Construct Master Collection :: Enterprise Level Addon Collection

  • Construct Master Collection :

    The Construct Master Collection is an enterprise level dedicated addon package mainly created to extend the features of Construct 3 with features you can't get with just the built-in Construct 3 addons.

    The collection contains the sub-collections which categorizes the plugins.

    These are :

    1. PlayFab Master Collection
    2. Mobile Master Collection
    3. Game Master Collection
    4. Firebase Master Collection [Bonus]
    5. Web Master Collection [2019]

    PlayFab Master Collection :

    The plugin collection that enables cloud to local and local to cloud features. The addons achieve these features through accounts either hosted by the game server or playfab server, social accounts, device or cryptographic identifications.

    The features include user data, game data, company data which is shared across all games, news feature, leaderboards, group data, bind account feature, authentication, recovery, gdpr compliance, guild features, character features, banning features, account management, player management, data management, friends list and manager, virtual currencies, real currencies, iap and validation, cdn, cloud script analytics and etc.

    1. Account Info
    2. Account Manager
    3. Analytics
    4. API Module
    5. CDN
    6. Cloud Script
    7. Friend Manager
    8. Leaderboards
    9. Player Manager
    10. Publisher
    11. Title Manager
    12. User Data
    13. Virtual Currencies
    14. Real Currencies
    15. Authentication
    16. Sync Manager
    17. Photon Realtime
    18. Photon Chat

    Mobile Master Collection :

    The plugin collection that enables native mobile features mainly for Android and IOS but some plugins may support more platforms.

    The collection is constantly ever innovating and is also well supported.

    These include Enterprise level addons for all ranges of mobile game development, even for general applications. Features include, social authentications, analytics, facebook integration, google integration, friends integration, monetization, device information, power management, performance management, mobile dialog, mobile toast, mobile browser, mobile review, mobile rating, local notifications, push notifications and etc.

    1. Mobile Master IAP [Subscriptions & Server Validation]
    2. Mobile Browser
    3. Mobile Facebook
    4. Mobile Google
    5. Mobile Info
    6. Mobile Review
    7. Mobile Sleep
    8. Mobile Toast
    9. Mobile Dialog
    10. Mobile Badge
    11. Mobile Notifications [Local Notifications]
    12. Mobile Notifications [Push Notifications]​
    13. Mobile Notifications [​Rich Media Notifications]
    14. Mobile Notifications [​Native Messaging]
    15. Mobile Notifications [​Dedicated Mobile Badge]
    16. Mobile Build Master
    17. Mobile Multidex
    18. Mobile Master Ads
    19. Mobile Facebook Ads
    20. Mobile Unity Ads
    21. Mobile Facebook x Unity Ads
    22. Mobile InMobi Ads
    23. Mobile MobFox Ads
    24. Mobile Background
    25. Mobile Vungle Ads
    26. Mobile Chartboost Ads
    27. Mobile AppLovin Ads
    28. Mobile Notch
    29. Mobile Enhance
    30. Mobile Apple SignIn

    Game Master Collection :

    The plugin collection that extends Construct 2 and Construct 3's features into achieving additional essential features.

    1. Bounded Drag and Drop
    2. Self Function
    3. AI Behavior
    4. Process
    5. Clock
    6. GFX
    7. AI
    8. Global
    9. Set
    10. Engine
    11. Tick

    Firebase Master Collection :

    The plugin collection that upgraded the Firebase plugins originally created by RexRainbow into Construct 3.

    1. Firebase API I (Backwards Compatibility)
    2. Firebase API 3
    3. Authentication
    4. Counter
    5. GeoFire
    6. Item Book
    7. Item Monitor
    8. Item Table
    9. Leaderboards
    10. Query
    11. Rooms
    12. Save Data
    13. Simple Message
    14. Single Login
    15. Token
    16. UserID To ID
    17. Firebase Main

    Web Master Collection :

    The plugin collection that extends Construct 2 and Construct 3's features into achieving extended web features.

    1. Web Facebook

    The Construct Master Collection website!


    Hi. I am called by different alias but you can call me ChadoriXD「茶どり」.

    I am a Game Developer that uses Construct 2 and Construct 3 as a main game engine. I specialize in mobile game development but i have some knowledge in other fields of development as well.

