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  • GameMaker and C++ as my main development languages

    [quote:j3bds16s]My expertise lies in networking and writing client/server applications for what we used to call "MMO Games"

    MMO plugin CONFIRMED???!??!?!

    ....just kidding, welcome =)

  • Hello all. I'm David. 26, turning 27 in March. 2009 was a pretty busy year... got married and had my first baby. 2010 is turning out fantastic now that I've found out about Construct! I've been a pretty avid gamer ever since the family Atari 2600 was handed down to me as a child. Ever since then I've owned every mainstream gaming system.

    I've always wanted to get into game design but actual coding is far too time consuming (and mind numbing) for me. The system that Construct uses is incredible. Deadeye has already shown me several things accessible straight from the GUI that I thought would require manual scripting.

    I'm hoping to become a long-term member of this community and someday offer as much help as I'm getting from the wonderful people here!

  • Hiya,

    I'm Fondis, 16, living in Australia. I've planned to get into the games industry for a few years now, and of course, pretty much everywhere says that you should just start making games. So that's exactly what I'm doing, now that I've found a program that I can use without needing to do any programming.

  • Hello, my name is Ben, and I'm 13 years old, so generally terrible at everything.

    I've always wanted to make games, but I could never find an easy way to do it, GM has a steep learning curve, and MMF is just... eww. Then one day on ModDB, I saw an engine named 'Construct', I downloaded it and gave it a whirl! I love it!

    So yeah, hi everyone.

    Also, congratulations on your baby theBeaz! (I know its kind of late but meh )

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  • Hi,

    My name is Trevor. I've been programming for about two years mostly with Java, PHP, and JavaScript. Game programming has always interested me, but I have only recently took the steps to become a game programmer. I've started learning Python and am studying hard. I'm also learning Pygame. I found out about Construct while looking at the GameMaker forum (of all places). After I learnt that Construct has an internal Python scripting engine I decided this is the right game engine for me. Currently, I'm more interested in helping people with their games than I am in learning Construct in depth and making my own game. However, I'm going to give the tutorials a good look over. If anyone has a game that might benefit from a little scripting send me pm.

  • Hi! Im just new to this community. I'm fond of games especially those sporty types. see yah around

  • Hi,

    I have developed my first commercial game with game maker ( and now I want learn Construct in order to make games with more animated graphic.

  • Welcome to all of the new and newish members! I hope you enjoy your time here.

  • Looks nice Aureus, I can't wait to see what you do with Construct.

  • Hello. I'm from Michigan, USA. I've been lurking on the forums for a few weeks. I haven't had a lot of time to play with Construct yet, but I figured it's about time to join the forums anyway.

    I've been an on-and-off hobby programmer since the Commodore 64 days. I haven't really had the time to do much programming since I gave my Amiga up in 2000 for a more modern computer. Man, I still miss it sometimes. I was a big fan of the ARexx scripting language back then. When I saw that Construct allows Python scripting, I thought it would be perfect for me.

    Anyway, I'm currently studying both Python and Construct, and generally liking both. I figure that my first learning projects will probably be some retro games that I played on the Commodore 64 and such. Hopefully I can also add some knowledge to the forums and wiki as I progress.

  • I figure that my first learning projects will probably be some retro games that I played on the Commodore 64 and such

    You're my new best friend, lol

  • Hello everyone, i'm Alex, from Switzerland. I'm 21, student and I nourish a great passion for computers and the way they work.

    My first experience with video games was when my parents bought me the Master System 2, with Sonic inside. I've played it along and along, until Sony made the revolution with the PSX. From then one, never had another console than PlayStation.

    A few months ago, I've started a project that contains a lot of different media, and i was thinking about a small game. As I clearly dislike Flash, i searched for a mean of creating a game without having a lot of knowledge in developement. And my surprise was quite high when i found Construct. Well, i'm definitely a beginner, and there will a lot to learn, but i like challenges

    My favorite games are Resident Evil, Dead Space, God Of War and Darksiders. The old 2D games that i like the most are Sonic, Pacman and Prince Of Persia

    Greetz !

  • Hello everyone!

    My name is Dallas, but online I go by Mr. Anonymous or more recently the current name up and to the left, Riggs Tooples, and I like to make games. I've been doing so for the past 11 years or so, hopping from engine to engine to see what works for me. I currently still use RPG Maker VX - and God only knows why, since I don't make RPGs (I was working on a platformer engine, with a decent amount of success). I do a of coding for systems for public release; someone might even recognize me here. Currently I'm an administrator at RMCollective. Yet, for one of my projects (if you're curious enough to click the link, be amazed at my audacity with that program ), I simply ran into too many walls with input classes and the like, so I decided it was time to throw in the towel and pull out the big guns - which is how I stumbled across Construct. I'm only two days in and already have a lot of the features ported over, thankfully.

    I've made a few games, but mostly nothing to actually write home about. I like to do stuff in the platformer and puzzle genre; more specifically I like to blend genres for interesting gameplay. I grew up with the NES and as such my favorite being the standard fare of that age: MegaMan being on top of the list, followed by the likes of Mario, Castlevania, and so on.

    Anyhow, I really appreciate how much work has been put into Construct, and I'm looking forward to its future - not that I've even began to scratch the surface of its current state. So with that said, I suspect you'll be hearing a lot more out of me - but in small bursts.


  • Hello my name is Danny believe it or not and I'm new to this whole game making thing, I've tooled with GM in the past but never really finished anything. Now that I am older(22) I feel I owe it to myself to finally complete something. Hopefully I will make some friends along the way.

    I'm more of a artist than anything else, and I feel that working to make a complete game will give me some much needed experience and move out of my comfort zone as far as art, no more half mutated hitchhikers(mostly). So for my first game I've decided to try a more anime-ish look, something I have never done before.

    Well that's about it...

    Favourite Movie: Eraserhead/Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind <Tie

    Favourite Book: Ender's Game

    Favourite Food: Steak

    Favourite Vidya Game: LoZ:OoT

  • Hi everyone,

    I was very surprised to find such an awesome gamemaking tool, which, IMHO, surpasses many commercial alternatives.

    My main passion is making music (check out my netlabel and Hardmoon on Youtube, and ). I also have a passion for playing videogames, so the next logical step is trying to build some myself;)

    Well, back to learning more about Construct!

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