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  • I am not asking for a tech support or anything. he could simply give an answer in 2 weeks. I sent several messages, it is impossible not to see any of it or too hard to give a simple answer in my opinion.

  • That's not how holidays work. You are supposed to ignore work during a holiday, even tiny bits.

    Of course it's frustrating, but sometimes just taking a deep breath and giving things a bit more time works wonders. Especially when it isn't a life or death situation.

    Though I would say a prominent "I'm on holiday and won't respond to your messages until X" kind of thing would have been a good idea.

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  • Hi guys, sorry for the long leave. I'm back now and still catching up and starting to cover everyone's concern about the collection.

    I also have some good news I would like to share for the upcoming release, I'm currently developing the Mobile OneSignal addon, which can be a freemium alternative to the Mobile Notifications addon that uses the Pushwoosh Service.

    New Addons

    1. Mobile OneSignal

    I'm also currently looking into service requests into checking some addons that supporters reported that might not be working, for verification:

    • Mobile Enhance : Doesn't give out rewards. Most likely from the Enhance SDK itself.
    • Mobile Background

    Last but not the least, I'm heavily upgrading the PlayFab Master Collection for supporting new features, most notably upgrading to the latest PlayFab SDK, adding Tag features and fallback support and also bug fixes.

    The milestone is always changing, so please check the complete milestone here:

    Have a nice day and happy game development!

  • Hi, . I was on leave, but I'm back now.

    I purchased Construct Master Collection 1 month ago. The most important aspect of my purchase was that I thought mediation plugins are working. When Chadori told me it was more affordable to buy the whole package than just to buy the master ads package, I bought the whole package. But regretfully realized that facebook or unity mediation (not test the others) plugins does not work for IOS export, i didn't test for android. Moreover, I need to use Cordova build or Phonegap to make use of these plugins because master ads plugin not supported by c3 build service.

    I can assure you that both Facebook and Unity ad mediation are working, you can email and I'll take a look why it's not working out for you.

    Regarding your package choice. I looked up your conversation, you said you needed the Mobile Facebook, Mobile Master Collection and the Firebase Master Collection, which I recommended instead the PlayFab Master Collection due to better support, features and mobile support.

    Hence, the decision to just buy the entire collection, rather than getting 4 individual collections. That would cost 4x the bundle price.

    It is in our best intention to find the best package for your needs.

    Other issue is the firebase plugins in the package that have been converted from rex's c2 plugins. So if you want to use firebase analytics in mobile, these plugins do not work. I only need mediation and firebase plugins for my project and see that none of them are working at all so that i wanted refund from Chadori 2 weeks ago. I sent several messages to him but he is not responding to my messages anymore as soon as i wanted refund.

    Yes, it's already indicated in the website, forum (this forum topic) and Discord, that this is Rex's original Firebase plugins. We've replaced it with the PlayFab Master Collection, having all the features of the Firebase Master Collection, including Analytics and much more!

    I am sharing my experience with these plugins so that nobody is mislead by the things he wrote about these plugins. I lost a good deal of my time to make these plugins to work. I am still waiting for an answer about refund but probably not going to get one.

    I can assure you, it's none of our intention to mislead everyone, we're always honest with every information, that's why all posts are always longer than necessary, to cover as much info as possible. 🙂

    Support can always help you if you're having issues, but if you feel you want a refund, it's always available without having to contact support. 😉

    Did you know you can issue a refund from the PayPal Console without having to contact support. That is your Buyer Protection, same with and Scirra Store.

    This will then, automatically revoke your account and money will be sent back to you or to where it came from.

    I hope I was of help.

  • Great news! I personally like Onesignal MUCH more than Pushwoosh so this is awesome news for me! Thank you for this Christmas gift Chadori. :)

    Have a nice holiday!

  • Announcement : Mobile OneSignal

    The Mobile OneSignal addon has been fully developed. Testing, documentation and sample projects are already done. Although, to make sure, before getting released on production, we're implementing some beta tests, just in case of any missed issues.

    To interested folks, please go to the Discord Community, go to the #beta-release channel, read and follow the instructions, thank you!

    Have a nice day and happy game development!

  • Announcement :: Release 9.0 - Major Upgrade Release!

    Happy new year everyone! There's a new major upgrade release for the Construct Master Collection. I recommend everyone to update to the latest version, a lot of improvements have been done, both documented and non-documented. A lot of additions, bug fixes, patches and refactoring have also been done.

    Special Mentions

    PlayFab Master Collection:

    1. Leaderboards :
    2. Leaderboards [Legacy] :
    3. PlayFab API :
    4. Publisher :
    5. User Data :
    6. Title Manager :
    7. Virtual Currencies :
    8. Real Currencies :

    Game Master Collection:

    1. Engine :

    Mobile Master Collection:

    1. Mobile OneSignal : [New addon]


    PlayFab Master Collection:

    1. Account Info :
    2. Friend Manager :
    3. CDN :
    4. Player Manager :

    Mobile Master Collection:

    1. Mobile Notifications : [Documentation only]


    1. Improvement of documentation.
    2. Start of gradual migration from Google Drive to Website host for project documentation storage.

    Have a nice day and happy game development!

  • Short Announcement

    Upcoming addons

    1. Mobile Network

    The Construct 3 editor has a built-in Browser : Is Online object that checks if you are connected to the internet, although due to this very old bug, browsers are inconsistent into checking this, depending on the conditions. This is not a Construct 3 fault, but a multi-browser issue.

    There are workarounds, but using a native mobile plugin, which is worked on to be accurate and efficient, makes it easier to manage and trust. This is the purpose of the new upcoming Mobile Network addon.

  • Short Announcement

    The Mobile Network addon has been completed. Click here for the documentation.

    The addon is completed, but still not available on your account's download sites. If you want to get it now, you can get it from the Discord Community, under the beta-release channel.

    That's it for now, have a nice day and happy game development!

  • Release 9.1 - Feature Patch Release

    The Construct Master Collection has been updated.

    New Addons

    1. Mobile Network : Mobile Master Collection

    Improvements and Bug fixes

    1. PlayFab Master Collection
    2. Mobile Master Collection
    3. Game Master Collection

    Have a nice journey in game development!

  • Short Announcement : Build Service Support!

    Hello everyone, most addons in the Mobile Master Collection now supports the Construct 3 Build Service, thanks to the hard work of the Construct Team. I will update the documentation accordingly.

    That's all for now.

  • Any pdf reader and editor?

  • Any pdf reader and editor?

    Hi, I assume these are for office program implementations? I'm afraid we don't have such features.

  • Would you be able to make an addon that allows construct 3 to receive share data from chrome?

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