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  • Hey!

    I'm new around here but a real oldie around click and play games; been using game dev tools since zzt / megazeux back in the ASCII DOS days. Working as a professional game developer as an artist but my love is in the indie development. I'm here to check out Construct and I like what I see...

    Kind regards,


  • Hello All,

    I'm a new user of Construct. It's a fantastic program, much more so then the other offerings!


  • Hi, I'm Jesse, from MA, USA.

    My earliest memories as a child was using my father's computer magazines to type in BASIC games on my fathers Atari 800, then we upgraded to an ST, with one of the first external hard drives for the ST (I still remember my father telling us not to jump around the desk, lest the heads collide, or something to that effect, lol). I didn't know what I was typing, and wasn't trying to learn how to program at the time. But it was a great feeling to know that you could type in a few instructions and have a brand new game to play.

    Fast forward 25+ years. Over the years I've dabbled with C/C++, Java, Visual Basic, Python PHP and Javascript, never mind a few proprietary languages I had to learn at my last place of employment.

    I've taught myself enough about web dev and PHP to turn out a very complete app/site, and when ever I look into another language, the learning curve is that much smaller because of all of my past programming experiences.

    I've been focusing more on languages that would allow me to create client/server and desktop apps lately, and have found that Python does most of what I need and want to do. I can use Python to create GUI's, client server software, and even 2D/3D games. And if I need it to do something it doesn't already do, or does too slowly, I can just extend it with C/C++.

    I've decided that I've spent much too much time this past 5+ years of teaching myself how to program focusing on programming topics and theory that will make me more marketable, rather than focusing my programming time on subjects that I find interesting and enjoyable. This in turn has made the time I've been spending programming more of a chore than anything. To make a long story short, I've decided that I'm going to spend more time coding what I find fun, rather than what I think will bring in more money. And since I've done that, the thrill and enjoyment of making computers do what I want them to do has come back 10 fold.

    I've always had a passion for gaming, all the way back to playing joust/archon/pit fall/etc, on the Atari ST's tape drive (the ones that have the cartridge that looked like an audio tape), up to the competitive league play in a CoD clan I was in, and the hours and hours spent grinding in WoW lol.

    One of the saddest things I've seen in the gaming industry was the rise of better graphics. Don't get me wrong, I love eye candy and a great looking game, but it seemed that for a time, game companies focused more on eye candy than game play. One thing to say about games back in the day was, what they lacked in graphics, they made up for in game play and entertainment value. Although, I have noticed that things are coming back around full circle again. As high end graphics are not such a novelty these days, game companies are focusing more on game play again. Just look at the Wii.

    Anyway, back to what brings me to Construct and this great community. I've been using the great FREE online ebook Invent Your Own Computer Games With Python, which is a great online book that teaches the very basics of python and programming games. The book also seems to leave off where the book Beginning Game Development with Python and Pygame picks up.

    While I was looking for online python game programming resources, I stumbled upon Game Maker 7. Thank goodness, but GM7 won't work on my computer. When it loads up, it asks if I want to use "Basic" or "Advanced" mode. Regardless of which option I choose, once I click a button, the dialog box closes and that's it, no program, no hanging process, nothing, even after updating graphics card drivers.

    THANK GOODNESS!!! Because that led me to continue my search, which led me to Construct, an Open Source alternative, that seems to be competitive to GM7 even before hitting the v1.0 release (my opinion is based on reviews, blog posts and forums threads, as I haven't been able to get GM7 working). Man, what a find.

    I'm really looking forward to a fully functional Python scripting feature set. From reading a few tutorials and discussions regarding the Construct way of doing things, I understand and appreciate the fact that a Python scripting interface is not absolutely needed (in fact, the most impressive thing about Construct, in my opinion, is all that can be done without typing one line of code), but it would be great to have the option to add custom scripts, for those of us that do have some coding experience, or those of us that would like to learn and dabble with a bit more code.

    And I'm also really looking forward to the addition of SDL/OpenGL, and the removal of Prof-UIS that's mention in This Forum Thread. Just these two design decisions with be huge strides toward cross-platform development.

    I am going to keep my eyes open around here, and I hope to be able to help port Construct to Linux in the near future. If I could, I'd love to pull a dev aside and ask a few questions regarding porting Construct, but I don't want to high-jack this thread to do so.

    Well, this is much more of an intro of myself than I had planned . I am just so very excited about this project and it's potential. Keep up the good work folks, I know I'm not the only one that appreciates your hard work!

