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  • ekvador

    thanks,i just start to study firebase and looks very easy, i not advanced user and i will need for several years only databases for simple leadboard - and without auth this option you allready have for firebase and some bug or updates you will solve in future ?

    In nature, PlayFab is supposedly easier to use, but if you find Firebase easy to use and prefer it, then it's fine.

    Not sure if I understood you correctly, but if you are asking about the authentication methods, PlayFab has all of Firebase's auth methods, and more, mostly covered all leading platforms.

    The last sentence, if you are asking if I'm still supporting the maintenance of Firebase Master Collection, then the answer would be, yes.

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  • Announcement

    Hi everyone, I currently plan to integrate the entire Photon SDK into c3runtime. This is to ease the usage of Photon using Construct 3, also I plan to fully integrate it with Construct 3, meaning that it'll have similar features with the built-in multiplayer plugin, like object syncing features.

    This is a breaking change, so I'll have to move on from the Photon Collection to the Photon Master Collection, in other words, projects with the old Photon Collection will not work with the new addon. This will also be fully c3runtime-exclusive. I think anyone interested should be aware of that.

    I have my way of doing things, but I also accept suggestions, if you have one, please visit the tracker, and make a feature request issue.

    If you need more clarifications, you can ask me at the Discord Server

    Also, I'm currently working on the AI addon for the 7.1, although if I do finish the Photon Master Collection in time, I think I'll just push this to 8.0 instead. More information here:

    There is also the Tick addon, which helps to improve performance to replace every tick with your own custom tick interval, more information here:

    And finally, the System+ addon, that extends the System features of the C3Engine.

    Alright, that's it for now, have a nice day.

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