Microsoft are asking: who is interested in Xbox?

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  • i'd love some controller rumble/vibration ability!

    as well as all the stuff everyone else has mentioned!!


    If possible, hopefully Ashley can create a rumble function for gamepad plugin in general as well.

  • Yes I need this! I have my xbox one dev kits, Tiny Galaxy: The Do Over is ready to launch on the Xbox One as soon as I get this plug in. Definitely need and the bare minimum leader boards and achievements.

  • Yes we want more channels to distribute our game especially xbox

  • Yes, I need this! I also already have my devkit and I'm just waiting for better C2 integration to port my game, Dreaming Sarah, over. I would only need achievements for it, but for future games I'd love to have access to leaderboards and multiplayer!

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  • I would LOVE to be able to market my C2 creations on Xbox Live. I'm a gargantuan fan of both and it would be a dream come true. Incorporating Xbox Live's features into C2's interface would be fantastic. I'd like to be able to be an Xbox Live worthy game. That is, leaderboards, user login, and achievements. Those are things that all the other app stores REQUIRE.

    I would also like to see Multiplayer, but I would suggest that being a tier down from the must-have, as other app stores don't require it. In short, here's my answer: Am I interested in Xbox Live? Go to a printer and print a banner than can cover a car easily. On the banner print "YES!" That's how bad I would like it! Thank you!

  • I am definitely interested. In my opinion having a collaboration between a developing software and any platform is a great advantage for both. Both earn visibility, trust and undoubtedly an economic vantage. Developers have more chance to satisfy customers asking for play their favourite games in their favourite platform. This integration would definitely benefit Construct 2, Xbox Live, developers and players. Avoiding this collaboration would be a missed opportunity of business development.

    As for the features requested I would add definitely multiplayer as first one; this would give a wider range of games to be offered to the public, while usually indie games are more single player oriented. Others mentioned from others are interested too, be able to monetize is essential to let the developers survive. Indie developers haven't a capital to invest so features as cloud saving are great too. To conclude all the accessory features as leaderboards, share, etc. are great to spread the voice around and increase the venue for everyone (directly and indirectly).

    Go for it, you wouldn't regret it!

  • Currently working on a game for Xbox One and waiting for this plugin to add Xbox Live features like Achievements and Cloud Save to the game.

  • That one person voting no tho... :') this is GREAT for Construct2/(3) regardless of personal favorite console.

    The maybe's are understandable: does it mean slower support for other features (or other devices?) if so, what could they be?

    (Raspberry could use improvements! but I only tinkered with the pi2 in a DIY retro cabinet with 12" display) a Retropi Convert would be the dream <3 could this be possible at all?!? Ashley Retropi supports a wide range of console although they're (all) from before the HTML5 era..

    have you guys investiged the "NX" Devkits already? i know this can't really be discussed, but you guys could likely say if it's hanging more to one side or the other? maybe. maybe wishful thinking for now tho

    but THE question above anything else: Construct 3. is it a game-changer? (again) or a upgrade with it's primary focus on multiplatform support?

    too offtopic. but it's off the chest for now. hah..

    -btw. i totally voted "yes" ofcourse, even tho i don't have the xOne-

  • First achievements

    second achievements

    third leaderboards

    fourth multiplayer

    fifh achievements

    Personally I think that only releasing quality UWP titles with achievements and leaderboards can do some impact on the Windows Mobile platform. Let´s make it possible.

  • We would love to Release GemBreak on Xbox One with achievements and leaderboards!

  • Amazing

    Very cool.

    Thank you

  • I'd be interested in having achievements, Leaderboards, matchmaking support (if possible I'm not fully aware of how those aspects work). and if it were possible to have cloud save as well.

  • Welp, they've already approved my C2-based game for XBox One release, and I put their logo in the trailer, so...yeah. That'd be pretty cool.

  • WebGL effects would be really nice. Kind of steer clear of them for actual game work because they aren't supported cross platforms, but would be great to include them.

    Play audio at object is also a useful feature that isn't always consistent cross platforms. (If xBox supported, I'd probably wrap the existing Audio functions in a helper function to use play at object where it is supported).

    Also ... expect that something like AR (Hololens) or VR will be introduced to Xbox live at some point.

    Would be great to have the ability to render parallax in 3-D, e.g. the different layers and shadow cast effects would render slightly differently between the two eyes. (Though I realize that is probably a pretty complex under taking).

  • Achievements, leaderboards, cloud save, multiplayer, anything that's possible!

    I hope I can port my current game on either Xbox One, Windows 10 or both!

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