Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r139

Timeline updates; more Binary Data integrations; bug fixes

25 February, 2019 ()

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The new Timeline feature has had a lot of work done for this release - see the full changelog for all the details. Since we've had a few questions about it, Diego (the main developer of the Timeline feature) has posted a forum thread Introduction to Timelines to help get you started if you'd like to try it out. We're also interested in your feedback on the feature so do let us know in the forums if you have any thoughts.

This release also adds more integrations with the new Binary Data plugin. Now Local Storage can save and load binary data, and the NW.js can read and write binary files, using the Binary Data object. This allows you to do things like take multiple canvas snapshots, load them in to Binary Data (using AJAX with a binary response), and then save them to Local Storage or write them to disk. They can then be read back too, and displayed again using the Binary Data's URL expression. Previously there was no way to do this, so it's a nice example of the new capabilities the Binary Data object offers.

There's also a few more bug fixes, notably to ensure Remote Preview is working smoothly with the new C3 runtime. Finally we've done a bit of work to ensure very large projects with thousands of instances can still open quickly, so hopefully some of you will notice that!

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New Additions

6 favourites
Local Storage: integration with Binary Data plugin to save/load binary data
6 favourites
NW.js: intergration with Binary Data plugin to read/write binary files
7 favourites
Timeline Bar: Show the name of the current timeline
8 favourites
Timeline Bar: Add smaller markers to represent tenths of a second in the timeline ruler
5 favourites
Timeline Bar: Short ease function names when there is not enough space to show the full name in the "Ease View"
5 favourites
Timeline Bar: Add default option to the "View" context menu


3 favourites
Timeline Bar: Increase the length of a second in the timeline ruler
2 favourites
Timeline Bar: Hide help context menu option while there is no official documentation
5 favourites
New icons for Binary Data and Orbit
2 favourites
Prevent projects using timelines from switching back to C2 runtime

Bug Fixes

3 favourites
Timeline Bar: Hide feature when using the C2 runtime
4 favourites
Timeline Bar: Update the current time marker when clicking on the time ruler and dragging
3 favourites
Timeline Bar: Crash when using the "Update" option of keyframes
2 favourites
Timeline Bar: Hide options to Update keyframes while "Editing Mode" is turned off
3 favourites
Timeline Bar: Hide options to Add keyframes while "Editing Mode" is turned off
3 favourites
Timeline Bar: Show correct context menu when right clicking on the time markers
4 favourites
Timeline Bar: Keep keyframe selection before dragging
4 favourites
Timeline Plugin: Crash when trying to set a Play action when no timelines have been defined yet
5 favourites
Remote preview: did not work with 'Use worker' enabled
5 favourites
Remote preview: some features did not work with C3 runtime
3 favourites
Drawing Canvas: crash pasting an object with effects in to a canvas with effects
3 favourites
Local storage: state could be corrupted when stopped on a breakpoint in debugger

Performance Improvements

16 favourites
Optimise opening large projects with thousands of instances to open quicker

SDK updates

3 favourites
External script dependencies in a subfolder did not export correctly

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  • Cool! Thanks for giving NWjs some new features.

  • Thank you! Very nice update!

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    • Fib's avatar
    • Fib
    • 2 points
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    Love it! Can't wait for the timeline feature to be in a stable release!

  • Thank you very much :)

  • It's nice that you changed the orbit icon for it to not be a copy of another icon, and for binary data to be changed to 1s and 0s because 2 just doesn't make sense, but you have to change the Timeline icon in the object type form so it isn't a copy of the Game Recorder object. Thanks!

  • Local storage not working with the update

  • i have uploaded my instant game using the new update(R139),when it uploaded to facebook and opened the images not showig up

  • Large projects support can be handy - cool !

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    • Jwx
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    again great and useful feature, this expand the imagination and the possibilities for the games, great job thanks.

  • thankyou for the development i will try the best perspectus of your app.