Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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  • yes it's an issue with the plugin

    will look into this as well.

    thanks for the continued bug reports.

  • <font size="3">update 4/21/13:

      <img src="smileys/smiley38.gif" border="0" align="middle">Fixed issue where animations with objects on only some frames would leave a static object on screen when the object wasn't on the current frame <img src="smileys/smiley38.gif" border="0" align="middle">Fixed bug where after a nonlooping animation completed, moving it would not update the sprites (scml object moved, sprites didn't) <img src="smileys/smiley38.gif" border="0" align="middle">added 'animationName' expression to get the current animation name


    Squidget, the issue with on initialized only working on certain layouts should be fixable by ensuring that the Scml File property of the plugin probably wasn't set to the correct file. This requires c2 code, so I have to speak with Ashley about a way to make it default to the same property for new instances. when you first import it does this automatically, but if you drag another instance into a new layout, you have to do it manually.

    jayderyu, the feature to replace sprites with alternate body parts, weapons, etc will arrive in the plugin after it's complete for the Spriter editor

    BluePhaze, being able to resize them would be most useful if c2 allowed the file to be visually resized with the object showing on screen in c2. I have a few ideas how this could happen, but they require c2 code, so I'll speak to ashley about them. Also the part about the collisions will be best handled when collision features arrive in spriter. I'll prioritize those pro-features as one of the first. This is definitely essential stuff

    We're caught up on bug fixes and requests as far as I know, so please continue to report anything you find or if I have missed something.

  • lucid as usual great work, thanks a lot especially for being so responsive and keeping us all in the loop. I have no idea how you find time to update your plugins when you are doing so much on the core spriter build at the same time. Great work man!

  • Thanks BluePhaze.

    Small update on the other issues. Talked it over with Ashley. The issue with the extra layouts not automatically getting the file property set (not firing on_initialized) will be fixed in an upcoming C2 version. (the next I believe)

    As far as being able to resize in the layout visually, it's going to require a little bit of thought, as it will most likely involve saving a little extra information to the file format, which I don't want to add without thinking it over carefully. I'll work this into one of the upcoming versions.

  • I just installed the new SCML plugin. Unfortunatlly everything for animation is now broken.

    The main menu animation now plays to the last key.

    the 1second bar used for stamina never stops looping

    the 5ms 5HP bar used for health never stops looping.

    Is there something that may have gone wrong with using small animation times. ie 5ms to 10ms timers?

    Or is the new SCML plugin more in sync with the latest Spriter software and I should re-save the scml files?

  • jayderyu, could you please email me the capx so I can see the problem. if you sent it to me before I'm not finding the email

  • sent at the mailhad@brashmonkey.com

    thanks for taking a look :)

  • thanks jayderyu

    <font size="3">update 4/25/13:

      <img src="smileys/smiley38.gif" border="0" align="middle">Fixed a bug that prevented the 'Play To...' action from working correctly


  • lucid

    I purchased the pro version of Spriter last year, and have been waiting for C2 support to get there. I have figured out how to use Spriter, create animations, and save the.scml. The problem I am having is trying to get it into Construct. I can't find a tutorial here or on the Brash Monkey site to do that. I thought I could figure it out, but I am not getting expected results.

    I have loaded the scml plugin, placed a scml object, put the file path in the File property (btw, why isn't this a file browse button?)....nothing happens. Blank image, no animations, nothing.

    Am I missing something? A simple tutorial going over this would be great. i don't know where i am making a mistake, or what to expect. Thanks!

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  • Zharzew tutorials coming soon. Video tutorials in fact, just approaching 1.0 in Spriter and rushing to get that done. To import into C2, drag the scml file from windows into the c2 layout.

  • lucid

    Yeah, just after I posted this message, I found another forum post that mentioned the 'dragging into Construct2' thing. This is nice, just not intuitive at first. That aside, there are two issues when importing the animations, and I was curious if there is a fix coming for them.

    1) All the pieces are all crammed together when imported. Can they be arranged similar to the first frame (or a pre-determined first frame of an animation)?

    2) All of the pieces are a child of an invisible container. Is it possible to have all the pieces move with the container? And, when you select anything in the container, it would select everything in it. Maybe this is something that should be added to containers in general, and should be a question for Ashley maybe? It might also help to have a way to place a sprite, or something, to represent the 'container' object. Being invisible is never good.

    The closer you can get this to work like normal 'sprites' the more powerful it will be. I tested and my animation worked in the game, but in the editor it is a bit of a mess, and not easy to work with. These two suggestions would help usability a lot!

    Awesome job! And keep up the great work! :)

  • Zharzew, I was just speaking with Ashley about this recently (the plugin is a collaboration of c2 program things, and the plugin itself). Ashley need s few things from me to get those features working (viewing the assembled character in the layout editor in c2), and I will get to that as soon as I release the next beta version of Spriter in the next few days

  • lucid

    This is great. Thanks for your info!

    I had one more question, if you don't mind. What is the best way to update an animation once it is in Construct2? I thought updating the scml file and reloading Construct2 would 'update' it, but it didn't. Is there any way to do this? If not, there should be. A 'reload' animation button, or something similar, from within Construct2 would be awesome!

    Thanks again for your time! I promise to stop bothering you! :)

  • you're not bothering me at all. I love talking about Spriter. Not having a way to reload an animation yet has been the number one complaint/thing that people think is missing to keep the plugin from feeling complete and useable in a serious large project. This will require a bit of work from Ashley (as there's nothing built into c2 that does anything like this) so it was kinda on the long term todo list last time I spoke to him about it. Since a few people have asked and it's been a while, I'll bring it up to him again next time I see him online.

  • lucid Sounds great. I can't wait to hear about your progress! :)

    Also, we need to get ludei to add support for Spriter using CocoonJS. I found some posts about it from back in November, and I assumed it was working by now. But, I just tested and it is not. :/   

    Hopefully Ashley and ludei can get all this sorted out, as I (and many others, I am sure) would love to use Spriter to create animations for our games (and Android / Ouya are targets for me). :)

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