Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r138

Experimental Timelines feature; new Binary Data plugin; lots more

18 February, 2019 ()

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We've been busy and we have a huge update for you today!

First of all, we've been developing a new Timeline feature behind-the-scenes for quite a while now. This allows you to design animations in the editor by creating sequences of tweens - for example moving an object along a path, or making some elements of the title screen appear one after another. It's a major new feature but it's not had much testing yet, so we're taking a cautious approach and soft-launching it at first. Be warned it may be buggy! For now you will need to check Enable experimental features in settings to access it. We'll make a forum post shortly explaining how to get started with it. Also note that this is currently available in the Free edition but it may be restricted in future, so Free edition users may want to limit their usage of it. However this is a big step for Construct and we're excited to see how it develops and what you can create with it!

Secondly we have a new Binary Data plugin. This allows you to manage a buffer of raw binary data using events - for example creating a 10 byte buffer, and then writing a sequence of byte values to it. This can then be used with other objects to handle binary messaging or data. For starters, you can use it with WebSockets to send and receive binary messages, and AJAX to post binary data or receive binary responses. We intend to further expand this in future, particularly to cover storage. Additionally it has tools for integration with base64 (e.g. to save in text-only formats like JSON), creating a URL to invoke a download with, and so on. This is a whole new capability for Construct and will make it far easier to deal with binary data in cases where it was pretty much impossible before!

Finally we have a raft of smaller additions and a big batch of bug fixes too. Two things to note about Instant Games in this release: the bug involving increasing framerates has now been fixed by Facebook, so we've removed the workaround we implemented. This also means it will work correctly back in the stable r136 release as well. Also there are new ad type parameters for the ad show/load/error triggers; as with the previous changes these now default to Interstitial, which is a breaking change - be sure to update your projects to separately handle the Rewarded video type.

Happy testing!

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New Features

41 favourites
Experimental support for Timelines
22 favourites
New Binary Data plugin

New Additions

9 favourites
AJAX: can now receive and post binary data
8 favourites
WebSocket: can now send and receive binary messages
16 favourites
Common object expression 'ObjectTypeName'
14 favourites
System expressions 'CurrentEventNumber' and 'CurrentEventSheetName'
21 favourites
'Toggle' option to 'Set visible' action
12 favourites
Array: 'Value' parameter for 'Clear' action (to clear to custom value)
11 favourites
Animations Editor: Handle to resize the color picker
15 favourites
Animations Editor: Input to explicitly input colors as hexadecimal values


5 favourites
Revert workaround in r137 for Instant Games bug since it is now fixed on Facebook's side
5 favourites
Instant Games plugin: On ad load/shown success/error triggers now specify ad type (Breaking change: these default to Interstitial)
6 favourites
Event Sheet View: keyboard shortcuts now add events at the top of the selection instead of the bottom

Bug Fixes

5 favourites
Instant Games exports not working in r137
6 favourites
Game Recorder: Screen recording did not stop when using browser "Stop sharing" button
9 favourites
Project Bar: could not drag objects to a layout from search results
6 favourites
Particles: could render incorrectly with Z elevation
7 favourites
Drawing Canvas: 'Paste object' with multiple instances did not match their Z order
10 favourites
Tilemap: did not draw collision polygons in editor (regression in r135+)
6 favourites
Tilemap: collision polygons in editor did not respect Z elevation
6 favourites
Event Sheet View: Shift+E shortcut did not work
7 favourites
Animations Editor: Incorrect luminosity when changing between primary and secondary colors
12 favourites
Animations Editor: Crash when changing the name of an animation
9 favourites
Animations Editor: Instance ending up with wrong origin and size after undoing changes from the animations editor
6 favourites
Animations Editor: Commands affecting the whole animation producing unexpected behaviours when undone
6 favourites
Animations Editor: Pixel information lost around the edges of an image when resizing using the "smooth" option
5 favourites
Animations Editor: Inconsistent drawing across tools when using sizes with a fractional part
5 favourites
Animations Editor: Incorrect resizing when pasting content
6 favourites
Tween Behavior: Color tweens end values getting mixed up when using many different tweens
9 favourites
Tween Behavior: Support tweening the color property of Text plugin instances
5 favourites
Toolbars: Spinner inputs not processing keypresses correctly
4 favourites
'Flying along' template did not open
4 favourites
Help links in Properties Bar could open two tabs

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