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  • Hey all,

    I'm a programming student from Western Australia. I've been using Contsruct for about 6 months now. Managed to even come 2nd in a game comp with the first game I finished. I'll post a link up soon.

  • Hello everyone, my name is Clay, I been into video games since Nintendo and loved them every since, I have been using Game Maker for a few years now but still lacks what I really what to do with game making,I don't use it anymore but I still have a few games and Example that I have posted on my site, and a Donkey kong Demo which I might not finish because of my lack of intrest that I have gained on their software, I also use FPS Creators for my online multi-player Fps games, but I was looking for a special game creator that would soot my needs and that would make it more easier to program for I am really not much with scripting but I'm still learning, anyways I have been looking all over the net, tried a few here and there, but nothing that I was looking for until My friend told me about a program called Construct and how easy it is to create games with out the hassel of scripting, he gave me the link and I tried it out, Omg....this is what I'm looking for!!, I havent created anything yet for now Im still learning the creator but give me time I'll have something sooner or later, Oh I almost forgot I also do sprites and gifs for game use and I have few I would like to offer to my new found community, some or gif format and some are png, you can go here to grab what you want and use with my permission to all.



  • Hi i am Abhilash from India, 16 and i have been playing games sice the time i ve started thinking )

    Till now i 've made 4-5 games in flash and nearly all of them suck scoring nearly 2.5/5

    You can play my games on

    My latest game game was The Duo a puzzle platformer game beta whose full version i think will be made in Construct and

    I And some last things:

    I know ActionScript 2, some C++ (about function arrays classes etc.) but i am totally alien to python which Construct uses

    I plan to start experimenting with construct in Christmas holidays after my exams( i hate them!!)


  • Oh, hi all

    I'm from Russia (Siberia) and I'm 23 y.o.

    My english grammar skills are poor (sorry!) but I have blue eyes and that's cool

    Ok. You know, my basic job is journalism. Despite that fact I always like games and were interested in game-design.

    I've been learning Pascal, Delphi, C++, but guess they are too hard for my humanitarian brain

    It was so good to find Construct. It's really nice for me. Programming in Construct = pure inspiration + easy realization!

    Now I'm trying to code some ambitious games

    Oh.. and want to say: it's nice to meet such great persons here!

    And many thanks to devs of Construct.

    And Viva Construct!

  • Greetings Earthlings.


    Name: Jean

    Place: Qu�bec, Canada

    First Language: French

    First VG: SMB on NES

    Game Making XP: None, dabbled a bit with GameMaker a few years ago

    Main Computer Platform: Mac OS X

    Related Interests: Video Game Theory, Interactive Art, Creative Act, Most Artistic Mediums, Computer as Self-Empowering Tool, Software Usability

    Where Did I First Hear About Construct: In a random forum, when looking for user-friendly game-building tools, a year ago.

    Appreciated VG Titles: Katamari Series, Weird Worlds 2, New SMB, Portal, Soul Bubbles, Some Classic Titles.

    I have little patience for certain game mechanics or conventions I consider as overused or superfluous.

    I'm a critic by nature.

    I'm not much of a talker. Trying to be more of a doer.

    See you around.

  • Grettings everyone from page 8

    Welcome to the community... glad you could make it.

    If you need anything, feel free to ask!


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  • Hello there, everyone.

    'Bout Me-

    Real Life Name: Wiebe Marten

    Gender: Male

    Country: The Netherlands

    Native Language: Dutch and German

    Interests: Gaming, Programming, Playing Marimba, Origami, Reading.

    Why the Username "RedJiggly"?? Well... I'm a Die Hard Pok�monfan. And I like the color red

    I found out about Construct on a dutch forum here on the internet wich theme is also game making.(99% RPG Maker XP ) I hope I'll enjoy it here, since I think that a few of the simple game ideas I have can easily be made with Construct when I understand it enough.



  • Ello! I am beatthelastboss, and have been using construct for about a month now. I enjoy making pixels move and being random. I hope I can become more active in this community, and make a few games while I'm at it

  • Hey folks, I'm Deeje. 22 male from USA.

    I've been using a program called Game Maker for several years but I've decided to switch to Construct as it is much more capable and seems to have a more professional community. Also because I think GM's new developers are taking it in the wrong direction.

    My design interests are mainly strategy, sim, and sandbox style games. I like games that have you start out with nothing, working your way up to reach the zenith of the game. It often involves work. I realize some people are against mixing work and play, but I think working at something makes it that much more rewarding when you achieve it.

    <img src="">

    Here's a screenshot of a current project of mine. It involves colonizing planets and strategically leveraging your economy and military strength in order to conquer a galaxy. Cliche, I know, but there will be more to it eventually.

    Once I learn Construct a little better I'd love to help out in any way I can with its development.

    Feel free to PM or whatever. Peace :]

  • Hello everyone.

    I'm a programming student/spriter who just discovered Construct and fell in love with it. As far as experience I've just finished the ghost tutorial and started to do things on my own.

    Hopefully I can get better and start making some actual progress.

    Yeah, I don't talk too much. >_>

  • Hello there,

    I've been using Construct for about four months now, playing with ideas and building engines before getting bored trying to make the graphics.

    After ten years in the workplace (several of them in the games industry) I'm taking a few months out to catch up with all the things I never got around to doing, learning to drive, reading books and most importantly building the games I've been designing in notebooks and random .txt files for the last decade.

    Gotta say though, Construct is something I've been looking for for a long time. Hell, even my inner QA/Tech writer can't find anything to complain about so I reckon I've found a winner here

  • Hello, I am a blitzmax user, previously I have made a puzzle game called "Happier than you," and now that I have come to know Construct, which I love, I set a new goal of creating a plataform game, I love to use construct and the game is getting into shape quickly. By the way, I want to make a casual plataformer, we will see if I achieve it or not.

    Edit: Just wanted to apologize for posting a link to my site in my first post, I understand your doubts and I assure you I'll keep coming back to this forums, as I said before, I allready started developing a plataformer in this awesome tool that is Construct. No hard feelings.

  • So .... my antivirus says that link is a trojan

  • Mine doesn't. And I can't find any information online that says his site is linked to trojans or other malware. It's probably just a false positive.

    But... it is rather spammy to show up and link to your site in your first post, especially when you're charging money for your game. It just doesn't look good. Most of the time when people do that, they end up making just one or two posts and then disappearing. And I did find evidence suggesting link spamming for FunEffect (the site) on other boards and blogs.

    But instead of a ban I will give FunEffect (the user) the benefit of the doubt. I've changed your link though, FunEffect. It now points to a Google search for your game. People can find it that way. Hopefully you really are here to learn Construct, but I suppose only time will tell. If it turns out that you become a regular member of the community then I'll approve of linking to your site.

    And if you really are here to learn Construct then welcome

  • Hello fellow Constructs.

    I've migrated here from using GameMaker and C++ as my main development languages.

    I'm here simply because I want to try Construct out and see what it's limits are. My expertise lies in networking and writing client/server applications for what we used to call "MMO Games" on the GameMaker Community, but due to it's inefficiency can be referred to as a gathering of around 10 players.

    I'd really like to see where a tool like Construct ends up, and I'm supporting it all the way.



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