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  • The plug-in is not available for unity?

    It's only available for construct?

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  • It's not available for unity?

  • The plug-in is not available for unity?

    It's only available for construct?

    Its the "Construct Master Collection"

    As far as I'm aware, ALL Construct plugins are for Construct, none of them are for Unity,

  • In case of confusion, I should add that it DOES support Unity Ads.

  • Construct master collection is how much? It supports html5 as well?

  • Construct master collection is how much? It supports html5 as well?

    I posted the pricing link about 5 posts ago, ALL the details are available on the web site. Including cost)

    As for HTML5, depends on your question, a lot of the Mobile Addons are for, well, Mobile. Not PC. Check the documentation or ask chadorireborn if you have detailed questions.

  • It has audience network plug-in?

  • It has audience network plug-in?

    Did you see it in the documentation?

  • From the documentation link above, it does specify this in the 'Mobile Browser' plugin which is part of the collection.

    As I understand, LaurenceBedford wants to exit the application to Android home screen.

    I think there is a different plugin for that - "Mobile Background". It has an action "Go Background" - "If on Android, call to move the application to the background."

  • Hi everyone, sorry for the late response. I am currently working on a major update and all my focus is currently towards finishing it as soon as I can.

    If you need support, please contact or the Discord Community.

    Although, responses might be delayed for a while. Everything will be back to usual after the update. Thank you for understanding.

  • click the back button and the user can go the home screen on their android device how do I do this?

    The Mobile Background could do it. But it seems going overboard for just going to the homescreen.

    That is an intriguing feature. I would have to lookup the documentation for Google Android and Apple iOS, if they allow hijacking the control buttons. 🤔

    In the meantime, I cannot assure we have such feature, I'm afraid.

    You can contact and provide the complete details of the feature. Like, is it only to minimize the application or to exit the application, and such.

    Then, we will look it up. But, unfortunately, I cannot assure it will be implemented.

  • Release 10.0 - Major Stable Upgrade

    The Construct Master Collection's Major Release 10.0.

    I am happy to announce a new major release, made from months of work since the last update.

    We have fixed lots of bugs, added a lot of new features and improved the existing addons for reliability, performance and ease of use.

    The collection had a lot of bug fixes, improvements and new features. You can lookup the changes from the release note.

    I certainly recommend to install these updates. There are lots of bugs fixes, changes, improvements and upgrades applied.

    It is of our best concern that your projects be in their optimal conditions.

  • PlayFab Announcement

    Hi everyone, I would like to announce that the PlayFab service now has a change of their pricing plans.

    1. The Free Plan now allows up to 10 titles with 10,000 players per title (development).
    2. The Premium Plan of $99/month now allows unlimited titles and players.

    This is a great step made by PlayFab, to offer inexpensive but high quality cloud service.

  • Emergency Addon Patch!

    To those who are using the Clock 2.0, please download the patch from the Discord Community. I have made 2 important patches in this version that will prevent your players from getting the daily reward and cheat guard issues.

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