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  • Hey everybody, I'm Imaku, and I was always interested in making games and other programs for the computer. I started out with Game Maker, which just really wasn't good enough, and I abandoned it. Some time later I acquired a copy of Flash, and I started making little games and animations, and I still do, but I can never hold my interest on it for very long, because when I'm doing something, it feels like I'm getting nowhere. Then I found construct from a link from a blog, and when I saw it, I thought it looked like a free Game Maker, so I just saved it to my bookmarks and decided to download it later. When I did, about 2 weeks ago, I found out that it was actually BETTER than Game Maker and not just a free knockoff. I started making little games with it, and it was easy. I looked at the tutorials, and made more little games, then decided I would do a bigger project with this. I'm just starting that project now, and I decided to sign up here in case I have any problems I could ask for your guy's help with. That's pretty much it.

    /wall of text

  • Yo. I'm a lazy jobless 16-year-old with way too much free time.

    Arent we all...

  • > Yo. I'm a lazy jobless 16-year-old with way too much free time.


    Arent we all...



    30 + works from home (second to not having a job).


  • Hello everyone ! !

    I am new on this forum.My name is Allen.I am 29 year old.

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  • hello

  • Hi, I'm Magnet Missile. As you might guess from my username, I'm a shameless Mega Man addict. I think I started gaming with the original Super Mario Bros. and eventually found Mega Man. I like lots of games, but platformers have always been special to me, and the Mega Man games (Classic, X, and Zero) have always stood out to me in various ways.

    I've been working with RPG Maker XP for years now with no real results. I just keep running into problems (progress becomes tedious) and I start a new project. I like RPGs, but...I really want to try and make a platformer.

    So...I heard about Construct over a year ago on the Stencyl forums. Someone made a topic comparing Construct to Stencyl, and I looked it up, but I wasn't in the mood to try it out. Replaying Mega Man Anniversary Collection a few days ago got me all excited, and I came here with the intentions of making a Mega Man fangame, something I've wanted to do for a long time. I'm...making progress, but I'm running into lots of problems. I have faith though, I can tell that Construct has a lot of potential.

    I had an idea for a weird shooter game involving bulldogs and pizza, but I think I'll wait a while before I start that.

    I'm looking forward to figuring things out, and maybe even finishing a game!

  • Hi, I'm Magnet Missile....

    I'm looking forward to figuring things out, and maybe even finishing a game!

    Hi and welcome to the boards!

    If you need help figuring stuff out be sure to post your cap file in the HELP section, and someone will undoubtedly assist you in figuring out whatever is stopping you


  • Thanks! I guess I should have read this before making a help topic...

    I just asked a question without a cap might have helped...oh well.

  • Hello everyone!

    I am silverbot01, my real name of course is Austin Daniel. I am going to be using Construct as my beginners entrance into game development. I recently enrolled into WCO and was referred to this engine among others for making a beginner game on their game club. I hope to learn as much as possible while using Construct, from what I have seen it interests me.

    As far as playing games I like racing games, the total war series on the PC, as well as source engine games like CSS and Half Life 2. The game I am waiting impatiently for right now is Forza 3 which is coming out in the next few months, it will make my Xbox that much happier too!

  • Hi everyone,

    I am Tyrus and I joined the board recently because of a thread from Thomas Mahler over at CG Society.

    If it wasn't for this thread I would probably have never discovered Construct at all. Thanks Thomas It's a really great tool. Keep up the good work guys!

    Tried to start some stuff with XNA but i am not a good programmer at all and learning programming from scratch is a time investment i can't afford at the moment

    Now to my person, I am 22 and was liking games since i was small, back then on a NES and always wanted to create some. So i started learning 3D-modelling by myself, when i got the chance to get my hands on an old version of Cinema 4D some years ago and worked on some MODs and a game which were never released Now I am taking my first steps into character animation. I also made a six month internship at EA Phenomic as a Visual Effects Artist, working on Battleforge and I am going to start studying Communication Design focusing on Multimedia and CG this month.

    Nowadays I am playing mostly on PS3 and sometimes PC, preferably RPGs or some action games. Thanks to the PSN i discovered Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, an awsome game. Missed it somehow when it was released

  • Yo! I'm Aaron and I'm from Virginia, USA.

