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03 May, 2022 ()
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Update 16:35pm BST: an issue was discovered causing a crash due to a late change in r293. This r293.2 update has been released to correct it. Apologies for any inconvenience. The same release notes are included below.

It's a new stable release of Construct! If you're updating from the last stable release r285, then this update includes changes from r286, r287, r288, r289, r290, r291 and r292. Highlights include:

• A new Templates feature that allows you to easily update instances across your project, as well as choose what kind of object to create at runtime.

• A new HTML Element plugin allowing you to design parts of your game using HTML and CSS, ranging from data tables to user interface components.

New guided tours Get started with timeline animations and Get started with JavaScript to help you get started with those features.

• Several new examples demonstrating some fun game styles as well as several ways you can use the new HTML Element plugin.

• Lots more improvements including bug fixes, usability improvements, and some optimisations too. See the full release notes linked above for all the details.

We'll be starting a new beta release update cycle soon. If you'd like to help test it, try the beta release opt-in: choose Notify me about updates for beta releases in Settings. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Bug Fixes

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Crash closing Animations Editor with changes (regression r293)

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  • Am I the only one who can't see the templates in the properties? I could see the option in version r292 but not in this version.

  • I just started using templates in my game (1.5 yrs in dev) and I have to say I love it! It works great and makes things so much more predictable. Thanks!

    I'm also a big fan of the "Construct has been open for 2 hours" notification. Every time I see it I raise the standup desk and do some stretches.

    Thanks guys!

  • Was waiting for a template feature for years! Thanks a lot!

  • hi, I'm having trouble adding a third party SDK to new projects. When adding the plugin SDK to projects, the game stops displaying. And the inspector says that I generally use the free version! When the SDK is removed, everything works normally. At the same time, projects in which the SDK was added earlier work correctly. For more details can see video

  • How do I turn off the tracking? And Why are you tracking our usage?

    A message keeps popping up telling me that I've had C3 open for 2 hours and that I should take a break.

    We are adults. We can decide for ourselves when/if we need a break.

    Moreover, the message gets in the way of productivity. I don't need to be interrupted mid-thought by a pointless, distracting message.

    How do I turn off the tracking and the distracting message?

  • What happens to input text that is always bugging?

    Example: The inputText can be on the last layer and it can have 10 layers above/in front that still when you start the layout it shows the InputText.