Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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    How do I import my Spriter project into Construct 2?

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    Recent Plugin Changes:

    • 1-12-2019
      • fixed a bug that made it so the plugin would continue attempting to load a file while a load was already in progress (with Cordova exports)
      • fixed a bug where changing layouts to one where the project was already cached could cause it to ignore the 'starting animation' property and default to the first animation in the entity instead
    • 1-10-2019
      • Fixed a bug that prevented the plugin from initializing on Cordova iOS builds
    • 1-2-2019
      • Fixed a bug that prevented events from triggering
  • Looking good!

    You may want to fix your signature, though, the URL is wrong.

  • So awesome lucid! Keep em commin!

  • AWESOME! I have been waiting for this for so long. This will increase my game building productivity by tenfold!

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  • Looks good so far. Just need to start learning how to use Spriter.

  • Surely looks fancy !

    But that would be nice if the object would automaticaly imported into a subfolder of the objects folder , You know ... So much objects !

  • That's really interesting.

    I hope will be implemented in next C2 release :)

  • Surely looks fancy !

    But that would be nice if the object would automaticaly imported into a subfolder of the objects folder , You know ... So much objects !

    something like that is planned as well.

  • I'm really looking forward to this. I did a quick test of Spriter and it's a great program. One question though, is it planned to do keyframes per object like other animation programs? It makes it difficult to animate if setting a key on the hand creates a keyframe on every other object.

  • yes uberlou, that's near the top of the todo list, and will be coming thing month.

  • Hi lucid

    Thanks for this plugin, it is a great helper to us!

    But I tried to start a new project with no success, so I tried to use your own example.scml file and I received the same error message.

    What I am doing wrong? I just followed your instructions!

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/18104402/error_1.jpg" border="0" />

  • lucid

    I saved your .cap file to a folder in which I could see your .scml file, and I saw than the Example.scml I used was an old one, a2 version. So I used my own .scml file, which I builded with the last version os Spriter, a4.1. But the error message appeared again, I think could be the bones I used so I delete them, but nothing has success.

    Here you can see my both .scml files, 001 with bones and 002 without bones.



    Thanks for help!

  • Hi NRABrazil,

       I did miss a few things in my description of what to do, so this is the most likely problem. First, every object needs to have a name in Spriter, (double click a sprite or bone in persistent object palette, or bone hierarchy view to rename) the next release of Spriter will give default names even if you don't name them, but in the meantime that's the most likely problem. Also this early version c2 plugin doesn't yet work with bones, or nonpersistent(untweened) objects.

       However, I have to recommend you not to bother with this version at this point. Just got another email from Ashley, and he's made quick progress, and the automatic version of the plugin should be coming soon. Also, I'll most likely add bones before then as well.

       Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • lucid are spriter graphics vector graphics?

  • hi mammoth.

    they're just regular images. You animate by moving around the images, and scaling and rotating them, removing them, or swapping them out. Then when it's imported to C2, the plugin will recreate that same animation in realtime.

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