Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r238

New examples; bug fixes; deprecated UWP exports

02 March, 2021 ()

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This release adds three new examples, and focuses on bug fixes, particularly around Multiplayer, pathfinding and hierarchies. We're aiming to move towards a stable release again soon, so we'll continue to focus on reliability until then.

Please note as of this release we are also deprecating the UWP exporters, which covered the Windows Store and Xbox One. Microsoft have actually removed support for JavaScript UWP projects in the latest version of Visual Studio, signalling that they are being phased out. Further, these export options also already had very low usage in Construct. We recommend using the new Windows Wrapper export option or NW.js instead of the Windows Store exporter. We recommend using third-party porting services instead of the Xbox One exporter, which has already become the de-facto way Construct users publish their games to console, including Xbox. The export options are still available but a warning message is shown when you choose them; a future release will remove them completely. Removing these little-used options that are no longer actively supported by Microsoft will help ensure users don't end up using export options that are not well supported, and will reduce the maintenance burden on our team ensuring we can focus on the other features that are used much more widely.

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Launch r238

New Additions

17 favourites
New examples 'Ice beam', 'Lava fall', 'Wall creatures'


10 favourites
Deprecation notice on Windows Store and Xbox One UWP exporters

Bug Fixes

10 favourites
Multiplayer: work around Chrome issue that could prevent 'On kicked' triggering
9 favourites
Multiplayer: could send incorrect messages when using 'Simulate latency'
11 favourites
Pathfinding: did not support negative path costs
6 favourites
Pathfinding: could calculate incorrect cell path cost in some circumstances
6 favourites
Possible crash testing overlap with Particles after destroying it
7 favourites
Scene graph: selecting all child instances was only working for root instances
10 favourites
Scene graph: incorrect z-indexing creating hierarchies at runtime
6 favourites
Scene graph: prevent adding instances that do not support hierarchies as children
8 favourites
Animations editor: snapping not working with a 1x1 grid
8 favourites
Animations editor: prevent changing image points and collision polygons if object does not support them
8 favourites
Timelines: show timeline UI elements for instances which are in global layers
6 favourites
Data editor: crash after trying to drag text in a cell
7 favourites
Toolbars: spinner inputs did not apply changes properly when cycling through them with Tab

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  • Awww, come on, I was about to use those UWP exporters with Visual Studio 2017... 😢

    But are there at least any other good news, like something similar to Windows Wrapper export option being developed, but specifically for Xbox One and Series X|S consoles alone? I am kind of worried that at the current financial status I am in I may not be able to afford third party porting services and I won't be able to port my game myself, now that the news are out.

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  • Thank you. Where can i find 'Ice beam', 'Lava fall', 'Wall creatures'?