Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r292

Bug fixes

26 April, 2022 ()

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This release is mostly bug fixes as we continue to work towards a stable release, which hopefully will be ready in the next week or two. One small usability change is newly added CSS project files now default to the Stylesheet purpose, so their styles automatically apply to the page to ensure they affect things like HTML Element. However it can still be set back to (none) if you don't want it to automatically apply, such as if you only use it in an iframe. Other than that there's a batch of bug fixes including for a few accidental breakages in past beta releases, notably including a possible crash opening a Layout View.

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7 favourites
Default newly added CSS files to 'Stylesheet' purpose

Bug Fixes

12 favourites
Possible crash opening Layout Views (regression r291)
7 favourites
Animations editor: mirror tools not updating image points (regression r289)
7 favourites
Animations editor: image points/collision polygons not restored correctly after undoing animation-wide changes (regression r289)
8 favourites
Animations editor: prevent changing image points with the arrow keys if Ctrl/Cmd held down
9 favourites
Animations editor: always highlight the initially selected frame when opening the editor
9 favourites
Event Sheet View: did not always regain focus after closing Parameters dialog
8 favourites
Event Sheet View: F4 keyboard shortcut to show expressions dictionary not working
6 favourites
Event Sheet View: drag-and-drop did not work correctly for JavaScript blocks
8 favourites
Event Sheet View: incorrect validation when switching OR block to AND block
8 favourites
Platform: did not trigger 'On collision' if moving platform moved player in to obstacle
7 favourites
Debugger: ensure any custom URL query string/hash passed to preview iframe

Scripting updates

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Ensure IObjectClass getAllInstances()/instances() includes newly created instances in event sheets

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  • I've seen it has been sugested somewhere before, but I think you should really add some simple camera rotation management in EDITOR MODE, especialy in Y/Z axis, something like VANISHINT POINT option for layouts. It would be very useful for creating layouts with 3D elements scenery like houses doors etc. Thanks!

  • Thanks for another great release. The Animations Editor has been getting easier and easier to work in.

    I didn't realize the Platform On Collision with a moving platform was a bug. I thought it was just the layout of my Events. XD

    Thank you Scirra dev team!

  • Thanks for all the updates! And for the quick adjustments to the animation editor!

  • Thank you for the crash fixes!

  • Hello, I would like to know why the system does not accept the purchase from my card, writes "card rejected".

    I would like to renew the license of the Construct 3 engine, but I could not do it, I would like to understand if I can buy a license?

    And when will this happen?

    I have already written to the support email to find out the details.