Microsoft are asking: who is interested in Xbox?

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  • Currently the only thing I'm missing from my Xbox one plugin is achievements for what I need... so that's all I want.... other features would be welcomed.

  • It will be a next great leap for Construct 2. I personally love Xbox and being able to develop Xbox games will be amazing. I am very excited to get started so please make this happen. I would love to have multiplayer, achievements, and leaderboards as key features in my game.

  • Obviously im interested ! Who wouldn't!?

    As a developer and owner of a xbox that would be very awesome!

    and please, add support for achievements and multiplayer!

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  • Achievements, cloud save, leaderboards and multiplayer! Console support is always a good thing for the developers... So YES!

  • Achievements and cloud saves for me, please!

  • I have a game, I have an Xbox One dev kit (for awhile now...), and I have concept approval from Microsoft. All I need now is a plugin to support the required Xbox Live integration. Please, this can't come soon enough.


  • Multiplayer matchmaking service and leaderboards.

  • Achievements, cloud save and leaderboards is good idea.

  • Yes! Leaderboards, achievements, and multiplayer! I am mostly interested in local multiplayer.

  • I'm sorry, but considering that UWP support is terrible right now (you can't even try to publish an app with proper monetization), I don't see how Xbox Live support would help. Also, Construct 2 is the cheapest game engine, and we also need to consider that to build an Xbox app you need to wipe all your data, developers are expected to have two Xbox One, one to play, one to develop, which is probably less than 1-2% of the current C2 userbase.

    I love C2, but no one really publishes stuff in Xbox, even less on Wii.

    Please, focus on fixing Windows Store support for Windows first (100% of C2 userbase, which will grow a lot since the latest Anniv. Update) and THEN think about other stuff like Xbox.

    AFAIK, Idexix@XBOX also isn't interested in indies, they only care about very high profile games. I don't think C2 could help them, though I would love if they care more about us now.

  • Yes! Leaderboards, achievements, multiplayer. Currently working on a game that uses Xbox controllers and would be perfect for Xbox couch and online multiplayer!

  • All I really want is the ability to publish my game as a "game" on xbox live, and enjoy it like a complete non compromised release. The current edge solution has severe memory restrictions among other things?

  • Big yes, and everything PandaStudio said.

    Even if multiplayer only let me port my board games, (turn based) I would be thrilled.

    PandaStudio quote:

    Cloud save, achievements, leaderboards and multiplayer are a must!

    And the Xbox Live is also for windows 10 store and Windows phone, don't forget that plz

  • Yes!

    All the features possible!

  • i'd love some controller rumble/vibration ability!

    as well as all the stuff everyone else has mentioned!!

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