3DObject plugin (Alpha) 3D models in C3

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  • I am developing a 3DObject plugin to complement the great new 3DShape recently released into C3 stable. 3DObject can import 3D models in the obj/mtl/png format. I intend for the final version to be simple and well integrated into C3 (for instance, behaviors like 8 dir, drag and drop work, for controlling X,Y location of the 3DObject work now.) Low poly models work better in terms of performance.

    The current version is in Alpha and still has lots of rough edges (e.g. the 3DObject shows up in the editor as placeholder sprite, only at runtime is the 3D model rendered.)

    If you know a bit about 3D models and can work with Alpha (early release) SW, please try it out and give feedback or show what you have done with it. The itch page describes some of the process and limitations, it also describes possible features to add in the future. Below are some examples (example project included.) 3D Animations are not supported, but may come later after release of a stable version w/o animations.

    Try it here: kindeyegames.itch.io/c3-3dobject-alpha

    X,Y,Z rotations, integrate w/ other C3 objects (e.g. rotating sprite)

    Using 8 dir on sprite to control 3DObject

    Compatible w/ obj/mtl/png files generated by KenShape

  • Another example 3DObject moving using scene graph as child to a parent sprite tweening Z elevation and orbit behavior.

  • Nice idea! I always keep my eyes open for new plugins from you sir!

  • Good start.

  • Thank you for the great work

    i hope you will continue the development

    and i definitely will buy the final version

    My suggestions

    -to add fog(for far objects)

    -adding of any kind of animations is very needed for sure

    -some shadows if possible, but not mandatory as long as it will kill fps

    and please give us instructions on how to choose/prepare obj to export into C3

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  • I am glad that people appeared who decided to do this. I also agree with 1mrpaul1 you need at least a minimal manual for the plugin.

  • Thanks for all the replies and encouragement, when I move to a stable release, I will add more details on usage and models. (I am learning some myself as I look at all the different variations of obj/mtl/png formats that I see available.)

    Right now it's still more of an Alpha test targeted to people already a little familiar with 3D and 3D models and their formats, to see if it is worthwhile to continue work with.

    Also for better user interface, I have requested for the ability to render the 3DObject in the editor also. The thread is here if you care to support it: construct.net/en/forum/construct-3/plugin-sdk-10/request-add-access-quad3d2-161210

  • I don't know much about 3d--does Blender support the formats for 3d you are working on?

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