Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r291

HTML Element updates; bug fixes

20 April, 2022 ()

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This release includes a new HTML menu example that demonstrates an advanced use of the new HTML Element plugin. This release makes a few tweaks to HTML Element to make this kind of usage easier, and it shows how you can build relatively sophisticated parts of your UI using HTML and CSS. The example includes the use of SVG icons, CSS animations, box shadow, and a flexible layout that sizes to fit the content - and it all integrates smoothly with the rest of the project! So take a look to see what's possible.

We've also got another batch of bug fixes for you as we focus on reliability as we work towards a stable release. Hopefully that stable release will come in the next couple of weeks, but as ever it's subject to change, so please test carefully and let us know if you run in to any problems!

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New Additions

11 favourites
New example 'HTML menu'
4 favourites
HTML Element: 'On CSS animation ended' trigger
6 favourites
Debugger: add missing layer interactive property


5 favourites
HTML Element: allow 'On clicked class/ID' to trigger even if child element clicked

Bug Fixes

3 favourites
Event Sheet View: event variables incorrectly displayed strings with BBcode
5 favourites
Layers bar: save and restore expanded/collapse state
4 favourites
Mobile adverts: crash in iOS exports using advanced minification
8 favourites
Sprite plugin: instances could unexpectedly change scale (regression r288)
5 favourites
Animations editor: ensure cut/copy frames includes latest image edits
5 favourites
Animations editor: cut/copy/paste not working as expected when focus in numeric input
3 favourites
Templates: crash copying and pasting a template instance with no template name
4 favourites
Timelines: trigger 'on keyframe reached' for the first keyframe on a timeline
3 favourites
Expression Dictionary: possible crash in Android devices

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  • The HTML Element for me is the next best feature to be implement after JS, beauty is they compliment each other perfectly. For an app developer like myself (with a strong HTML, JS and CSS background) the HTML Element opens so many doors and saves so much time. Amazing.

  • crash when open layout

  • Crashes whenever I open a new layout :(

  • Construc crashes when opening scenes...

  • The scenes in this version have some troubles

  • Hi,

    Last Version work in MacBook M1 ?

  • Is the HTML element plugin supposed to be under plugins?

  • Thank You! :)

  • Add support for full-fledged 3D, third-party developers create plugins, which means you can do it! We need to finish it, since we have already started.

  • This is interesting. I think still lot of things to work on (especially focusing touch, click, and how event propagate), how to make reusable block without having reference that make it impossible to copy / paste things that is more interesting than any fake 3D or HTML feature, even if the last one sound promising...