    One of the things I learned while developing games is that game development is really hard without tools to help in the development, it always delays the development especially when you are just looking for scrap plugins, which you aren't even sure if they are still working now or in the future or if they are well or efficiently made.

    Especially for aspiring company startups or those who make deals with their publishers but can't get a feature that their publisher demands.

    This will result in a hiatus of development, and believe it or not, this is very common.

    In the Game Development world, there will always be companies, studios, team developers or even solo developers who have their own private tools. Mainly this is because of those tools being customized and not made for the public. But some also hide these for competitive reasons.

    I admit, I also have a few customized ones that i never released, but only because they are customized for my own use and are not documented for the general public. Although, having those tools gives them access to features that you couldn't achieve from just the built-in addons.

    The point is that, the easiest way to make games on Construct 2 and Construct 3 is to have the knowledge and time to make addons. Which i know most of the people on the Construct Community has no time to do, we all know you care about business more and don't want to worry about the small things. I completely understand this, i think so too.

    So, I am here to solve some of that problem.

    I plan to release all the addons that i ever make at the time of this writing that i think will benefit the Construct Community.

    I will take into my time of development to make it as generalized and documented as possible to be available for my supporters.

    Store Link

    Link ::

    Support and Community Link

    Link ::

    Website ::

    Additional Notes

    Happy Game Development!

  • For those who might be wondering what is the PlayFab Master Collection. It is a Plugin Collection similar to the Firebase Master Collection. Only that the PlayFab Master Collection is a far more suited cloud back-end feature for games compared to the Firebase Master Collection.

    You can achieve all the features of Firebase + more + easily with PlayFab Master Collection. Because PlayFab is designed for games, Firebase is just a general cloud back-end.

    I've created the PlayFab Master Collection after I've created the Firebase Master Collection because I've noticed that the Firebase Master Collection is too limited and complicated to use, because of its generalized state.

    PlayFab, however, is meant for games. Hence, very compatible for game development and have lots and lots of more features for games. Like the features listed below.

    Features Unique to PlayFab

    1. Complete for Game Development
    2. Easy to use
    3. Easy Setup. You just need a title id.
    4. Friends List
    5. GDPR Compliant
    6. Easy to use
    7. Facebook and Google Integration + Integrated
    8. Photon Integrated
    9. Photon Chat Integrated
    10. Bind Account To Facebook
    11. Bind Account To Google
    12. Bind Account To Custom ID
    13. Bind Account To Android Device
    14. Bind To iOS
    15. Login To Social Auths
    16. Login To Android
    17. Login To IOS
    18. Login To Custom ID
    19. Game News
    20. Push Notifications
    21. Guilds
    22. Groups
    23. Super Flexible Data Management
    24. Virtual Currencies
    25. Real Currencies
    26. Online Store
    27. IAP Validation on Server
    28. Company-Level Data Management
    29. Game-Level Data Management
    30. User-Level Data Management
    31. UserxCompany-Level Data Management
    32. Other User's Data Management
    33. Read-Only User Data
    34. Read-Only UserxCompany Data
    35. Read-Only Game-Level Data
    36. Read-Only Other User's Data
    37. Friend Data Management
    38. Group Data
    39. Studio Data
    40. Easy to use
    41. Cloud Scripts
    42. Dynamic Content Delivery Network or Convenient Cloud Save
    43. Player Manager
    44. Ban Player System
    45. Recovery System
    46. Email System for Recovery Email and etc
    47. Design Email Templates
    48. Trading
    49. Analytics
    50. Per Account Money Value - Analytics
    51. Easy Account Management
    52. Instant Games Support
    53. Steam Support
    54. Mobile Support
    55. XBox Support
    56. Easy Leaderboards.
    57. Dynamic Leaderboards.
    58. Full Leaderboards.
    59. Friend Leaderboards.
    60. Admin System
    61. Server System
    62. Game Master System
    63. Dedicated Company Authentication
    64. Amazing PlayFab Online Console
    65. Lots more.
  • This looks fantastic - I'd love to see some of the plugins (especially mobile) in more detail; do you have any videos or ACE tables?

  • Elliott

    This looks fantastic - I'd love to see some of the plugins (especially mobile) in more detail; do you have any videos or ACE tables?

