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  • sleepy had a rough night

  • So as i'm starting to post in this forum i should present me...

    I'm a french developper (i'm in the SAP development for my job) since some years ago. And as i think it's not enough to program all the day for my job, i continue to do it for "pleasure" . More seriously i want to make some games for fun so i always search for good tools for it.

    So I found Construct in a french board discussion of a PC videogame magazine (free advertising : so i started to play with it.

  • Heya!

    I'm Brian. I'm currently in the middle of my first year of college. I'm currently working on a game that I've been working on since about the end of my first year of high school. Although, to say that I've been working on it this whole time is kind of a lie. Sure, I started the game almost four years ago, but most of the time in between was spent saying "Wow, I wish I had more time to work on that game..." But I've had a lot more time recently, so I've been working on it a lot more.

    I've played video games for as long as I can remember. Literally. My first memory is of playing educational games on my mom's Mac when I was two years old. I never considered making a game until the eighth grade, when I discovered the magic of ROM hacking and level editors. I played around with Super Mario World ROMs for a while, before deciding that I needed a lot more practice with level design. About a year later, a joke in an IRC channel, involving saving the internet from a bread-eating menace, turned into a Cave Story-like game concept. With slightly less bread.

    I initially worked on the game using Game Maker, but I was frustrated with a lot of its shortcomings. I heard about Construct through this youtube video:

    . (One of the comments said it was made in Construct.) I looked into Construct, and tried using it, and decided I loved it. And now I'm making a game with it. Funny how things like that happen.

  • Right, my turn...

    The name's Andy and have been interested in game making since the good old Spectrum days (Paw, GAC, 3D Construction Kit, and of course 'speccy basic' ahh...) Having worked my way up to an Amiga500 I got myself AMOS and tinkered with that.

    Now that I have a PC I've been through a number of game maker's, including:

    Game Maker

    DS Game Maker





    FPS Creator

    Dark Basic Pro

    [you can check out some of my stuff on YouTube:]

    and now I've just come across Construct (literally 2 days ago!) and from the demo reel video it looks to be a great development tool. I apologise in advance for all the questions I may ask but just point me in the right direction and it will be greatly appreciated!

  • First off, I'd like to thank Ashley for helping me out so promptly. For some reason the email verifier didn't generate the email to my hotmail account. (Yes, I checked the bulk mail.) Ash got me going in just a couple of hours, so thanks heaps!

    My name is Derek Wade. I'm 37, a teacher, and football coach in North Carolina. I also train for and participate in extreme obstacle course events like the Rugged Maniac and Tough Mudder

    I've never programmed or designed a game before. I prefer to play traditional RPG games that feature a rather straightforward quest/puzzle system. Some of my favorites are the Apple IIe "Ultima III: Exodus", the original "Diablo", "Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance I and II" for the Playstation/Xbox, and I recently- thanks to an iPod port- have decided that I really like "Final Fantasy I." (I never had a Nintendo growing up, so I missed out on some of the traditional classics.) My all-time favorite game series EVER, though, is the Eidos first person "Thief" series.

    I am new to programming and game development, but I have some rather extensive plans for down the road. To start with, my first goal is to make a roguelike that uses the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition rules as a platform. Most roguelikes are based on Tolkein's work (which I don't care for), or on later adaptations of AD&D, like 3rd edition and the D20 system (which I also can't stand.) I love the idea of the randomly created dungeon with each new game the way Diablo generated, but I'd like to offer a game that's as close to the original AD&D as is possible, with the potential for continual expansion, "modules" to be added that give new quests to the game as I get better at programming and/or someone else comes up with a cool quest idea.

    The second project I have is one I've been considering as a pen&paper RPG for some time. If you're not familiar with David Eddings, he wrote two excellent series of books. The first is the Belgariad/Malloreon, which doesn't lend itself to the idea of a campaign setting very well because the plot is too focused on a small group of people.

    However, the second series is the Elenium/Tamuli. THIS world has four orders of Church Knights (think paladins), with different styles of combat and limited spellcasting ability. It also features the wizards of Styricum, who draw on the power of a thousand "younger gods" to cast spells. The bad guys are evil, twisted, and insane elder gods, most of whom were trapped and imprisoned by the younger ones before the world was made. It's almost a "Call of Cthulu" meets "King Arthur" sort of setting, and I think it would be ideal for an RPG. I've been making notes on the game system for about fifteen years now and am considering approaching Eddings's estate to ask for license to publish the game as a credited RPG.

    I am going to ask a truly astonishing number of questions that should have obvious answers, but I have ZERO experience with game design and programming. I tried to learn Basic back on that Apple IIe, but it was a lot more fun to play Exodus than it was to buckle down and learn to read code. That's the same reason I can't play the guitar, by the way.

    I definitely want to thank everyone in advance for your patience and assistance. I look forward to working with you all.


  • Hello,

    My name is Sean, I've been making games since I was young. I've written a lot of game music. Most of my experience back then was with rpgmaker2000, I spent countless hours trying to push it past its very small limitations. After one evening with construct, I feel so relieved that things can be so easy! Everything just makes sense. I look forward to contributing to the community.

  • Lo there, the name is Vexar.

    I've been, like most of you, tinkering with game makers for a while. Started out with RPG Maker 95 and been messing with this stuff ever since. I covered all aspects of games, mostly making stuff for my friends and I to play.

    I must say, I'm extremely impressed with Construct. I've been messing around lately with just about every developer tool on the market and really just want to make fun, simple, games. But, with this system I also have the chance to make more complex games should I choose to.

    I look forward to contributing here as well as seeing what others have done!

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  • Hey my name is Alastair, I use to always forget my password on this site so I made a new profile.

  • Hey my name is Alastair, I use to always forget my password on this site so I made a new profile.

    If you like I can reset your password for you.

  • It used an old email address, and I don't use "alspal" on any site anymore. So I thought I may as well make a new one.

  • Okay no biggie

  • hi, my name is kiril, from bulgaria. im 21.

    i was working for retouching and web design but it was only a matter of time until i realise that what i want to do is games.

    and construct is the best thing giving a chance to someone like me (whos not a programmer) to learn to make games, to get better and better, then move onto unity3d for fps's and stuff.

    i dont know what interesting thing to tell you, my country is awful

    i enjoy talking about all kinds of stuff, pc stuff, science, healthy living, conspiracies.

    nice to meet you all

  • Hi Guys!

    i'm Gianluca from Italy (L'Aquila) and i'm 38.

    i'm an "old skool" programmer (just editor and my C compiler! and some free libs) and i'm new to the "new" generation of game engine where you "paint" your code.!!!

    until now I didn't like this kind of programming but i tried Construct and

    I was completely fascinated for semplicity and power!!!

    I hope to make some good stuff with Construct!!!

    Congratulations to all the staff!

    and the wonderful forum!.

    PS: Just maked a little donation to Scirra developers.

    (a little help for those talented guys!).

  • remember qbasic gregbug? i used to to love it when i was 14.

    shame that nowadays languages seem so much harder to me then qbasic was.

    atleast with the event system of construct i can unleash my creativity without reading fat books

  • remember qbasic gregbug? i used to to love it when i was 14.

    shame that nowadays languages seem so much harder to me then qbasic was.

    I know, huh? I miss qbasic . It's really too bad there isn't an updated version of it that will run properly on modern computers and displays.

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