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  • Thanks IntelTyler this looks really promising for html5 and Scirra.

    How's the situation on the apple front?

  • AnD4D

    ARM and x86 are the processor types. ARM is what almost all android devices use so I'd say pick that.

  • R0J0hound

    Yup, x86 doesn't work. Going through the process again using Arm now.

  • IntelTyler Ashley

    Ok. Those are good points. If GooglePlay has a 50MB limit. Then there is a problem. So ok. From XDK on that regards no complain then. So this however does sound like a problem with C2 and having to find a work around.

    I'm not doing a 500MB soon, but this does pose the the problem that when we get episode 1 done. That we can't put our game on GooglePlay due to the 50MB limit.

    This would mean that C2 is going to have to use File Access to access resources in a seperate file/package. This needs to be on Construct2 side as all the asset management is in the hands of Scirra. However this also means we need to make an asset distribute model.... sigh. This also means that when C2 Exporting to Android; C2 needs seperate to have an option to check and load assets from a different file.

    I'm not saying Ashley needs to handle the file distribution. But it would seem larger games are going to need C2 to handle getting assets from an exterior source. Now since Crosswalk has File access. This seems possible.

    Thanks IntelTyler for the heads up. It's not critical now. We are hoping to get funding for the game. But down the road it will be important.

    Also my smaller game that did compile. I made an error due to an small injury. It's 49MB not 14mb. So I'm barely underneath the 50mb GPlay limit. Thanks for all the info.

    BTW great work everyone at Intel. I'm hoping this will all smooth over and Ashley will and hopefully start thinking of some work arounds for larger sized games.

    BTW Ashley you rock for getting the Crosswalk exporter going :). All us mobile devs super appreciate it :)

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  • Another update on my app. It works with ARM, but not x86.

    Here are the issues:

    Sound is very very quiet, and also isn't affected by volume controls.

    App doesn't use an icon (as confirmed by a team member I believe).

    App name seemingly doesn't allow spaces in names/titles.

    This is the second app I have tested out of the 3 I have more or less finished. Although the two play, they are not yet ready for release using this exporter (although in beta, I do not expect them to be).

    Pleased so far, but hoping for better results soon.

  • Crosswalk supports 4.0 and later. The XDK build dialog does say 4.2 and we are fixing it.

  • The test tab uses the android webview, not crosswalk. The debug tab will launch your app in crosswalk and should be the easiest way to test your app on the device. We will be merging debug/test tabs and let you specify crosswalk or android webview. Debug tab will also let you do remote debugging, including javascript breakpoints of an app running on your android device. The profile tab also runs the app on crosswalk. It helps you tune performance of javascript by giving profiles with line number granularity.

    I used the Test tab and plugged my phone into my system to test the game. My FPS was very very low, would it be better if I built it and ran it directly on my device? or is that as good as it gets?

    Also, after the build is done, it just goes back to the "Build app now" screen, and i dont see any confirmation of where the files went to test?

  • Hi all, so I have been playing with this for a bit too.

    For me after selecting Build (Crosswalk for Android) it uploads the bundle and then I just get presented with a blank Build Page....

  • My last tests:

    When running my game using "App preview" launcher on my mobile I got low FPS, but after installing the .apk I got a nice solid FPS . Also the graphics are sharp on the apk version.

    YEAH... this could be the replacement for Cocoonjs .

    Downside: apk too big. With CocoonJS I can make the apk 5MB by removing one of the 2 arm library, but with XDK I got 20MB (my assets have no more than 1MB)

    Other things to notice:

    1. my phone warms more with XDK version (not using physics)

    2. Orientation is not locked

    3. Icon missing (that is expected since I did not upload my own icon to XDK project)

    4. No LUDEI splash (the game starts on time, not after 7 seconds)

    I have no problem with the 20MB size, but I think that size will make some people not downloading the game.

  • I'm getting laggy controls, and very low fps, but that could just be my game too. Since it uses R0j0hounds bilinear interpolation from Squidster's go faster game. anyone think that this game getting 8 FPS on mobile seems right?

  • bscarl88 I am getting 10-20 FPS on Android Chrome with Samsung Galaxy S2, but unable to play for too long. I can only jump and the red field kills me fast. When the red field gets on the screen, FPS seems to drop alot.

    Reload button is not responding too well. I have to click more times to respond (maybe I'm not touching it right :P)

  • the touch controls were removed and are very tempermental right now since they werent setup for when we moved it to twice the resolution. They only work for level 4 (you can purchase level 4 if you click on the spinning coin, it gives you free money) But i'm barely getting that FPS on my Galaxy S4 when I run it through the cakewalk export, am I doing it wrong?

  • bscarl88 I was testing it directly in the android chrome web browser. do not know about Crosswalk (cakewalk??).

    send me the link generated by XDK so I can test it with the app launcher

    (click project and then click the mail icon---i think)

  • Cipriux Oops! Yea i meant Crosswalk :) Here's the ARM version

    I'm pretty sure that the CPU having to place all of the tiles as the player moves across the map is what takes up the CPU power

  • bscarl88 when installing, first my phone says out of memory, so I had to uninstall some old games...and now when opening the game, I see the C2 logo, but when progress bar is almost at 100% the game closes. tryied this 5 times. Don't know If is my low RAm or the game. I have 400MB empty RAM

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