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Construct 3 r142

Stable release: Project Bar search; new addons; experimental timeline & more

18 March, 2019 ()
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It's a new stable release of Construct 3! If you're updating from the last stable release r136, then this update includes changes from r137, r138, r138.2, r139, r140, r141, r141.2 and r141.3.

Highlights include:

• A new search field in the Project Bar so you can quickly find things in your project

• A new Orbit behavior to make an object move in an ellipse around a point

• A new Binary data plugin to manage raw binary data, integrated with several other plugins e.g. to allow fetching binary data with AJAX

• Custom tab colors for layouts and event sheets

• Experimental support for animation timelines is now available - if you'd like to try it out see the forum thread Introduction to Timelines to get started.

• Lots of other bug fixes, improvements and some optimisations too!

We'll be starting a new beta release update cycle soon. If you'd like to help test it, try the beta release opt-in: choose Notify me about updates for beta releases in Settings. Stay tuned for more updates!

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  • Thanks 4 update

  • *throws hands up in the air like I'm on a roller coaster* WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Yehaa !

  • 感谢大佬们的辛勤工作!!!爱你们!

  • like it so much

  • Love this engine. Keep up the great work!

  • Make an extension to quickly change the language settings in the developed game or application. I want to translate my application into 8-10 languages, now it's not so easy.

    Сделайте расширение для быстрого смены языковых настроек в разрабатываемой игре или приложении. Хочу своё приложение перевести на 8-10 языков, сейчас это не так просто.

  • Well this finally answers my question "How do you say Scirra?"

  • tbh the search bar is what we needed in construct 2.... (If not already in)