  • Hey everyone. Just popping in. I'm Matt, a professional 3D artist specializing in hard surface and arch vis. I also freelance illustration and concept art.

    Starting tooling around making my own games back on my C64 when I was very young. Probably about 10 the year I taught myself BASIC. Moved on to QBASIC as I got a 'real' computer but eventually let my programing slide. I tried a package I found by accident called Klik and Play and made a handful of games in that. But as I got older and perused my art degree all that fell by the wayside.

    Recently messed around in MMF but that died off quick, found Construct on the user Obson's blog here (from polycount) and have liked it quite a bit. Currently working with my fellow artist room mate on developing a couple of games and we thought this would be the perfect platform so we don't have to get our hands dirty with too much code.

  • hello everyone i am Kay

    i am from the Netherlands, 19 years old and following a game design education

    my first console was a ps1 i never had a nes, snes, amiga or sega

    later i got a n64 a gamecube and now a ps3

    there are still a lot of n64 and ps1 games i still play because they are just awsome

    think about zelda the first super smash and chrono cross etc

    i love the rpg, action/adventure or just adventure games and point and click

    and pixel art games like games for the gba or nds

    (i also read some visual novels but they are not really games but still pretty awesome)

    i started designing games when i was around 15

    yes i am a pretty late starter

    i used rpg maker, fps creator(that program is terrible) flash, the ren'py engine

    and now i am using Construct for 2D and the Unity3D engine for 3D

    i am a pretty all round guy

    i have done some programming in c++, visual basic, actionscript, XNA, javascript, c# and some other languages, not that i am very good at it but i made some apps

    im also doing 3D modeling and animating

    creating storylines

    the only thing i CANT do is.......

    DRAWING, i just cant draw making it hard to make 2D games:P

    i also created a level for unreal tournament 3 with some classmates

    i created some models like cannons and partly the ship

    here are some screenshots



    i already created a games using construct as a school project and it worked out really well (i got the highest mark possible:D:D)

    i created a info game about my school with a mini game where you could create your own platform level using my level editor.

    you could make a level of unlimited length and height and you could even save your level and exchange it with friends

    what i want to do in the future:

    i want to start my own company and create games that will be published all around the world:D

  • Hi,

    I heard about Construct when Thomas Mahler posted about his game over on CGSociety. When I checked it out I was blown away.

    I got into making games professionally over five years ago as an artist where I've been working on big budget games. I love my job but have always enjoyed playing around with my own ideas just for fun. It seems like big game companies are often unable to take risks due to incredible business pressures and so it's largely up to small independent projects to inject new ideas into the industry. Construct is an ideal tool for this as it lets people play around and experiment instead of following rigid rules and practices.

    Anyway I'm happy to be here is the point.

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  • Hi,

    I heard about Construct when Thomas Mahler posted about his game over on CGSociety. When I checked it out I was blown away.

    I got into making games professionally over five years ago as an artist where I've been working on big budget games. I love my job but have always enjoyed playing around with my own ideas just for fun. It seems like big game companies are often unable to take risks due to incredible business pressures and so it's largely up to small independent projects to inject new ideas into the industry. Construct is an ideal tool for this as it lets people play around and experiment instead of following rigid rules and practices.

    Anyway I'm happy to be here is the point.

    wow I heard about construct the exact same way.

  • Likewise...strange isn't it?

  • wow I heard about construct the exact same way.

    so does this mean your avatar isn't a photograph?

  • > wow I heard about construct the exact same way.


    so does this mean your avatar isn't a photograph?

    Yes, it is a photograph. I'm just a student CGer, haven't really done anything avatar-worthy yet. I use it in all of my avatars for a bit of consistency, and Hendrix-flavoured awesomeness

  • Hallo! Pretty cool forum; I like it.

  • Hello all

    My names Christian, originally from Southern California but I'm living in Korea right now. I've been designing levels and maps on paper since I was 6 years old, and I got into gaming originally on a Atari 600XL (Jumpman Jr and Miner 2049er were my favorites!). I owned most the of the 8 and 16 bit systems and was a big Playstation head. I still love modern games but feel they lack the charm and entertainment value of many older games. My favorite genre is brawlers and I'm a big fan of Double Dragon II and Streets of Rage (especially the remake that was put out). I'm really happy about the reemergence of 2D games in the market, and am filled with glee when I hear a young person confess their like of 2D games.

