Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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  • The ball is in ludei's court for CocoonJS to work with Spriter, they need to add XML parsing I believe. I posted in the forum there to remind them it is needed. That's the only thing holding us back from using Spriter, it looks great.

  • XML Parser

    While I do indeed am fine with much of HTML5/JS technology. I find the wait for official mentality a little frustrating :( Not that I'm not doing it myself by using tools :D

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  • I'm starting to mess with the Spriter plugin/application, and tbh it's a great tool, keep up the good work Lucid !

  • Lucid - Just got the announcement that a new version of Spriter is available (Edition b2). Will the current C2 plugin work with that? Also - It would be awesome if the next release of the plugin could display the first frame of the default animation (instead of the current ball of sprites.) This would prevent the Spriter objects from popping into place from the ball of sprites on layout load. I have been initializing Spriter objects off screen and bringing them in as a work around, but it would be awesome if they load in their first frame positions. PS - Spriter will be awesome. I just showed some work in progress to a fellow developer and her was like "WOW That animation is so smooth! How many frames is that?" and I just grinned and told him about Spriter.

  • Thanks Alisa (and Kyatric, though we already spoke in chat),

    Yes, all future versions will work with the plugin. I'm going to work a way to fix the ball of sprites problem for the next public build, and forward the extra info to Ashley to implement it into the editor. I think I figured out a good way to do it without compromising the file format.

    Also, very excited about the upcoming feature set. The rest of the features are the real game changers. Particularly the top secret 1.x featureset. Getting ahead of myself though.

    Everyone please remember, if there's anything aside from the ball of sprites and reimporting issues, please report any bugs and feature wishlists.

    <font size="1">PS: Just realize the typo with the thread topic name date: 4/25/1313. Talk about development hell. :)</font>

  • lucid outside of the ball of sprites issue, any word on collision boxes or telling where the current implementation will "touch" the ground? Currently some of my sprites seem to float above my solid tiles.

    Also, any word on resizing methods in the C2 editor yet? Outside of scale it would be nice to be able to specify a height, etc... and have it scale to that size without trying to guess at scaling percentages...

  • hi The solution to the ball of sprites will also solve the resizing thing. I have some major bugs to fix with copy paste, but I anticipate (this isn't written in stone yet), that I will do a hotfix for the copy paste bugs, and then Spriter b3 will have the collision boxes, and then I will update the plugin as well. Again there's too many variables for this to be a guarantee, but it's the basic roadmap.

  • lucid Awesome, thanks! Yeah the copy/paste stuff is my biggest hurdle currently as well. My workflow is to make my idle animation, then copy keyframe and related objects and paste it in as the base for another animation. Seems to cause lots of fun issues.

  • Hello lucid i've received an email about serial, i tried to put my different e-mail in another website and i couldn't retrieve a key.

    Is normal?

  • hi Joannesalfa,

    please make sure you're using the email you purchased with, and if you're still not receiving a key email us at mailnkn@brashmonkey.com and we will sort it out. Thanks.

  • I'm having trouble calling an animation that is in a different entity. So lets say i have a few sprites in the first entity i call "basic" and another entity that is called "weapon" how do i call those animations in weapon, in construct2? I know i'm using the right name because as soon as it tries to initiate, it goes blank

  • I got a serial.

    I don't forget to use "@" at first letter of my nickname so i can get notification.


  • I just discover Spriter and that thread right now and it looks awesome !

    Maybe it has been said before, but i just wanted to know if it works with mobiles projects done with cocoonjs.

    And if yes, if someone has tried perfromance test to see if the ram and the fps are ok.

    thanks :)

  • CocoonJS needs to add XML Parsing for SPriter to work with it. Supposedly they are talking with Ludei about it...

  • Thanks :).

    It's not the subject, but I can't be bothered anymore about CocoonJS, and the fact that C2 has to go thru that to reach some devices.

    I mean, i really like CocoonJS, but it's so slow to update and react, when all the other software at the moment are moving very quickly.

    I will contact Spriter to know if they're working on it :).

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