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  • ekvador

    thanks,i just start to study firebase and looks very easy, i not advanced user and i will need for several years only databases for simple leadboard - and without auth this option you allready have for firebase and some bug or updates you will solve in future ?

    In nature, PlayFab is supposedly easier to use, but if you find Firebase easy to use and prefer it, then it's fine.

    Not sure if I understood you correctly, but if you are asking about the authentication methods, PlayFab has all of Firebase's auth methods, and more, mostly covered all leading platforms.

    The last sentence, if you are asking if I'm still supporting the maintenance of Firebase Master Collection, then the answer would be, yes.

  • Announcement

    Hi everyone, I currently plan to integrate the entire Photon SDK into c3runtime. This is to ease the usage of Photon using Construct 3, also I plan to fully integrate it with Construct 3, meaning that it'll have similar features with the built-in multiplayer plugin, like object syncing features.

    This is a breaking change, so I'll have to move on from the Photon Collection to the Photon Master Collection, in other words, projects with the old Photon Collection will not work with the new addon. This will also be fully c3runtime-exclusive. I think anyone interested should be aware of that.

    I have my way of doing things, but I also accept suggestions, if you have one, please visit the tracker, and make a feature request issue.

    If you need more clarifications, you can ask me at the Discord Server

    Also, I'm currently working on the AI addon for the 7.1, although if I do finish the Photon Master Collection in time, I think I'll just push this to 8.0 instead. More information here:

    There is also the Tick addon, which helps to improve performance to replace every tick with your own custom tick interval, more information here:

    And finally, the System+ addon, that extends the System features of the C3Engine.

    Alright, that's it for now, have a nice day.

  • Hello,

    Firebase plugin can connect with Google Analytics for Firebase or not?

    I want to use Firebase predictions and Firebase Remote Config.

    Sorry,My English is not so good. I hope you understand my question.

  • topnarapat No, I've moved on from Firebase for a while now. I'm focusing on the PlayFab Master Collection now, so we don't have that feature, at least not yet.

    Mobile Enhance seems to support it though. Services list.

  • Release 8.0

    The Construct Master Collection has released its 8th Major Stable Upgrade. It should be the last stable release for the year 2019.

    It comes with new engine feature addons, under the Game Master Collection:

    1. AI : The AI is an addon that implements artificial intelligence for object instances.
    2. Engine : The Engine addon extends the game engine with enhancement features.
    3. Tick : The Tick addon allows the game engine to run an event in an interval greater than a tick, efficiently. Effectively slowing down computation and reducing redundant calculations, hence significantly improving game performance. ​


    There are lots of other bug fixes, enhancements and improvements done. Visit the links to see the complete release note.

    Release Note


    There is also an announcement coming up for the new pricing and new package listing, stay tuned!

    Have a nice day and happy game development!

  • The Construct Master Collection and its sub-collections will be available on the Scirra Store too, with the new pricing. Stay tuned!

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  • Hello , can i buy only the facebook plugin?

  • savvito123

    Hello , can i buy only the facebook plugin?

    Hi. I'm afraid it's impossible time-wise to make a release per plugin. Although, the addons in bulk are already discounted, compared to being sold separately.

    You can check out , to find out which bundle is most preferable for your needs.

  • Hey,

    I've already bought the master collection.

    Is it possible to get another collection for advertising?

    I would need the chartboost SDK for Construct 3, because if you want to buy ads there you need to integrate it for tracking.

    Also it would be nice to get a step by step tutorial how to fully integrate Google IAP with serverside verification (PHP).

    I would also pay extra for these 2 features, just let me know how much this would cost.

    Best regards!

  • CGamez

    Is it possible to get another collection for advertising?

    I would need the chartboost SDK for Construct 3, because if you want to buy ads there you need to integrate it for tracking.

    I have a system template for the IronSource SDK. I preferred it instead of the Chartboost SDK since IronSource has the Chartboost SDK already included, the complete list:

    1. AdColony
    2. Admob
    3. Facebook
    4. AppLovin
    5. Chartboost
    6. HyprMX
    7. InMobi
    8. MediaBrix
    9. Millennial Media
    10. MoPub
    11. TapJoy
    12. Unity
    13. Vungle

    And most especially for IronSource's Offerwall.

    Although, it's hardcoded for my projects. I didn't release it with the collection since it can only be built using the Cordova CLI x Android Studio, it would be nearly impossible to support.

    If you want a plugin for this, you can get a premium order, you can PM me there for the quote.


    Also it would be nice to get a step by step tutorial how to fully integrate Google IAP with serverside verification (PHP).

    I would also pay extra for these 2 features, just let me know how much this would cost.

    The Mobile Master IAP already supports on providing the server credentials, with documentation.

    I don't do PHP since I use the PlayFab Master Collection with the PlayFab service to do it for me, since it's a complete network backend system.

    I do have a documentation for integrating the Mobile Master IAP with the PlayFab server, for IAP validation with both Android and iOS. I already have an addon for it, Real Currencies.

    So, no need to pay for that. I hope I was of help.

  • Short Announcement

    1. There will be a breaking change to the Leaderboards addon, unification of expressions.
    2. There are also other PlayFab features being implemented to ease and simplify the usage of the PlayFab addons.
    3. The next release will be focused on improving the PlayFab addons. Progress can be seen on the #next-release channel in the Discord Server.

    That's all for now.

  • I purchased Construct Master Collection 1 month ago. The most important aspect of my purchase was that I thought mediation plugins are working. When Chadori told me it was more affordable to buy the whole package than just to buy the master ads package, I bought the whole package. But regretfully realized that facebook or unity mediation (not test the others) plugins does not work for IOS export, i didn't test for android. Moreover, I need to use Cordova build or Phonegap to make use of these plugins because master ads plugin not supported by c3 build service.

    Other issue is the firebase plugins in the package that have been converted from rex's c2 plugins. So if you want to use firebase analytics in mobile, these plugins do not work. I only need mediation and firebase plugins for my project and see that none of them are working at all so that i wanted refund from Chadori 2 weeks ago. I sent several messages to him but he is not responding to my messages anymore as soon as i wanted refund.

    I am sharing my experience with these plugins so that nobody is mislead by the things he wrote about these plugins. I lost a good deal of my time to make these plugins to work. I am still waiting for an answer about refund but probably not going to get one.

  • Chadori is on a holiday, which you would know if you would follow the master collection community.

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