    Same as everyone else, grew up on thr 2600 (Dig Dug and Berserk were my favs.) and moved on to the NES, SNES and PlayStation. I've been a huge fan of Mega Man since I was 8, and also love Donkey Kong Country, Skullmonkies, Gex:Enter the Gecko, Final Fantasy and Mario (though not obsessively ).

    Game design has always been something I've wanted to do since 8 years old. Discovered Klik n Play and made some terrible games. Moved on to Games Factory and make slightly less terrible games. Found out about Construct after reading a MMF2 vs. Construct thread at TDC (such a mean community!) Construct is awesome!

    On a personal note, I'm 25, going to school for Video Game Programming (learning C# right now

    Oh ya here is mai game, Spanky the Buttweasel:

    <img src="">

  • ohayou,

    I'm triplehex from an european country overlooking the ocean and I'm a gamer for life I guess, thou sometimes I feel too old to play hehe. I started with a ZX Spectrum clone, then a Sega Mega Drive and then the PC and always loved to play on the PC since The Day of Tentacle and the glourious Lucasarts golden age. Some of my favorite games include Thief II, Tomb Raider, The Longest Journey, Homeworld, Morrowind and Assassin's Creed. The last game I played was the beta of Champions Online

  • If you have ever played the game Soldat, you've heard my work, as I composed the music for that game (so long ago).

    Cool! That game is epic!

  • Hey guys. I'm Peter, 18, just moved to new york city, going to school for film. (though id much rather sit around and make games haha) Man I don't remember the last time I wrote on a forum. Yeah I grew up playing Amiga games and Sega. My favorite game would probably be the Neverhood, and I've always been infatuated with Final Fantasy IX too for some reason. Lately I haven't played anything really. : (

    since I was a kid I made these really elaborate "choose a link" games (idk what to call it) where I made adventures where people went made decisions and went from webpage to webpage. This was really time consuming and tedious, I don't know how I made so many repetitive animations. Later I redid these games with flash, basically with the same "gameplay," knowing hardly any more programming then onRelease for a button. Because this game took me two years to make and wasn't all that fun I kind of gave up on making games, but always had it in the back of my mind for what I really wanted to do. So I guess giving up because I didn't know programming subconsiously made me depressed for the past couple years.

    Now I found Construct and am unbelievably excited to start working on stuff. Thank you so much whoever developed this. haha. Even though I was never much of gamer, I always had the intense desire to create interactive media for other people to play. Now I can do the things I always wanted. If theres anyone from around the nyc area, let me know if youd be interested in starting a studio or something. Of course not a real studio, but you know, just sitting around and working on shit with an open mind could lead to some really cool stuff.


  • Hello everybody,

    i'm Valerio from Italy, 26 yo, game designer wannabe and totally new to Construct. I tried lots of other game making tools but i must admit Construct is impressive, powerful enough to handle a wide variety of bidimensional games yet easier to use than other "competitors". I just hope that Wine improvents with directx will someday make linux perfectly compatible with games made with construct.

    About my bio, i've got a bachelor degree in media & communications and i'm actually unemployed. the will to pursue my dream and become an effective designer of games (i'd like to design every kind of game, from child educative games to videogames, pen&paper rpgs, card games...) is still present and i hope this tool will help me on the way.

    I'm a passionate gamer, obviously, since i was 9 (sega master system 8bit...soon exchanged by a nes cause of it's superior games like Super Mario Bros 3, unmatched milestone in platform games...).

    I love retrogaming alot, and modern games with a mean. My favourite games of all time are Smb3, Shadow of the colossus, Master of magic, Frontier, Xcom and that perfect gem called Braid.

    Actually, i'll try to make an Impossible Mission clone with Construct. Just to start with something easy. I'd switch to more complex designs when i'll learn enough about this tool.

    I have a question, too.

    is it possible for construct to handle some kind of databases with random generated content? or what about random generated isometric tilemaps? cause i've got this idea for a management game with turn based battles (exactly like xcom) and i wonder if construct could handle that kind of thing.

    thanks in advance, and keep up the good job.

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