Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r289

New 'HTML element' examples; usability improvements; more bug fixes

05 April, 2022 ()

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This release includes another big set of bug fixes, as well as some various usability improvements across the editor. We've also added three new examples demonstrating the capabilities of the new HTML element plugin. For example you can use a HTML table to display tables of results such as high-scores - take a look at the new HTML table example to see that in action. There's a huge range of possibilities with it providing you know a little HTML and CSS!

Over the next few weeks we'll be starting to focus on reliability as we work towards a new stable release. Stay tuned for more updates and happy testing!

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New Additions

11 favourites
New examples 'Animated SVG', 'HTML element', 'HTML table'
15 favourites
Animations editor: new options to cut/copy/paste frames in the frames panel
6 favourites
Font picker dialog: allow choosing generic font families like "system-ui"
10 favourites
System expressions VanishingPointX, VanishingPointY


8 favourites
Layout view: preserve hierarchy children positions when moving with 'Snap to grid'

Bug Fixes

5 favourites
Animated effects did not take in to account the instance time scale
3 favourites
Renaming items in tree controls did not resize input box while typing
4 favourites
HTML Element: allow running scripts in inserted HTML content
4 favourites
HTML Element: possible crash passing number to EscapeHTML expression
4 favourites
Work around Chrome bug that could cause login form to stop responding after entering wrong password
4 favourites
Remote Preview: could track current transfer rate incorrectly
3 favourites
Guided tours: make sure images can be imported by touch input
3 favourites
Guided tours: fix a few cases where unexpected actions could derail tours
5 favourites
Font picker dialog: improve detection of available local fonts
5 favourites
Scene graph: recreate missing children when using 'Set from JSON'
5 favourites
Tweens: possible issue reloading state in quick succession
5 favourites
Animations editor: image point and collision polygon changes not saved in certain conditions
3 favourites
Animations editor: issue zooming with mouse wheel when using altered system scroll speed setting
3 favourites
Data editor: copy UI state information when duplicating array or dictionary file
8 favourites
Data editor: crash loading dictionaries (regression r287)
4 favourites
Drawing Canvas: could paste objects incorrectly in some circumstances (regression r286)

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  • Yeah!! Thanks for the sample projects for the HTML plugin!

  • Thank you for adding cut/copy/paste frames in the frames panel. Now please consider the same at animation set.

  • Many Thanks to the dev team for fixing up the Animations Editor!

    The bounding box, and image points reverting back to where they were originally. Was causing a large amount of wasted time for me. I was not sure it was a bug, or just something in the environment of my system.

  • Thank you for the new examples !

    I suggested an idea to allow HTML Elements and other form controls Plugins (Button/Sliderbars and so on) to be rendered in the Game Canvas as other objects so it's not rendered on top of everything else as it does right now. That would open up an infinity of possibilites in addition to those recent updates on HTML Plugin !

    I think it's already more or less how the Text Object works

  • What's the point of using Vanishing, I'm not sure to understand?

    Great update as well :)

    • It seems to be a way to adjust the vanishing point, via System Expressions. When using a 3D Camera for a three dimensional view to a game. Or even just setting objects to different distances in a 2D game, by adjusting their "Z elevation". Such as setting parallaxing backgrounds to different distances, or even changing where objects are relative to their current Z elevation.