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  • 23 Feb, 2021
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We're excited to have now launched our new Asset Store! We've launched with over 300 assets for you to browse and use in your games.

We've added a lot of new features and improvements over the old store:

New Payment Methods

As well as Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and Amex the new store also allows Alipay, SEPA, Przelewy24, iDEAL, EPS, Bancontact and Giropay.

Better File Previews

Like the old store where you could preview images included in the asset, the new store also allows you to preview all audio assets. These audio samples are watermarked and down sampled for the authors protection.

Better Bundles

Bundles now can include assets from multiple sellers.

Improved Cashouts for Sellers

Cashouts for sellers is now fully automated. Sellers can now also cashout not only with Paypal, but also by bank account/card using Stripe (dependant on country).

Lots more...

  • A new "Site Wide Sale" feature that co-ordinates large simultaneous sales
  • Ability to set pricing for 1, unlimited or exclusive licenses for your assets (depending on category)
  • Clearer sales reports for sellers
  • Improved upload of asset files
  • Each asset release can have up to 10x 200mb files
  • Improved image uploading for assets
  • Easier moderation tools allowing for faster approvals
  • VAT is now added on to the sale price where applicable (so your approximate earnings are the same regardless as to the buyers country)
  • We now absorb refund fee costs when items are refunded
  • A new semi-automated process for customers to resolve issues with items before refunds are granted
  • Improved buyer reviews
  • Ability for sellers to respond to buyers reviews
  • Wide ranging performance and stability improvements

What happens to my previous purchases on the Scirra Store?

For now, these can be downloaded in the usual place still. We are working on transferring all purchases over to the new store - don't worry you won't lose anything you've bought!

How do I sell assets?

If you want to sell your own assets in our store, please visit You will be required to pay a small fee to setup your account, the same way it worked in our previous store.

Some of our favourites

There's lots to pick from in our new asset store, here are a few of our favourites:

Explosions Bundle

The Explosions Bundle contains tons of explosion effects and sound effects to include in your games!

Cave Runner Game Kit

The Cave Runner Game Kit is a full template for making open-world action/platformer games.

Japanese City Game Assets

304 static tiles all 32x32 and 8 animations to build gorgeous looking Japanese Cities in your games!


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  • Already Picked up Something, Keep up the work guys!

  • very cool feature!

  • this is a massive improvement on what we had before. great work, guys.

  • Nice work! Nice to read you'll migrate our former purchases to the new system!

  • Awesome job, looks great! I may be missing something but it seems there is no obvious way to search?

  • Great update, love where Construct is headed and I can't wait to see what the future holds. :)

  • The paintjob of the store looks nice. Nice UI, organization is great. But the substance is gone. Tons of templates missing from the old store. This makes me sad as a customer. I would have gladly bought them had I known they were going to be forced off the store for an update. I know I am in the minority in these comments, but I am hugely disappointed with this update. You have a customer here with money that would have bought stuff and you are saying no to money with an update. Major, Major bummer.

  • Where are the comments, we used to be able to see what other users asked and see the sellers response. I take it that now we need to contact them directly? Boys some of them are going to get tired of answering the same question. Have the comments made on the old store still available somewhere?

  • Oh, nice this is fantastic! Will be looking into this.

  • This looks extremely interesting! Might look into this if I ever take my hobbyist game design to a higher degree and maybe start making my own serious degree.

    Tl;dr, looks really cool. Will look into this some day.

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