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  • Intel makes x86 so we are hoping you will take the extra step to publish both.

    x86 doesn't work at all for me. Tested 2 games.

  • Astro i dont know for sure.first of all maybe you were already loged in, in xdk and it didnt need you to type again your email.after the build process it doenst give you a link to download the apk?it happens to me too in the start i think it was a bug that the devs fix it cause yesterday i got the option to download the apk via xdk or via my email acount.are you sure that you build via crosswalk android?and not android?sorry but i dont know what is the problem.Maybe to ask someone from the intelxdk team or ashley.

  • AnD4D

    x86 or 8086 is an Intel designed hardware architecture. I would say that 99% have a an x86 based physical CPU.

    ARM is another CPU design. ARM is designed with reduced instruction sets, shorter distance between RAM and CPU to provide more effecient and low powered CPU's.

    The difference is like Vegetables and Meat. If you want cook a recipe for steak you really can't use vegetables. If you want vegetable juice use you can't use a meat.

    The reason your tests don't work is because your mobile devices are ARM based CPU's as most mobile devices are. Might as play a 3D glasses game on a 30 year old TV.

  • spy84 I'm not sure what it is. Funny thing is it was building the apk properly and sending me a link when I set the project up wrongly.

    Now that I have set the project up correctly (at least I think I have as it actually pops up in the simulators now) the option to download and send to email never appears like it did at first.

    I know it's in beta and it seems very promising, but I can't wait to get to testing. I have "vacation" time and I want to spend it developing mobile games with C2.

  • Astro When everything is working, the build finishes in about 3 months and you get a message that it finished and an email. When it isn't working it will time out after 10 minutes and you won't get a message or email. It looks like that is happening now and the problem is on our side. I will report the failure.

    Crosswalk vs other runtimes. The goal of crosswalk is to provide a full featured standard html5 runtime. This makes it easier for c2 to use the latest features of html5 and is less work for c2 to support since it is standard and more up to date. It is based on chromium, and Google, Intel, Samsung, plus many individuals are constantly contributing to the code base to make it better. AGI/Ejecta/Cocoonjs provide a subset of html5--mainly canvas and optimized for games. If they have everything you need--that's great. One of the nice features of C2 is that it doesn't lock you into a choice about build targets. We hope to get over the current set of issues and then users will get the benefits of the continual improvements in chrome.

  • There you go Astro, you should get an email in 3 months. ;-)

    (I'm sure he meant minutes)

  • IntelRobert Thanks for that. I'd love to know when the issue is resolved. It's about to time to move some projects forward.

    Paradox Lol.

  • 20MB just for "engine" is 40% of 50 MB Google Play limit. And for now Construct 2 does not support OBB files etc. Also it means less downloads over mobile connection (because of file size)

    anyway if it will get smaller (over time) + support ads + good memory management then "wow!"

  • IntelRobert are the last beta crosswalk using the last chrome engine (v31 not v29) is that the case or in a near future can send you my projects for test the crosswalk?


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  • AnD4D

    x86 or 8086 is an Intel designed hardware architecture. I would say that 99% have a an x86 based physical CPU.

    I would say this is true for PCs, but is the other way around for mobile

  • Joannesalfa

    Hey guys, Can you try phonegap with this plugin ?

    Would like to try ... but seams its not supported in Phonegap build

    Dont know how to implement it in my C2 project

    Merry Christmas

  • Ashley

    So what options do people that are running on OS Systems that are older than windows 7.Can we still use crosswalk and the new export option?

  • IntelTyler i came across a stupid bug, but maybe it's my fault dunno...

    when i play sounds or music they come from the EARPIECE instead of the normal speaker...

    this is especially annoying because i have to restart my phone once i started a crosswalk app because after i do so all other apps will play their sounds from the earpiece aswell :/

    i'm using a sony xperia z

  • Thanks for taking the time to try out crosswalk and XDK and letting us know the good and bad. It really helps us know what we have to do next.

    Astro The build problem was resolved. A logging option was left on and the disk filled up. I did a couple builds and it works fine now.

    RookieDev There is a web based interface to the build system. We are going to retire it in a few months but you can use it for now.

    I don't have enough points to post a url so I had to mangle it. Cut/paste and get rid of the X between http: and //


    'start a new app', 'create your own from scratch' 'start with a project bundle' Export from c2 for android. Create a zip file with index.html in top level. Upload that bundle. Click next.You will be in appcenter and select 'build as mobile app' and the 'crosswalk'.

    If you want to update the zip file, export from c2 again. Make a new zip. Go to appcenter. 'Update QA' to upload the new bundle. 'Promote' to put it in the production slot. Then build.

    This is much easier from XDK so we should find a way for you to use it. Are you on windows XP? What problem do you see?

  • If you want to test crosswalk, but are blocked by the 25M limit for upload while trying to build:

    Start up XDK then click on the 'Debug' tab at the top. Connect your android device to your computer via usb. There is some help information on the screen--you may need to install a driver. Then click the 'rocket' icon and it will launch your app on the device using crosswalk.

    The first launch will be slow. After the first time, a project with 51M of assets took 20 seconds to launch on my Nexus 4. Building an APK takes 5+ minutes when you include upload/download time so this is a much faster and easier way to test with crosswalk.

    Debug tab also lets you debug your app in Chrome dev tools, profile tab lets you profile the javascript.

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