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Construct 3 r241

Stable update: new Windows export option; mesh editor update; new examples & more

23 March, 2021 ()
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It's a new stable release of Construct 3! If you're updating from the last stable release r234.4, then this update includes changes from r235, r236, r237, r238, r239 and r240. Highlights include:

• A new lightweight Windows wrapper export option based on the Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime. Learn more

• New option to hold Shift when using the mesh editor to adjust the mesh without distorting the image

• Lots more new examples, which you can now find under the highlighted 'new' tag

• On the website side, a redesigned Asset Store - see this blog post launching the new Asset Store for more details

• Lots of other improvements and fixes - see all the linked release notes above for full details!

In order to keep Construct moving forwards, we sometimes have to retire old features. So please also note the following deprecations:

• The UWP (Universal Windows Platform) exporters are now deprecated and will be removed in a future release. We recommend using either the new Windows wrapper or NW.js export options for publishing to the Windows desktop, and third-party porting services for console publishing.

• Support for the older 'classic' script mode will be removed in the next release in favor of the new JavaScript Modules feature. See the tutorial Upgrading projects from classic scripts to modules for information on updating JavaScript code in existing projects. If you use a third-party addon that does not work in modules mode, it should only need a very small and quick update to support modules, so contact the addon developer as soon as possible for an update or the addon will stop working in the next release.

We'll be starting a new beta release update cycle soon. If you'd like to help test it, try the beta release opt-in: choose Notify me about updates for beta releases in Settings. Stay tuned for more updates!

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  • If you're deprecating UWP and recommend "third-party porting services" then you should stop advertising Xbox export on your landing page since that's not gonna be possible or viable anymore

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    • Fib
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    Whoa! 18 new examples! I think those are great additions and all look really cool.

  • new mesh update should help me to be able to create procedural stuff now...excellent!!!

  • Thank you, thank you so much for those examples and new features :) Happy days.

  • Unfortunately, this update changed how all the text objects are rendered, now I have to adjust the whole UI of my games... I also noticed that you guys changed how the scaling utility of the image editor scales, now it is more pixelated... I like to construct, but I'm constantly facing these small annoying things that require a lot of rework to fix.

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      • Ashley
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      Were you using vertically centered text objects? Previously there was a bug that did not align these correctly. Another user reported it as a bug, so we fixed it, but it may change the vertical positions of text in existing projects slightly. Unfortunately cases like this are tricky since our options are to either leave it broken permanently, or fix it and have some small changes to existing projects. While such changes can be inconvenient, I think it's the best way in the long run, since ultimately things get fixed.

      • yes, Game UI is also Lowered in about...30 or 40 px from its original position...

      • I use combinations of the vertical alignment, depending on the scene design. I understand your argument, it just triggered a lot of rework on a running 7month project, and several others that are already published.

        And about the scaling any thoughts?, it changed a couple of stable releases ago, I used to use the scaling utility a lot to downscale hi-res images that are sent from the art team, but now it's either broken or the scaling method changed because it leaves images more pixelated when using "smooth" scaling... Although minor, now I have to use a third-party app, so the process turned out longer than before this change...

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  • Why doesn't vibration work on ios devices? Works on android devices.

  • I'm really disappointed to see UWP export for Xbox being removed, as I'd just started a big project that I was going to release on Xbox...

    I see the Xbox export option is still there under "deprecated". Does the option still actually work for now (I can't try it as I don't have the license yet)? And when will it be fully removed? Thanks

  • Sometimes, when viewing ads in the game, a black bar appears from the smartphone interface, with a back, home or minimize button. When exporting, I always check the hide bar box. Tell me please, will you remove this bug or not? Since this is very much too obstructs the game and users can remove the game from dissatisfaction! Do something about it. This does not always appear, but in rare cases, I cannot call it in some way, since it appears by accident, and right now it appeared in my mind after watching a test advertisement for a reward on android devices.

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