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Microsoft are asking: who is interested in Xbox?

  • Hi everyone,

    We're trying to get access to the Xbox Live APIs so we can integrate them with Construct 2. Apparently as part of their planning process, Microsoft want to know more about what C2 devs want from it, including:

    • how many developers are interested in Xbox Live? (I created a poll so you can vote "yes" to indicate)
    • what features are you looking for? (e.g. leaderboards, multiplayer) - please post replies to this thread with what you want!
    • they're also looking for "developer quotes" - I guess if you really want it, just post a reply saying how badly you want it

    Anyway, please vote and reply, and hopefully this will encourage Microsoft to give us access to better integrate Construct 2 with Xbox One. Thanks!

  • Having a simplified access to the Live API integrated with C2 would be great to see many great new releases on the XBox.

  • Cloud save, achievements, leaderboards and multiplayer are a must!

    And the Xbox Live is also for windows 10 store and Windows phone, don't forget that plz

  • Yes of course! It would be cool to have such an opportunity!

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  • Yes please!!! Definitely leaderboards and achievements + cloud save! This would rock sooooo much

  • Achievements, cloud save, leaderboards

  • YES! Leaderboards, Achievements and cloud save would be fantastic!

  • Just voted 'yes'. I have a certain Wii U game made with Construct 2 I'd like to be bringing to XB1 at some point, so...

    - what features are you looking for? (e.g. leaderboards, multiplayer) - please post replies to this thread with what you want!

    Leaderboards, of course. They'll be my main focus; I guess indie titles are still not supported with achievements? They'd be nice. As would multiplayer as mentioned, and also sharing. Oh yeah, I definitely want players to be able to share moments in my games.

    - they're also looking for "developer quotes" - I guess if you really want it, just post a reply saying how badly you want it

    For many of us using Construct 2 to create our games, console is something of a primary goal; the platform already supports Wii U, and expanding our reach to XBox One will be a great boon indeed; making our games available to an even wider console-gaming audience.

  • I absolutely am hoping to and looking forward to putting Courier on Xbox One. I really look to it as a single-player experience, so things like achievements and cloud saves are really what I'd look forward to to make it more streamlined.

  • Yes, Yes, Yes! Leaderboards and achievements.

  • Some cloud save, achievements, leaderboards, multiplayer and purchases for bonus maps or equipments for example...

    That would be great!!

  • Hi, I NEEED ! MUUSSST! WAANT ! to make my game also 4 XBOX one... check that out Microsoft:

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  • I think it's an obvious YES for every developer as every new market is an advantage for promoting your game, and platform like Xbox is a serious thing. It would be awesome to have as much Xbox Live features as possible to use as it would help a lot with development and open new possibilities.

    Things like leaderboards and achievements are a core thingy and will surely be widely used. Over that It would nice to have Xbox Live user data to allow register player into ingame database in easy way - especially for multiplayer games. I'm not yet fully familiar of what they can actually offer, but again, the more features/tools we have the more possibilities we have and the more C2 devs will be encouraged to make Xbox apps. So a big YES vote - give it all you got .

  • Console support is always a good thing for the developers (of the game and the engine as well), the console provider company and the players. It's an all-win situation. Construct 2 is one of the best engines in the market and it deserves much more attention. Complex and big games can be made with it and having those games on the Xbox platform would benefit all parties.

    As for my personal perspective: We've just started to create a bigger game and our plans included Xbox from the beginning to publish it for. The most wanted feautre for me is the achievements.

  • Of course yes. Cloud save and leaderboard are the most important feature for me.

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