thomas Mahler brought me to construct as i was searching for a simple to use engine to do some game prototypen that doesn't force me to hire a coder for simple prototyping tasks.

    I'm a professional 3d character artist working in the games and moviesector for over 9 years now and i'm currently working on a game universe with the first version going to be made with udk.

    Unluckily our team consists of mostly professionals which makes certain things easier, but as everyone is in a studio and under production pressure (deadlines, crunchtime etc) it can happen that nothing moves on. As one of the biggest thing we'd need is code and out coder is sitting in the final stage of Brink, we are in such a nothing goes forward stage.

    So i wanted to try around with contsruct if i could do the whole adventure part in 2d, basic movement, player-npc interaction, basic quests, items etc. to get a feel of the pacing.

    Turns out its still harder for me as artist as i hoped it would be but hopefully i will still get some stuff done in 2d.

  • Hi, just joined up after stumbling across this place last night.

    Spent the evening playing with Construct and downloading lots of

    .cap examples whilst scratching my head. Brilliant, I'm impressed.

    Anyway... .. . Guess I'll give it a go... .. . *shrug*... .. . what harm can it do... *ponders project, apathetically*

    (Nah, I'm excited really!)

  • a GREAT game creator! Simple and clean... hopefully the engine will be more powerful in the future...

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  • Welcome all newgaiz.

    If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. Everyone is generally pretty helpful here.


    Hmm I can sense something here

  • Greetings, I'm a long time 2d artist with a decent portfolio looking to make a splash with a new engine. I'm pretty easy going and not hard to get along with, I enjoy cherry pie, literature, various styles of hand drawn and digital artwork and late nights. For anyone who is interested my 2d graphic portfolio can be found here:, and I am willing to take on art projects for anyone interested. C7 suggested I give Construct a whirl and see what I thought, so I figured I would sign on and look for myself.

  • Hi,

    I'm an 18 years old freelance artist (both 2d and 3d) working on a game project with a small team. We are using mmf2 right now but i found that construct would be a lot more efficient for us, so i'm trying to convert the programmer to it. moreover, I'm interested in using this tool to animate some of my stuff.

  • Hi guys (and girls?)

    I'm 25 years old guy from Poland. I love 2D graphic, especially from SNK (you know NeoGeo, right?). If you wanna check my "portfolio", here is my DA page - Nothing more, because I never learn English language, so I can't speak freely.

  • hello

    this guy pixel rebirth registered at salt world, a community i go to and posted a big construct FAQ. i took one look and thought "welp this is pretty much what i have been looking for" and so here i am a week later having tinkered a bit and fallen in giddy schoolboy love. i'd been planning a metroidvania-type game for a while and was umming and ahhing about what engine i was going to use and i guess construct ticked all the boxes for me! so i am here to pick all your brains about the technical aspects and hopefully come out the other side with the finished article (FOR ONCE I MIGHT ADD)

    outside of games i love football, music, literature, history, all very interesting things etc. and i am sure i will bore you to tears with all of them. i am british-irish and i am one of those horrible surly teenagers you have been reading about in the newspapers i don't even have a job for god's sake bloody perennial scroungers don't know they're born

    p.s. if you too like football we will quickly become friends! unless you are a filthy villa fan you scum you scourge of the earth sorry sorry i just get a bit carried away

  • I don't join new forums very often- I tend to stay in a few communities and just accrue posts there.

    However, since I actually want to go somewhere with my myriad hobbies, I decided that after months and months of lurking, I'd join here.

    I downloaded Contruct a while ago, and while I love the interface and the possibilities, all of my projects have hit repeated roadblocks that have put them all on hiatus- though admittedly, I might have set my sights too high initially. Thus I will try to receive help from some of the more experienced people here. Though I'm not too bad a learner, and have figured out quite a lot by myself plus tutorials/lurking, some things I can't figure out.

    However, since i don't want to seem ungrateful, I'll try not to be a post-twice-and-leave type of guy, and try to help others in any way I am able, which at this stage might not be much, but i can do SOME things. Also, I make game music, or music much like it (because I love games so much) so if you need some tunes for a game, I'm always happy to oblige. See signature.

    However, to get the ball rolling, I do have a question for anyone in the know: does construct export specifically to .CAP as well as EXE? because the help page says "Post a .CAP" yet, I see no option. Or do I just upload my .CAP to mediafire and post the download link from there? Thanks for any responses.

    Look forward to integrating myself in the community. I too noticed how helpful everyone is here, which honestly surprises me. Nice to see a good group of selfless programmers/game devs.

  • Hi my name is Eddy Gomez.

    I am currently studying to become a web designer / developer. I have always loved video games, from gunstar heros to red dead redemption, me and video games have spent a great deal of time together. I had wanted too make video games as a hobby, while the web became my career. I looked into game maker and did some tutorials, and it was good but then I found construct and now here I am. I'm bout to dive into the tutorials and get my hands dirty.

  • The tutorials are a huge help- you can learn a lot from them and fairly quickly.

    Good luck!

  • Hi guys

    I'm gmvasco, and I'm starting to learn how to code me some games.

    I've participated in some comercial ventures as a music composer, and now I have a few ideas I'd like to test in games of my own, but I can't afford a programmer, so here I am

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