    I think it's impossible for me to make demos and screenshots like that, for now. The ACE lists are huge and the plugin count is a bit overwhelming with 50+ of them including the 6+ unreleased ones. :)

    I'm focusing on making the Push Notifications, Local Notifications and support, right now. So, i don't think i have the time.

    I want to focus on creating the plugins I have in my to-do list, for now. I hope you understand.

  • What happens if you decide to quit supporting these plugins?

  • mumu64

    What happens if you decide to quit supporting these plugins?

    I already made that topic on the channel #introduction under Chapter 2 : Security and Support on my Discord Server : .

    But basically, the only way that happens, if.

    1. Piracy, is breaking trust. Thus, breaking support. As it progresses, the slower the upgrades.

    Otherwise, that's really uncertain. Like how uncertain Construct 3 will close.

    And I don't know what happens then, I would announce it beforehand, like a year before, if I can. That would be the responsible approach, in my opinion. But what happens after that, I don't know.

    But I can assure you, that I still have plans for 2019 and the Web Master Collection is to be released at that year. And also I plan to create more games on that year too. So, you get the idea.

    As long as I'm using Construct 3 and Construct 2, I'll keep supporting and innovating my plugin collection because, I use them too.

    I hope that answers your question.


  • Thanks for answering chadorireborn

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  • New Announcements and To-Do List Updated!

    The stable release is due for release with full support for the Construct 2 Runtime and Construct 3 Runtime.

    For more information ::

    Community Link:

    Store Link:

  • Vote for the new push notification plugin!

    The voting for picking a push notification service is on-going. Vote now to get the kind of push notification you want for your mobile games!

    Vote Here ::

    Community Link:

  • hi , can you sell Mobile Master Collection alone ?

  • hi , can you sell Mobile Master Collection alone ?


    No, unfortunately. Sorry, but that's the only way I can sell cheaply, $1.50 only per plugin instead of $20.00 to $30.00 for each plugin, while being able to continue support and adding, replacing or innovating plugins.


  • Notifications Plugin sneak peak!

    Available to Construct Master Collection supporters!

    Get the collection now! Before it's too late. Happy Game Development!

    Store Link ::

    Community Link ::

  • Mobile Notifications Release!

    The Mobile Notifications will be released with the Stable Release of the Construct Master Collection.

    Rich Media Features!

    The plugin has lots of features for your mobile games which is included in the Mobile Master Collection under the Construct Master Collection. Don't miss out and support now with free upgrades and support! Get your copy now before the prices increase!

    GDPR Support with cool permissions and user data control.

    The Mobile Notifications plugin also include GDPR support. This makes it easy for the developers to let their users control their data and to also request notification permissions.

    Lots of convenient features included in the Mobile Notifications plugin!

    Aside from the plugin's main Push and Local Notification features. It also has other convenient features that is on par with the main features. With the main features, these include:

    1. Push Notifications
    2. Local Notifications
    3. Rich Media Notifications
    4. Beacons
    5. Data Statistics
    6. Mobile Review or Rating
    7. Mobile Badge
    8. Events
    9. Scheduling
    10. Etc.

    Don't miss out on the features. Buy the plugin collection with free upgrades and support before the price gets higher!

    Stable Release Coming Soon!

    Get the Mobile Notifications plugin with the Stable Release.

    Buy the plugin collection with free upgrades and support before the price gets higher!

    Store Link:

    Community Link:

    Have a nice day!


  • notifications works just with pushwoosh or with any notifications service like (one signal )?

  • notifications works just with pushwoosh or with any notifications service like (one signal )?

    If you read back on this topic, you can see that there was a Voting for a new Push Notification plugin.

    PushWoosh won the voting by a long shot. Because of its security, GDPR support, protection for users and a lot of awesome features. While One Push Signal lost the voting because of its collection of private data which is bad for the users. And the developers will have to state it in their GDPR Privacy Policy and it will be more difficult to let users delete their data, unlike in Push Woosh.

    This Mobile Notifications only supports PushWoosh Service and Local Notifications. No, it is a bad practice to include 2 Push Notification Service in a single plugin, it will be a leftover code if one service is unused.

    I hope that answers your question.


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