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  • sigh. I can't speack bscarl89. But I made a startting error with my earlier problems.

    First I want to point out there is a difference between XDK and XDK NEW.

    XDK ran on java XDK new runs on NodeWebkit. I'm not saying this is a fix for everyone. But if you previously had XDK make sure you get go out and download "XDK NEW"

    I'm going to check things out with XDK new and see if there is a difference.

    I agree with Syzmek. If Crosswalk is the target. Then I think C2 should support a full Crosswalk export and handle the complicated commands itself. However keep in mind that we will likely have to do the middle groudn work of installing the Android SDK and stuff. But this is a worth while option.

  • end capx to :D

    Brace your inbox, good Sir!

  • To build for Crosswalk, you don't need to download the Android SDK unless you want to go down the native path. We have a cloud based build system that will export the Crosswalk project in an APK for you. As there are a lot of issues on this forum we are looking into the build system to make sure it is working correctly.If you personally are having issues building in the cloud, just send me your CAPX file and I can help debug what the issues may be.



  • IntelTyler

    We super appreciate your joining our forums to help us through to using XDK New.

    But I have my own question. I have a game I'm working on that will be going mobile down the road. The problem is; is that it's a Point and Click Adventure and currently the assets are a lone 50MB. Now I know we can shave that down by a portion. But the music alone is 20MB. So even if we pulled a ton the game is still only a demo. So it's likely the game will be well over 50mb.

    This puts the 25mb cloud compiling system unrealistic for game development that's more than just a quick puzzler type.

    Could you please do local build rather than cloud. Also having to cloud upload on every change is going to be annoying. And I'll explain why.

    Construct 2 is not a system where we code write in the text files. These are quick updates. C2 is a system which is already in it' own spehere of development. So if we need to update we need to export from C2 which already takes a handful of minutes. Then we need to rebundle and upload to the cloud. Then we need to download. This isn't sounding all that convenient :(

  • Guys, test again. IntelTyler just wrote me an email that they fixed something server-side and ta-daaa, the stuff I'm testing runs through.

  • jayderyu

    Glad to be back on these forums. I used to be AppmobiTyler and had awesome badges but I couldn't change the username and figured a new account was needed. I now also have more of a drive to re-grab those badges!

    Warning: I didn't work on the creation of Crosswalk, but this is my understanding of the technology.

    Crosswalk adds 20-25MB when compiled on the local machine or in the cloud since to my understanding it is packaging up chromium, enabling WebRTC, WebGL and others goodies though code. We realize this is sub-optimal but this is the initial release and we're working on streamlining now.

    Thanks for bringing this testing friction issue up. Our team is always looking for what users want and I'll bring this issue up in our next meeting.

    Most importantly on this thread:

    We think we fixed the Crosswalk build issue

    We noticed not just construct 2 people were having issues and found a bug in the build system. Anyone who has tried and failed please retry and see if you're still getting errors. If so then just message me so we can continue to track down the issue :D

  • Thanks for looking in to the issues IntelTyler and team!

    I'd remind everyone that to test Crosswalk you must use the 'Crosswalk for Android' build option, and download and install the APK. Any other preview, test or build options do not currently use Crosswalk, as far as I am aware.

    For testing, the easiest thing to do is just run the game in Chrome for Android using preview-over-wifi! It should run very close to what you get in Crosswalk. As far as I'm aware there are two differences though:

    • Crosswalk can enable WebGL even when Chrome for Android doesn't enable it
    • Crosswalk can play music at any time, whereas Chrome will queue up music playback to start at the next touch.

    The music thing is pretty minor, but the WebGL difference can be pretty significant, and we might be making more changes in future (such as handling the back button and IAP). We might be able to publish a test app ourselves, since it just needs to be a Crosswalk app that can load the preview-over-Wifi URL. I'll have a look in to that.

  • AnD4D

    The icon problem is an issue with XDK support for crosswalk. We are working on it.

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  • The export through Crosswalk looks to be working now! Thanks guys!

    Performance is a little less than on CocoonJS, but promising! I am sure I can optimize more.

    The major issues I am seeing right now are ones I reported yesterday:

    • No Fullscreen (ie Status Bar can be seen always currently)
    • Screen Orientation is always set to 'both' (meaning a fixed Portrait or Landscape are based off of phone orientation; my game only works in Landscape and I would like to force it).

    Thank you IntelTyler, rscohn2, Ashley

  • - No Fullscreen (ie Statue Bar can be seen currently)

    This seems to be device dependent. On a Nexus5 (4.4.2) I have clean fullscreen, on a Nexus7 pad (2013 edition, 4.3) I get the battery life bar and the button-bar at the bottom.

  • IntelTyler

    Were you the one working on the Pender project?

    I have no problem with the bloated size I expect that since the project needs to include a browser. I have the problem that my game assets are 49MB and XDK won't compile the project due to the larger size of the game. Limit of 25MB and keep in mind the uploads are going to be long. While we plan on releasing The Blue Code as episodic there will come a day where we will want to bundle the entire game as a single package. This could very well be 500mb. This isn't really going to work out well with XDK 25mb limit size. :(

    ASHLEY. that would be cool if Scirra provided a Construct 2 Android test app using a Crosswalk compile.

    Also I would like to point out. That in the details list. You can turn off features which will decrease the final size. My 24MB Droust game was packaged to a 14MB. So to everyone. Make sure to turn off what you don't need. If you don't use a compass turn it off, if you don't use Microphone or Camera turn off the capture devices... etc.

  • My first test performance has been very good! but on my device "Samsung Galaxy S" no notification bar and works vertically. I'm waiting for a possible control buttons "back", "menu" ... etc ....

    I'll try it on a device bq aquaris 5 "hd ... to see if the same results.

    But I'm happy for the breakthrough!

  • Allchix


    If you're still having installation problems, I found a workaround.

    Assuming you have WinRAR installed, rightclick the setup file ("xdk_web_win_master_0240.exe") and click "Open in WinRAR" and then you'll see a "Setup.exe". Click that. :P

  • Anyone know the difference between x86 and ARM? Not sure which I should be picking.

    In my game, it takes a while for my main sprite to load in. I can move it around, but it's not visible for a few seconds.

  • Alright, totally misunderstood what you were talking about. Right now the XDK NEW has the 25MB upload, but I believe you can actually just upload your project to the AppCenter(http:// appcenter. html5tools-software without going to the XDK and build with only a 50MB limit.

    This limit is imposed because the Google Play store won't allow apps over 50MB. If you have a game over 50MB, there is another way you can compile your code native to point to another bundle that injects assets. This technique is only available to native devs as of this moment, so to avoid people creating apps that will be rejected, we placed this limit. We are looking for a viable solution though.

    So for a 500MB game deployed to Android, I'm not sure if you could do that with HTML5 unless you natively compile by hand. This again is my understanding, if anyone else has better info, please post on the thread!

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