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  • What do Ashley mean in Step 5 by:

    "Copy-paste the exported files over the XDK project you've created"??

    I'm not sure how to paste it into the XDK.

  • Astro just create a new project in will ask you where to save it.i choose for example to my will create a new folder with your project's name.then open c2 and export your game through crosswork to desktop too or wherever you will also create a folder.copy the files of this c2 export folder inside the first folder of crosswalks project and replace whatever it asks to.hope i help

  • i test my game in my tablet cause my phone has 2.3 os and the thing is that everything seems ok.But in the event sheet i keep off the sounds.i only keep one sound effect an ogg file that was playing when i push a button.the other sounds backround music bullets etc were toggled off.when i built yesterday the game the app ran ok.then when i pushed the button(with the audio file) the game crashed.Today i toggle on all the sounds and the game crash from the sound files are .ogg files.ill try another type of sound files to see if this continues.everywhere else there is no problem.cjs chrome etc i think that in my case ive got problem with audio crashes when it have to play the sounds

  • I have a question for the crosswalk, need to have installed chrome for android or not, to run the application ?

  • CocoonJS - 30-40fps

    Crosswalk - 10-20fps

    terrible thing...huge disappointment..

  • I have compared CocoonJS Vs Crosswalk XDK in 3 games. None have physics, text objects or much collision checking.

    Device: Sony Xperia S with GPU, Android 4.1.2,

    1) Learn and Spell English Words

    Loading Time: 25 secs CJS, 13 secs XDK

    Size: 16MB CJS, 27MB XDK

    Idle Menu: 53FPS CJS, 39FPS XDK

    Swiping levels menu (constant swiping with a lot of transparencies): 46FPS CJS, 36FPS XDK

    Gameplay (lots of transparencies): 50FPS CJS, 39FPS XDK

    2) Verb War

    Loading Time: 25 secs CJS, 10 secs XDK

    Size: 9MB CJS, 21MB XDK

    Idle Menu: 55FPS CJS, *58FPS XDK

    Swiping levels menu (constant swiping): 52FPS CJS, *55FPS XDK

    Gameplay (Lots of moving sprite fonts): 50FPS CJS, 46FPS XDK

    3) Match-Up Learn English Words

    Loading Time: 29 secs CJS, 14 secs XDK

    Size: 17MB CJS, 28MB XDK

    Idle Menu: 30FPS CJS, *58FPS XDK

    Swiping levels menu (constant swiping with some transparancies): 30FPS CJS, 31FPS XDK

    Gameplay (scaling when turning cards): 31FPS CJS, *45FPS XDK

    As already mentioned the audio is very quiet using the XDK, the orientation doesn't lock and the Android bar shows, which I'm sure will be resolved.

    Upscaling is good and crisp using both CJS and the XDK. All 3 games were designed at 800px but have been scaled up to to 1280 in my Xperia. This compares well to the standard (Appmobi style) Android export which is blurry.

    Overall the frame rates are higher using CocoonJS in 2 of our 3 games. My frame rates are all averages from several minutes of testing and observing rather than a system measured average, but I'm confident that they are fairly accurate.

    Interestingly the XDK only seems to win where there are no transparencies or sprite fonts (which include transparencies in our games), which leads me to believe CJS handles transparencies better than the XDK, but I'd like to test further.

    The CPU usage is always much higher using CJS.

  • Crosswalk will get faster as it gets updated - Chrome for Android tends to get a bit faster with every release, and those improvements will reach Crosswalk after a while. I think Crosswalk is still on Chrome 29 and Chrome 31 is out now and can be faster in some cases.

    jayderyu - a possible option for large games is to load them off the web. If your app is just an empty Crosswalk container set to load a web URL, then it will be ~20mb in the Google Play store, and on first run sets about downloading the larger game (seriously though, 500mb is ambitious for a phone... not sure many native apps even go that far!). Then if the offline cache is still working in Crosswalk, it will still work offline after the first run.

  • Slice: You don't have to install chrome to use crosswalk.

    I have a question for the crosswalk, need to have installed chrome for android or not, to run the application ?

  • When it is time to publish, you will get the most reach by publishing both the ARM and x86 versions. Customers will see only a single app in the store and google play will download the appropriate version. XDK will set the version codes so it should be straightforward. We are looking into single APK solutions, but it makes the APK size problem even worse. Intel makes x86 so we are hoping you will take the extra step to publish both.

    You can read more by googling 'android multiple apk'


    ARM and x86 are the processor types. ARM is what almost all android devices use so I'd say pick that.

  • IntelRobert

    for now CocoonJS still wins because of

    1) smaller APK (in general 10MB libs, or 2 x 5 MB if splitted)

    2) MoPub banner support

  • will test in three mobiles, Nexus 5, Galaxy S4, and finaly in nexus one with one processor and custom Rom 4.4, to see how it goes in one processor mobile. whether I think will be very good... <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • spy84 That did help and thanks. I haven't tinkered with the XDK in a while ha.

    But now when I try the build process it builds then nothing happens afterward. When I tried it yesterday it gave me the option to download on send to email. It even sent an email automatically without me entering my email address. Today it's not doing anything after the build process says has "completed".

    I've read others having this issue, what did you do to resolve it?

  • Ashley that is an interesting way to go around it.

    As for 500MB that's a super high estimate. I've been arguing for reduced animations from 24fps character down to 12fps animated characters; also reducing 256 frames sprites down to 64. But it's been a uphil argument. I've also been trying to insist using Spriter for animation to have a better flow of animation and certainly vastly reduced characters.

    I will point out that there are numerous tablet games that blow the 50mb sky high.

    Street Fighter 4 Volt. 800MB

    Infinity Blade 600MB

    X-Com. no idea what the size on IOS is, but I gartuntee it's about 1gig

    Plants Vs Zombies 2 ?? larger than 50mb

    Also we found that our audio(wav removed) used 2/3 of our size. However has originally posted we haven't gone through to the mobile size reduction yet and we can cut that in half by removing ogg or m4a depending on the platform.

    But 500mb is a high estimation. I suspect the entire game should probably closer to 200. but I would rather give a larger sample than a smaller one.

  • The .m4a files are not necessary for Crosswalk, btw - it will always use the ogg files. The next build will skip exporting them automatically, but deleting them yourself for now might get you extra filesize freedom.

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  • Hey guys, Can you try phonegap with this plugin ?

    I see Crosswalk doesn't help a lot for games.

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