Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r237

New lightweight Windows export option; new examples; bug fixes

23 February, 2021 ()

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In this release we're adding an interesting new export option for Windows! Named the Windows wrapper (WebView2) export option, this is a lightweight app that bundles your project and runs it using the Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime - basically a webview control provided by Windows, which helps keep the file size down. This doesn't have all the same features that NW.js has, but it's a useful new alternative for quickly and easily sharing your projects on Windows. We previously experimented with this on the forum, and we're now building it in to Construct to get some wider testing. You can learn more about this export option in the new tutorial Exporting to Windows with the WebView2 wrapper. We'll also be looking in to enhancing this export option further in future.

Other than that as is usual now we have some more new examples, and a batch of other bug fixes and changes. Also in case you missed it, the new Construct Asset Store has lanched - see the linked blog post for more details!

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New Features

19 favourites
New 'Windows wrapper' export option, based on the Mirosoft Edge WebView2 runtime

New Additions

13 favourites
New examples 'Dash Slash', 'Languages from JSON', 'Surface jump'
6 favourites
Platform Info: 'Is Windows wrapper export' condition


4 favourites
Another change to handling iOS viewport
7 favourites
Preview: improve reliability of network requests that are served by Service Worker
6 favourites
Update editor store links to point to the new asset store

Bug Fixes

6 favourites
Scene graph: adding a child after scaling the parent could offset the child
6 favourites
Scene graph: possible incorrect scale with child Text/SpriteFont after loading savegame
5 favourites
Scene graph: possible crash when using with 'Use render cells'
6 favourites
Project bar: deleting some folders could corrupt project
5 favourites
Editor could get stuck loading if saved login details expired
5 favourites
Playable ads: attempt to work around a Chrome bug causing issues when using module scripts
6 favourites
Minified exports sometimes not working (regression r235)

SDK updates

5 favourites
Add IPluginInfo.AddCommonSceneGraphACEs()

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  • Windows Wrapper(WebView2)

    Elmer Fudd would have a time with that.

    Awesome addition though, thanks!

  • Is "improve reliability of network requests that are served by Service Worker" an attempt to fix the 404s when requesting local files in preview?

    If so, thanks for looking into it Ashley, I've been trying to reliably replicate it but I still can't figure out what causes it. But it happened all the time.

    Let me know so I know to use this version and test it!

  • "Languages from JSON" Not Working Properly

  • The iOS Viewport Works Perfectly, Thanks a bunch!! Please, if possible please continue to add this fix to future updates so we can update to the latest construct version with no worry of running into the issue. Again, Thank you!

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      • Ashley
      • Construct Team Founder
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      Thanks for the feedback! If the workaround is successful, we will keep it indefinitely to ensure iOS apps always display as intended.

  • Awesome Update!!!