Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r137

Project Bar search, new Orbit behavior, custom tab colors and more

11 February, 2019 ()

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It's the start of a new beta release cycle! We have a big update for you covering two new features. Firstly there's a new search field in the Project Bar so you can quickly filter down the tree to what you're looking for - very handy for large projects! Secondly there's a new Orbit movement behavior that makes it easy to move an object in an ellipse around a point or another object.

There's a number of other smaller additions, too. Now you can set Layout View and Event Sheet View tabs to whatever color you want - simply right-click them and use the new Colors menu. The Advanced Random plugin also has a new Permutation tables feature that lets you easily create random but non-repeating sequences of numbers - handly for things like shuffling a deck of cards. Construct will now also prompt you to switch a project to the new C3 runtime if you open a project using the C2 runtime which has no compatibility issues preventing it switching.

Some other notes:

• Chrome 72+ now supports screen recording, and this is also supported in the latest NW.js too. It's a great alternative to using other screen recording tools, some of which are buggy. Try out the new Screen recording example to see it in action!

• Chrome 72+ also should now fully support the C3 runtime's new Worker mode, where the runtime is hosted off the main thread in a Web Worker. Accordingly the 'Worker' runtime property is now shown by default again, but still off by default.

• WebGL 2 had been disabled on Android due to reports of what appeared to be GPU driver bugs. We're experimentally re-enabling it to see if the issues have been resolved. Please let us know if you run in to any display glitches on Android that did not happen in the previous release.

• Since Facebook have not fixed a serious Instant Games bug for months, we finally implemented a hack that circumvents the broken part of the Instant Games SDK. This should fix the issue where the framerate keeps increasing in Instant Games using the C3 runtime.

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New Features

33 favourites
Project Bar search field
40 favourites
New "Orbit" movement behavior - rotate object around point or other object

New Additions

22 favourites
Custom colors for Layout View and Event Sheet View tabs
18 favourites
Advanced Random: permutation tables - randomly ordered non repeating numbers
9 favourites
Prompt to switch to C3 runtime when opening a C2 runtime project
9 favourites
More links to tutorials when exporting projects
6 favourites
'Buy now' tab in free edition


8 favourites
Renamed "Canvas recording" example to "Screen recording" and added screen recording option
6 favourites
Re-enabled WebGL 2 on Android
10 favourites
C3 runtime: 'Use worker' option now shown by default (should work with Chrome 72+)

Bug Fixes

7 favourites
Work around unfixed Instant Games bug causing increasing framerates
9 favourites
C3 runtime: minified exports failed to detect Pointer Events support for touch input
9 favourites
Browser 'Close' action did not close window in debugger
8 favourites
Animations Editor: Circle disappears when start point and end point are outside canvas
6 favourites
Prevent showing browser autocomplete in property grid control
5 favourites
Event dialogs did not focus search field in non-Chrome browsers
6 favourites
'Sphere' effect displayed incorrectly near viewport edges

Performance Improvements

16 favourites
C3 runtime: only attach device orientation/motion events when actually used, to avoid unnecessarily activating sensors and wasting battery

SDK updates

8 favourites
New element class names in Properties Bar to better distinguish types of properties for themes

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