Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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  • hi; new to game making and animation, sorry if this sounds like a dumb question.. I did post it in a different thread and was told to come here..

    been playing around in spriter.(free version) Can you tell me if it is possible to save the animation strip in spriter and import the whole of the finished animation to C2. Up to now I have managed to save it but it saves each frame separately in the program I originally took the drawing from ie paint.. and then I have to put each frame back in C2 separately..

  • Hi mineet.

    Since C2 has direct Scml support, you can playback the animations in c2 the way they play in Spriter instead of frame by frame. Make sure you're using the the new beta version of Spriter, and just drop the scml file(your animation save file) into c2, and it will automatically import everything

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  • mineet Also make sure you have the latest version of the SPriter plugin for C2.... You need it in addition to Spriter for this to work in C2. Don't have spriter export as PNG, instead just save the SCML file as lucid mentioned above.

  • lucid


    thank you both for the quick reply, I will check to see what version I have..

    I will probably be back with more questions .

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  • ummmm.... how soon is soon for the Object properties box. The alpha was a require option for my main menu :P

  • I plan on using spriter a lot on my next game. I still have yet to really dig into the program just yet. Is it still in beta? I paid for the license some months back but I'm just wondering if everything is working well in C2 yet

  • NotionGames It is still in Beta though there are pretty much daily builds released on their site, and a new drop of the Beta Build is due this week as well. There have also been updates to the Spriter C2 plugin as well. Currently the new beta has some features missing that were in the alpha due to some rewrite of the underlying engine but they are working on adding those back in the builds they have been doing. Currently the new builds support bones and also export to a series of PNG files properly so you can import them as sprite frames if needed.

  • *bump* So, is this still being worked on? It's better than it was, but still isn't really usable, so far I've encountered a couple of major bugs.

    Moving between layouts still seems to cause issues with initialization. I have several layouts and create an instance of the spriter object at the start of each layout. It works fine in the initial layout and at the start of the second entered layout, but after that the initialization stops functioning. The On Initialized event does not fire and the sprites do not become associated with the spriter object, meaning that they just float in a pile at the start of the level. Associating sprites with object types manually does not seem to work either.

    I'm also getting bugs with animation switching where certain parts of an animation won't be properly "cleaned up." For example, when switching from my jumping to my falling animation, a hand will be left floating in the air for a while. I think this is related to swapping out of parts (the 'hand' object within my sprite has several image states that it moves between) but the behavior that's in right now definitely seems buggy.

    Has anyone found workarounds to these issues? Are they known? Are there fixes coming?

  • squidget,

    Please send me the scml if possible with the problems with animations not being cleaned up, or better yet, a cap file.   Also if possible a cap file for the problem with moving between layouts.

    Squidget and NotionGames

    I'll clarify the current situation, because I believe my lack of focus in promoting it recently has given people the wrong idea. There is one missing important feature that will be added at some point by Ashley, this is having a way to reimport an animation into a cap after already creating events with it, and changing the project afterward in Spriter.

    Aside from that missing feature, and many features that aren't in the Spriter editor yet, the goal is for this plugin to be in totally useable form and ready to use in games as quickly as possible, so please report even small bugs, but especially larger ones. I will make time to fix them as soon as possible. Also report any major useability issues, so I can prioritize those into my schedule as well. My current focus is getting Spriter to 1.0(and adding those pro features to the plugin), but I will have more time to test soon after. In the meantime, the Scirra community is the testing team. I actually thought we were up to date on having fixed all reported bugs, so if you reported this already I may missed your post.

    In short, the animation features should be complete. If it's not behaving like a finished product, please report the bug, or post the suggestion.

  • Entity changing would be awesome. All that ability to swap weapons and head types would be awesome :)

  • lucid I have been having issues when bringing in my sprites. The issue is in sizing them, I want to size them proportionate to the rest of the objects in the layout, but I have to guess and the set the scaling. What is the best way to resize once they are imported? I can't make heads or tails of the pile of sprite parts that get shown in the layout editor in order to use them for some type of resizing or anything else. What is the best way to work with them visually in the layout? Or even using properties in Construct 2 to set the height and width (and keep proportions) in Construct 2?

    I am also having issues trying to get my spriter imported sprite to function with the platform behavior. I don't know which object to assign it to, the family, the container the object...

    The last piece is that the object seems to float above the ground for me once imported which tells me that the image point being used for the overall sprite needs to be moved, however, I can't figure out how to work with it to get it aligned correctly as the pile of parts that appear in Construct 2 doesn't lend itself well to sizing, adjusting image points (No idea where to even start on that one).

    Sorry to flood you, I have been reporting Spriter bugs to you on the Spriter site, but have been waiting to report the ones I see when bringing the imported SCML into my construct projects. I figured this is the place to do it.

    Thanks again for all your hard work!

  • Sent you a .capx showing the problems I've been having.

    Also, less a bug report more of a question and/or feature request. Is there a way to get the name of the currently playing animation for the spriter object? When changing my existing sprite-based logic to use Spriter, I noticed that there doesn't seem to be one. That would be a pretty important addition when writing event logic around spriter objects.

  • Thanks for the bug reports and suggestions. I'll take a look at everything.

  • Found some more weird behavior today. It seems that if you play an animation to completion, the spriter object can't be repositioned after the animation has ended.

    A simple way to show this is to make a spriter object with a non-looping animation (like a jumping animation) and use an always event to set its position to a platforming hitbox. When the jumping animation reaches its last frame, the sprite will freeze in midair instead of following the hitbox as it should, until it starts playing another animation at which point it will snap back into place.

    Thanks for your continued work on this!

  • Squidget I found the same issue, I created a jump animation, and the animation is short as the character should just hold the finishing pose/frame until the jump ends. Instead what happens is that the character freezes in mid-air on the last frame of the animation and the hitbox keeps moving. Once the box hits the ground and the next animation is called, the sprites snap back to it. lucid is this an issue with the plugin?

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