    I got into game design on a TI-89 caclulator. I made a simple game of snake. To date it's the only game I've completed. My passion is level design, which I got into with Excitebike for the NES and a n architecture program for an old Apple IIe. My heyday was creating levels for Medal Of Honor: Allied assault for the PC. The levels I created were gimmicky and never really achieved acclaim, but they were praised for being fun and original. I'm still very proud of those levels!

    I don't remember where I found out about Construct, but I'm happy I did. It's by far the most fun I've had creating games in my life. I spend most of my free time at my computer doing something or other with Construct.

    I hope to leave this community better than I found it. Once I gain more confidence in Construct's workings, I'd love to help add to the wiki and create tutorials so others have an easier time getting into Construct.

    I'd like to say thanks to all the Construct developers and supporters for creating, and sticking with, such a great product and making in free and open source for us plebeians. I'd also like to thank all the members of this forum who have helped me, and those who I will undoubtedly call on in the future. Please bare with this crazy designer!

  • Hi there! Well, my name is Khan, I�m from Tenerife, in the Canary Islands (thats a tiny archipielago near Africa :p) and I�m really happy to have found about Construct and this comunity.

    I�ve been into gaming for as far as I can remember (I remember playing Doom when I was supposed to be watching the Muppet�s show...) and my passion for gaming and computers has inevitably lead me to amateur games development. I�ve modded for a few games, mainly TES IV: Morrowind. Now that I can call myself a (still very bad) C/C++ Programmer I�ve wanted to go to the next step, create games from scratch, or as nearly as possible

    A few Text RPG projects have come and gone, along with my first "game engines" if I may dare to call them that way (one of them its still in development ). I tried a few 3D Game Engines, but I felt I needed to go more deep into the source, into the origin, into 2D....

    That�s how I found about Construct, and right now I�m hopping to have great fun and learn a lot about developing with this engine and its comunity. Perhaps, with luck, I may even find some help and finish my two most serious and ambitious projects (I will be surely talking about those )

    So much talk for my first post, just wanted to say "Hello and nice to meet you"

  • Hi,

    My name is Lukas. I'm a swedish student studying game design at Gotland University. Well more like studying Game Production right now as that's what the fourth year is about. I've also worked as a professional pixel artist, though not for long (stupid economy...) and have been doing pixel art seriously for as long as I've wanted to make games. Have been drawing and playing games since childhood, starting with Super Mario Bros at the age of two.

    I've been using Clickteam products since grade-school and recently found Construct again. I'd heard about it earlier on TDC but didn't pay much mind to it. I've been sitting with Construct for a little while now and so far I'd deem it superior to my previous weapon of choice, namely MMF2, although I haven't tried anything serious yet (currently working on a 3D game in Unity so not much time left for Construct) but so far, I like what I've seen. Every feature I use in MMF is present and even some new ones that MMF2 didn't have but I wanted (or it was there but didn't work).

    Well that's me, nice to meet yah.

  • Hey everybody,

    I am Sebastian, I live in Hannover (Germany) and I found out about construct when I was googleing for an Open-Source RTS-Engine about a week ago.

    Ever since then, I have been glued to my screen, experimenting with stuff and I must say: rarely in my life have I been so hyped!

    But before we come to that, a little bit about me:

    I am currently 28 years old and I've been working as a professional software developer since 2000.

    Personally I have a long history with computers and programming - first time I wrote my name as a child was when cracking the high score of some shooter-game on the C64

    My father used to work for IBM and then started his own business, repairing computers and typewriters from home, so I pretty much grew up surrounded by all those machines. And my fathers apprentice soon tought me my first lines of basic. Ever since then I wanted to be a game programmer.

    However, starting out in the industry is not easy - with limited internet access back then and hard-to-find information about Windows Programming, I decided to take on an apprenticeship myself. I started out as a database developer with MySQL, MS-SQL and Microsoft Visual Foxpro. After that I went into developing intranet-applications with PHP and MySQL.

    With my goal of learning C++ and starting game programming nowhere near, I was let go in 2004 during one of the IT-Bubble-Bursts. Since then I've returned to school and went to university, working as web-developer and in IT-Support every now and then.

    Currently I study IT at the University of Hannover, but as I don't get younger and university becomes too expensive for me, I started getting my head into C++ several weeks ago.

    Construct is the perfect opportunity for me to learn more about game programming, realizing my own creative ideas and hopefully one day find my way into the industry.

    So, that was a lot.

    Sorry if I rambled, but for the past few days you guys have been such a big help for me, the least I can do is tell you who I am.

    Hopefully, we will see a lot of each others on the forums from now on



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