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  • I think slowdowns may be about text objects, I will be able to tell more in sunday. Don't have an android device till then...

  • I'm happy to test stuff for those without android. Am kinda curious to see what people have done and how well it's translated across.

    I gave it a quick whirl, but I get the following errors on the debug console :

    Viewport argument key "minimal-ui" not recognized and ignored. index.html:9

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token , c2runtime.js:37097

    Uncaught ReferenceError: cr_createRuntime is not defined index.html:88

    Uncaught ReferenceError: cr_sizeCanvas is not defined index.html:81

    I just get a black screen for now, will try doing a test game at weekend with less complex stuff. The one I'm trying to convert has physics objects, which maybe it doesn't like.

  • After I click to "Build App Now", I get a loading "Building" screen (which takes like 10 minutes do finish) and then nothing happens... I don't know what could be wrong, been trying for like 2 hours...

  • Same here.. Where does the .apk go to?

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  • From what I understand from the manual to the other exporters, a windows should open with a download button.

  • Oh well, nothing popped up for me.

  • Yeah, me neither.. I'll try again on another computer tomorrow. I'll come back here with new results then.

  • I have a question for those that have run compiled and run an APK.

    Do you have Physics.

    What was your FPS.

    from the two video's shown the FPS were two ends of the spectrum. However I noticed that the slow game was likely using Physics and the fast game wasn't. Now of course this may not be a factor at all. However we know that Physics integration often is a hit or miss especially at the moment as C2 is movig to use an ASM.js version of Box2D.

  • I used the Test tab and plugged my phone into my system to test the game. My FPS was very very low, would it be better if I built it and ran it directly on my device? or is that as good as it gets?

    Also, after the build is done, it just goes back to the "Build app now" screen, and i dont see any confirmation of where the files went to test?

  • bscarl88 you should get alot better fps when build the app i don't think the testing app uses the new crosswalk stuff

  • volkiller730 Thanks! That's a little more reassuring. How do you get the built file once it's done? Mine finishes building then just goes back to the Build app now screen :/

  • I have the similar trouble as bscarl88. I compile, but it just goes back to the prep screen. Doesn't reach the compile success screen :(

    Also my test is 50mb just assets and from a warning I saw in the system there was a limit of 25mb.

    If there is a limit of 25mb. this is going to suck :(

  • jayderyu

    "I saw in the system there was a limit of 25mb"

    does it mean that:

    CocoonJS: don't make too big app because it will explode memory

    Intel XDK: you can have only 25MB assets for app


    nowadays many Android devices have 1 GB Ram (new trend: 2 GB) so that would suck soo much...

  • After i pressed build it took around 10 Minutes and the Screen changed to one where i could download or e-mail the link to the finished apk.

    My game IS physics heavy cause of all the ragdolls but only once the people die... before they are normal sprites. So that can't be what's causing the slowdown.

    I'll remove the text objects and try the export again as someone mentioned they could cause the slowdown.

  • I am also having the same issues as others where after waiting about 10 min, it just goes back to the prep screen with the Build App Now button. I never get a prompt to Download the APK or anything.


    Also, is there an option for Vertical, Horizontal, or Both orientations? When I use the Profile Preview on my phone, it only seems to use BOTH. I would think the Orientation settings in the Construct project would do something, but they don't seem to. :/

    And, there doesn't seem to be an option for 'Full Screen', as there is always the banner bar with the time, battery, etc. Is there a way to go into Full Screen?

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