Microsoft are asking: who is interested in Xbox?

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  • Very interested. Would be great to have as much support as we can get for it! Good guy Microsoft.

  • I'm interested! Already a part of IDjbo@Xbox and looking forward to bring my game to the Xbox platform in the near future. For me achievements are important but so is having multiplayer support. And WebGL support is a must

  • XBox Live is a great place for indie developers. Awesome games were published there. Construct is a great tool for indie developers. Awesome games were made using it. There's not any other way to explain how much we need this :p.

  • YES!!!

  • Yes, of course this is a good idea!

    Who would be responsible for the maintenance of the plugin?

  • YES! cloud save, leaderboards, achievements;

    That's going straight in my basket

  • Leaderbords, achievements and cloudsaves! My game could be played nicely on Xbox using a controller. Let's do this!

  • Yes! A dream come true XD

  • With the risk of sounding like an echo: Yes very interested, cloud save, leader boards, achievements and multiplayer ...

  • Getting support for Achievements and Multiplayer would really solidify Construct 2 as the easiest and best way for indies to develop 2D games on the system; it's a no brainer.

    I would love that support, and being able to put XBox achievements in my game would likely be the tipping point for me deciding to port it over.

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  • Hi everyone,

    We're trying to get access to the Xbox Live APIs so we can integrate them with Construct 2. Apparently as part of their planning process, Microsoft want to know more about what C2 devs want from it, including:

    - how many developers are interested in Xbox Live? (I created a poll so you can vote "yes" to indicate)

    - what features are you looking for? (e.g. leaderboards, multiplayer) - please post replies to this thread with what you want!

    - they're also looking for "developer quotes" - I guess if you really want it, just post a reply saying how badly you want it

    Anyway, please vote and reply, and hopefully this will encourage Microsoft to give us access to better integrate Construct 2 with Xbox One. Thanks!


    Very interested, that of course depends on how the projects will work (compared to PC), cpu/gpu wise, what plugins/effects are going to be supported, I'm not looking for special features, just a slick and smooth experience as possible for the players.

    Btw, I almost and would have most probably miss this thread and I believe many other developers will too, it seems like an important issue, why not send it out as an official Blog post?

  • Ashley

    Friends list, Achievements, Leaderboards. I've seen a few people asking for Multiplayer but Photon already works fine on XB1 with C2 and the built-in multiplayer doesn't work at all because of no real support for WebRTC on the platform currently, so I'd prefer to see a concentration on more platform-specific features.

  • I do not know the topic.

    Do you need to pay a fee to publish on Xbox One ?.

  • Working on a big project so need achievements for sure. Multiplayer as well if I manage.

    When I finish my project I surely will look for ways to expand it's availability in stores. Xbox will do just perfect.

    I sincerely hope Microsoft will corporate with Scirra to help our developers share their creations with players on Xbox One.

  • Funny you mention this, I actually have received some xbox one dev kits already, and was wondering how I go about implementing such features. I was going to attempt forcing it through visual studio + the windows store achievements, but this would make it a whole lot easier.

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